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Falling In Love... Again


You got your Playstation on day one in 1995. You had no idea what that warning about the Laser tray was about. You plopped in Ridge Racer and you crashed. You thought about running out of the track and into the beach, basking in the awesome digital sun, with all its cancer giving rays.

Your eyes were bleeding from the awesome imaginary sun. You passed out for a few hours and when you came to, you were inside the Playstation box, naked and looking for more fun. You stumbled upon a demo disc and on that disc was an amazingly bad fighting game, where you could fall out of the arena. What? How could you lose? Because you fell off a cliff!

Battle Arena Toshinden was like a trial of who could push the most buttons the fastest. With all those new buttons on the Playstation controller, you had even more buttons to push! And we all know that buttons are to be pushed. So, with that, the Playstation became the addictive crack that we all fell in love with. (Unless we were already cheating with the Sega Saturn).

It was only a demo, but it was ridiculously ... ridiculous.
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