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Blizzard's Digital Download Store is now live


Last night, Blizzard announced that their Digital Download store is now open and ready to be used. While it currently only has the Diablo series, the Starcraft series, and the Warcraft series available, I'd expect that more Blizzard games will be showing up at some point in the near future.

One of the cool things about this is that everyone who owns the games already can input their CD Key and then gain permanent access to that game, letting you get them for free anytime you want. Handy for those who have trouble keeping track of their CDs (like Hito), or those who have a habit of spilling mysterious fluids on them and smudging the ink on the key itself (like Charlie), and also handy for installing it on multiple computers without having to reinput the key every time. It's also a great way for people who haven't played any of the games before to pick them up without having to hunt for them at the store.

(Colette, Charlie, Hito, myself, and a few other people have all started/will soon be playing Diablo II. Shoot me a PM or email at [email protected] if you want in. The Diablo II downloads aren't live just yet, but they should be within the next couple days.)

Also interesting is that registering games enters you into beta drawings. Even though none are live yet, I fully expect people who have a Starcraft CD registered to get on the Starcraft II beta list. I would die of happiness if having Diablo II and LoD registered gave me beta access to D3.

I know a ton of Dtoiders have these games; who is planning on registering? For those of you who don't have them (*scoffs*), WTF not and are you planning on getting them?

[Via Shacknews]
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