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Point & Counterpoint 1 - Video Game Violence does Affect Gamers

This is the first in a series of experimental ‘dueling cblog editorials’ I will be doing with CaffeinePowered, you can check out his ‘Point’ HERE.

(I left my camera’s memory card up in the Bay Area when I was home for Christmas so I don’t have awesome Phoenix Wright pictures; hopefully I’ll have it when the next installment goes up.)

Video games and violence.

(Pretend this is me while my camera is unusable)

While most video game players don’t go on to shoot up schools, I think it’s hard to deny that most gamers, in some way, shape or form, have been affected by video games. Maybe you’re just a little bit more likely to curse someone out for headshotting you in Halo 3, maybe every now and then you think of how cool it would be to fire a rocket to the face of the asshole you have to work with every day, maybe you push your sister when it’s not necessary. Of course, video games aren’t the sole reason you might do these things, but I think there’s a good chance that had you never played video games, you might be just a little less likely to have those reactions/thoughts/actions. Can you honestly look at yourself and say there’s not a single instance of an aggressive thought you’ve had or action you’ve taken that wasn’t influenced in some way by a video game, no matter how small/minor that thought or action may be? What’s important to remember is that the effects on most of us for video games are so minor that they won’t harm us in the long run.

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