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Take that, Soul Fjord!

tldr - something something very tired

So, earlier in the week I released an Ouya game called Bears Can't Drift. And so far, the response has been much more positive than I expected.

Take that, Soul Fjord!

I've spent the last two days collating feedback from all over the place, several different Ouya forums, Reddit, Facebook, Youtube, some people even managed to track down my work email and send feedback there, which I found both amazing and just a tiny bit... creepy.

Despite being positive, I have to say some of the feedback I've gotten has caught me off-guard. In particular the sheer amount of it, despite it being a very small game on a very small platform, the userbase has been a lot more vocal than I expected. And an overwhelming majority of people who've posted about the game have requested a dedicated single-player mode. Something that initially hadn't been planned on given the multiplayer focus of kart racer style games. But based on the feedback we've had it's something that's most definitely being considered now.

On top of that, while I can't actually discuss the details there is now a very good chance that the game will be seeing a lot more content added to it, I find the prospect of developing the game full-time to be incredibly exciting.

For a game that's not been really promoted that well (we're very inexperienced with that sort of thing) almost 450 downloads in a little under 72 hours was quite a shock, we've also shot up the Ouya O-Rank and currently rest at #29.

I cannot wait for all my other commitments over the next 2 weeks to be out of the way so that I can return to developing the game :D
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