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Point & Counterpoint 8: Best Overlooked RPG - Vagrant Story

This is the eighth part in a series with Caffeine, you can view his part on Arcanum here.

Everybody knows all of the big RPGs – the Final Fantasies, the Chrono series, the Dragon Warriors. Today Caf and I will be discussing some lesser known games that many of you may not have played. In particular, we’re going to be debating which of the two games we’ve chosen is the best RPG game that was overlooked by a large number of gamers.

Known by many, played by few, Vagrant Story was one of the best games on the PS1. It was the ONLY game for the system to receive a 40 from Famitsu, and while I personally don’t think it was THE best game, it certainly ranks high. Square really took a chance and made something drastically different from the Final Fantasy type games they were known for, and it was a very successful move. As many of you may know, it’s recently been revealed that Vagrant Story is set in the same world as FFXII (As well as Final Fantasy Tactics), and there’s a bit of overlap between all the Ivalice games. Square definitely knows they had something cool on their hands with the world of Vagrant Story and FFT, and hopefully with the Ivalice Alliance we finally see a sequel somewhere down the line to Vagrant Story. Maybe then, if a sequel comes out, will people be inspired to go back and see what they missed by not playing the original.

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