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My bday is tomorrow and I celebrated with my neighbors. In other words I've been drunk all day and low-key blacked out but I'm going to start Disco Elysium cause a bunch of you said its a good idea to play while drunk and also I love you all kthxbye


I'm kinda drunk. Is this a good time to start Disco Elysium?


alright ladies and gents. I have no willpower and you're all a bad influence, so I'm now the owner of MH:Rise and Disco Elysium. Time is limited this week. What should I start playing?


All right you bastards. You made it too tempting and I impulse bought monster hunter. You mother fuckers better play with me though


Am drunk. Is bueno. AMA? Idk. I miss being more interactive in this community. I hope you're all well and living your best lives given the circumstances!


I realize this is cheating since I didn't take it myself but someone took this recently and its too cool. At work we often need someone to stand in as we figure out lighting/blocking/etc #selfietoid


Hey dtoid fams. Need your input. Looking to buy a TV between $200-300. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Would like to buy off Amazon but I'm open to whatever you dudes suggest. Thanks!


Work in progress. A lot to do. But I have a place to sleep where no one can tell me shit. Taking the day to do absolutely nothing. Much love y'all. Thanks for all the love and support ✊🏽


Today I signed a lease for my first solo apartment, paid my move in costs and made out with a cute girl at work. Personally, 2021 is off to a great start. Hope all you degenerates are doing well


Admiral still out here crashing on couches, pursuing dreams for shit pay. But I'm making progress and growing despite the bullshit. Love you and wish you a good year. Keep grinding. I'm always here saluting, lurking and wishing you the best o7


Question for you guys: is cyberpunk still worth playing on ps4? I won't be getting a ps5 or PC anytime soon. I already bought and downloaded cyberpunk but haven't been able to play. Should I just wait? Thanks!


Happy bday Mr. Moist. You bring us all together and are truly a cornerstone of this community. Hope its a good one bud.


So I voted yesterday and didn't even get a sticker. Wtf. I mean that's the whole fucking reason I voted. Bullshit. 0/10, never voting again.


Today is my last day on this show. Its been really rough but overall a positive experience. Weird how 2 months can change so much of your life. Hope you're all doing well!


So... I think I want to build my first PC by the end of this year. Any tips or insight would be super appreciated as I know nothing about PCs. My budget will likely be around $1500-2500 depending.


While I'm super grateful to have work, this gig is loaded top to bottom with bullshit. Thank God for coworkers and alcohol. Hope you're all doing well!


Hi. I'm drunk and on a 2 month travel gig after being confined to a hotel room for a 6 day quarantine. I love you.


Hello friends. I have come to sing the praises of a little game called Darkwood. Its a top down survival horror that reminds me of silent hill. Its difficult but man I'm hooked. Hope you are all well!


all right friends... I need your help. I'm about to be on a gig for 2 months, mostly quarantined. I'm bringing my switch and need a game to occupy me. So far I got Origami King. Trying to spend between 10-30 tops


Hey guys, this year has been fucking me pretty hard financially. Just a tip, if you're an independent contractor, freelance or small business you may be eligible for a generous loan from the SBA. Link in comments


Hi. I hope you're well and managing safely through these strange times.


Well I finished Deadly Premonition. Wow, what the fuck. Wouldn't you agree, Zach?


Anyone play Apex on ps4? Got really into it during quarantine and am looking for more peeps to play with! PSN:AdmiralAckbong


I'm about to drive 6 hours for a booty call and videogame session 375 miles away. Update: I drove, I smashed, and then I destroyed them at smash. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽


Got this really cryptic psn msg from a bot please help


Need your help my dudes. Deadly premonition is on sale on switch for $15. I'm a fan of Twin Peaks. Should I get it? State your case in the comments!


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