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Point & Counterpoint 3 - Chrono Trigger

This is the third in a series of ‘dueling cblog editorials’ I will be doing with CaffeinePowered.
You can check out his opinion on today’s topic HERE.

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As most people who’ve played video games know, the SNES definitively has the greatest library of RPGs of any console in history (and arguably the best library period, but we won’t get into that here). Squaresoft ruled the 16-bit era, but the SNES also saw fantastic RPGs from other developers in Breath of Fire, Lufia, EVO, and the other game being discussed today, Earthbound. While all of the aforementioned are fantastic games in their own right, I’ll be arguing that Chrono Trigger is the greatest RPG available on the SNES.

While MAYBE a little extreme, it pretty accurately sums up how much I love this game. I sat down and genuinely tried, and I could not think of a single flaw with this game. None. I could go on and on and on and rant about the double/triple tech system or the graphics or the awesome manual or how awesome riding a pterodactyl is or the greatness of Ozzie, Slash, and Flea (OZZIE PANTS FTW) or Spekkio or “But you’re still hungry” or Yakra (DRRRRRRRROOOOOO) or Yakra XIII or Alfador & Baby Magus…THERE IS SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT.

Despite what Caffeine says, and despite how good of a game Earthbound is (and it’s really good), the complexity and story depth, soundtrack, and character development of Chrono Trigger (as well as 50 million other things I didn’t get to talk about) easily make it the best SNES RPG of all time. Just listen to these REAL LIFE TESTIMONIALS from some awesome people!:

“Chrono Trigger captured the best of character development and emotional resonance with one of the most effortlessly unforgettable stories in an RPG to date.” – Colette

“It has the best start up ramp to a game ever. Where most games start slow, this game is just sooo fucking full of win at the start. Everything leading up to the trial and the prison breakout and then escaping to the future is just fucking brilliant. God, the trial. That’s just so amazing.” – Wedge

“Without a doubt Chrono Trigger will take you on the most fantastic journey through time and space that you can experience in the Golden Years of the RPG. This is a must-have/must-play game for any RPG enthusiast.” – BigPopa

“Ammmmmaaaazzzzinnnngggg!” – Chad
(Note: Chad didn’t actually get back to me with a quote in time, but I feel like I accurately captured the gist of what he was going to say. ;) )

Also, here’re some comments from the fail parade:
“Best game that I still haven't played because I suck.” – Necros

"I've never played the game." – CTZ

“... My not-rom was broken. The switches, man! The switches!” – Jim “Don’t read Wardrox’s Blog” Sterling

(I originally meant for this all to be people saying how much they loved the game, but the first three people I asked for comments failed me. They have all NOT been sent a rom (that, if it existed, would have working switches) and also have NOT been sent an emulator. Mock them mercilessly until they don’t-play it.)

For those who HAVE played it, I know it’s hard to choose just one, but list your favorite Chrono Trigger moment (just one!) in the comments. I bet we end up with at least 10 different responses, if not more, because Chrono Trigger is so good that every scene in the game has the potential to be favorite moment material.
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