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I bumped into a fellow community member in the street yesterday, but they were being responsible and wearing a mask, so I didn't recognize them. If this is you in the picture, just know that I wasn't trying to ignore you, I was just in a hurry.


I've spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours in Tamriel, and have never been as miserable as I've been in Elder Scrolls: Blades. This review is a chronicle of my pain.


Just going to keep this in my back pocket for next year's Pride Month.


My husband and I; we’re adults.


This is the game's very first dialogue option, and it really gets straight to the point.


These days, I've been looking forward more to my Thursday dating articles. But it's Monday, so here's a review for Game Dev Story. Which, I guess is, like, a retro review now.


I don't normally like to spoil anything from my future articles, but this image was burned into my brain and now you must suffer too.


I’ll join in the #shoetoid festivities. They aren’t anything special, but they go well with my dresses.


Today's Dating Adzuken is about a game that is, like, 45 minutes long. Which is roughly how long most of my previous relationships lasted. Anyway, here's Pyrite Heart.


Continuing the theme of romance on my blog with this review of Duke Nukem 3D: World Tour. I keep wanting to say 40th anniversary, but I'm not that old.


I treated myself to the first new release I’ve bought in a long while. You all seemed to be enjoying it, so I hope you haven’t been lying this whole time.


Gosh, I know that feeling, sister.


In this week's delve into dating sims, I'm breaking hearts in Tokyo School Life. Read about me feeling guilty about a fictional character's feelings over on my blog.


Too spicy for Destructoid. I've got a review for the ecchi visual novel, Troubledays on my blog. Don't judge me.


I'm starting a new feature on my blog where I blindly play through dating sims and give a running narrative of my romance. First up is Magical Diary: Horse Hall. Bump


The name of this game is so long I can't write anything else about it because the link is too lengthy. It's my review for Baobabs Mausoleum Part 3.


I'm back. It's the 3 year anniversary of my blog, and I'm using the milestone to relaunch, sort of. Hopefully, you'll be seeing more of me around and I won't just faceplant.


I finally finished La-Mulana. The fact that I resorted to guides to get myself unstuck a few times takes some of the edge off. I'm going to try avoiding them entirely for La-Mulana 2. Just me and my notebook.


#MyFirstQPost was a clear warning of what was to come. I really need to get back into watching terrible video game cartoons.


Made a few deep cuts in this review for Retro Game Challenge. It's not every day I get to drop mention of Ninja Jajamaru-kun or Kyorochan Land.


I've been dealing with writer's block for a while and I feel like I'm on the cusp of snapping out of it. Do you mind doing me a favour? Type at me the name of a game and I'll just freewrite whatever it brings to mind.


Been stuck on this review for 198X for a while. Finally re-wrote it to something I don't completely hate. I still think I just didn't "get" the game, though.


I think today I’ll relax with some shoot ‘em ups.


It occurred to me today that River City Ransom is as much about shopping as it is about beating people up in the streets.


The Resident Evil Remake gave my nightmares back when I was a teenager. Now, I eat my vegetables so I'm big and strong enough to review it.


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