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Sad news for RPG fans: Tales of Innocence to be Japan-only


After drooling over the screens and trailer for this game since September of last year, Bandai Namco has ruined my day after announcing that the new Tales of Innocence game for the DS will not be released in the US, Europe, or Australia.

This is especially disappointing since the game has been getting stellar reviews, and people who had gotten their hands on the advance or Japanese copies were calling it a must play game.

I find it rather odd that they're not bringing it over. RPGs have always sold well on the DS, there haven't really been any solid new ones lately other than The World Ends With You, and since Bandai Namco is already bringing two other Tales games over to the US for the Wii and the 360, why not the DS? I'd imagine that the DS version would sell at least as well as the Wii and 360 ones, if not outselling them outright.

Anyone else as disappointed by this as I am? It would be one thing if Tales had never made it to America before and they were nervous about introducing a new IP, but the fact that pretty much every other Tales game has come out here or is on its way, the decision not to bring over the DS one is mind boggling.

[Via Nintendic]
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