On DES: Black Ops 4: Hands-on Heist mode impressions

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Console Command - Famicom Disk System

The Nintendo Entertainment System was a landmark console in North America. It revitalized a faltering marketplace following the video game crash of 1983, and it created the console ecosystem that we enjoy today. Without out it, the ind...


Band of Bloggers: Summer of Heroes

I’ve never been too enamoured with MMORPG’s, but I have always adored super-heroes. They make no sense, but they’re easily created protagonists that can be molded and crafted in many different ways; stretched in all d...


Taking Out the Trash: Target: Hitler

Like many people, I love killing video game representations of Nazis. Been slaying them for years, and it never gets old. Yet, while depriving digital Germany of father figures is a beloved hobby of mine, I love killing Hitler more. Da...


Saturday Morning Scrutiny: The Legend of Zelda

It’s funny to think that there was once a time when video games were looked at more as something for the kiddies, rather than the “serious business” it is today. It was yet to be seen as a medium ripe for storytelling...


Free-To-Play: Sticking the Landing

I’m too much of a snob to really touch free-to-play games. Okay, that’s not entirely true. I’m totally a snob, but the main reason is that the type of games that use the model don’t often appeal to me. On the oc...


The Worst Games I've Played: Ghostbusters (NES)

Out of the small handful of non-gaming franchises that I can claim to be a fan of, Ghostbusters is easily the one that I’m most enamored with. I built my own replica proton pack in high school, I’ve donned a flightsuit for ...


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