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Untapped Market: The 80s

Any child of the 80s can plainly see their favorite Turtles or Transforming robots being reborn in a new generation. With a plethora of franchises from my childhood turning into "new-again" franchises, where will the next dart land that wil...


Bring On the Crash

I'm sure I'm not the only person to groan when they see another Madden incarnation. I'm also not the only person who pokes fun at his friends for buying movie licensed games. Big companies slap together crappy games in a matter of a coupl...


Army of Two

Ever since me and my cousin would play Contra at our grandmother's house, we would imagine what it would be like "in real life." When we would be driving down the street, I would yell "Fireball!" and we'd throw ourselves into a pile of leav...


My Granpa Can Beat Your Grandpa

Across the valleys and through the looking glass, I went to Grandma's house. She was baking cookies and yelling at me for not visiting enough. Grandpa was in the other room, holding a beer begrudgingly because it was warm. Out of my backpa...


Falling In Love... Again

You got your Playstation on day one in 1995. You had no idea what that warning about the Laser tray was about. You plopped in Ridge Racer and you crashed. You thought about running out of the track and into the beach, basking in the aweso...


The Finer Things In Life + Booze

Here's a nightmare scenario. After a long night of clubbing and drinking with a group of friends, we head over to someone's house, because they've got DDR(!) We proceed to dance, with liquor coursing through our veins and we break the damn ...


FF Contest: Keychains and Prison

So, here goes and the image is by a friend, not myself. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Itís an endless wall. More like a mirror that stretches to both ends of the horizon...


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