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Point & Counterpoint 2 - Remakes

This is the second in a series of experimental ‘dueling cblog editorials’ I will be doing with CaffeinePowered. While they may be long, we encourage you to read the whole thing; you’ll like it, I promise. You can check out his opinion on today’s topic HERE.

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Today’s Topic: Originals vs. Remakes

Another, somewhat different example of this can be seen in the upcoming Street Fighter HD remake, where the developers have announced that they’ll be tweaking many of the characters. While I love Street Fighter, I did always find it kind of lame that the characters inevitably ended up “tiered” with certain characters being just flat out better than the others. In this new remake, the developers have acknowledged that their goal is to try to balance the characters so that they’re all viable choices. While it remains to be seen if this will be successful, the general concept is an excellent example of why remakes can be better than originals.

That ended up being a bit longer than I thought, but hopefully you guys will be able to make it through. Again, while I love the original versions of games and definitely feel a strong sense of nostalgia for them, well-made remakes are able to take those fantastic games and make them even better. Being able to get the original experience of your favorite games with better graphics, better sound, and having the annoyances/limitations of the original removed is really the icing on the cake (the cake that’s shaped like your favorite game). Even if the original is great, if there’s a better version out why not just play that instead? Having NOT played FF III on NOT an emulator, I can say that I vastly prefer the DS experience, and that I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything from the original. I suppose it all comes down to taste, but really the only reason to play an original over a good remake is the nostalgia factor.
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