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Tales of Etrian Odyssey


Medic is my favorite class. I sure would love a Protector figurine to match my Medic one. ^_^

This is an entry for the Etrian Odyssey Mega Contest.

Wow, it's hard to believe that it's already been a whole year since the first Etrian Odyssey came out. I remember picking up the game and being rather unimpressed with the game.. that is until I got into my first FOE battle and the rest is history. But this isn't about my first FOE battle.

The thing that really struck a chord with me in Etrian Odyssey was probably the sense of accomplishment it gives you. When you first start Etrian Odyssey, you have this ragtag team of heroes all at Level 1, and you feel rather weak at the beginning when you realize that the butterflies on the first floor are capable of pulverizing you to the ground.

But then you start to go through the first and second floors and your characters are starting to level up. Soon, those fricking butterflies are mercilessly slayed by your party and you start to move on to bigger prey like poisoned butterflies (yes, the poison makes that much of a difference) and rabbits. Soon, you're even able to kill those dreaded FOE that people talk so much about.

And while you may be thinking "So what? This stuff happens in all the Final Fantasy/Dragon Quest games!" While this may be true, there's a key difference between EO and the FF/DQ games. In Etrian Odyssey, you create your own team of heroes - you can name them whatever you want, give them backstories, whatever you floats your boat. And that gives you that much more satisfaction when your party manages to beat a Ragelope with only your medic still alive with 1HP left.

And so this is my entry for the Etrian Odyssey Mega Contest - a poem of sorts about my faithful guild, the SOS-Dan (yes, I was bitten by the Haruhi bug when I played this game.)

Five great heroes all so very bored
Decided one day to go to Etria, a small town
‘Cause they heard there were many monster hordes
And realized that they could be renowned.

One was a protector, Haruhi was her name
A holy knight with armor of steel
All she wanted was to lay claim to some fame
Even if it meant maybe becoming a monster’s meal.

Next was a Dark Hunter, master of the status ailment.
His name was Kyon and he never wanted to come
But he got captured one day and was forced to sign a parchment
To forever serve Haruhi even though it was irksome.

Now onto Yuki, a quiet Alchemist she was.
Followed Kyon to Etria because of love at first sight
Her magic was so strong that her victims are eating through straws
All she wants is her shining knight.

Another was Itsuki, a Landsknecht from a faraway land
Who’s never afraid to rush into any fight
His swordsmanship was so grand
That his enemies ran out of sight.

Last but not least was Mikuru, the medic of the group.
She has bright orange hair and many life saving skills
Not only that but she can make a great bowl of soup!
And at the Apothecary she always gets left paying the bills.

These five strange bedfellows, all under one guild
So they could discover the mysteries of the labyrinth so their hearts could be filled!

Hope you enjoyed this poem and thanks for reading! Buy Etrian Odyssey II when it comes out next week if you aren't already.
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