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Splicer-esque Bunny Mask...

Hi all, Saw this on Etsy and it reminded me much of the bunny masks found at, I believe, Fort Frolic. Thought I'd share it with everyone here. Here's the link to the product listing itself...


Portable Wii?

Just flipping through Thinkgeek when I found this odd gizmo that one can use to turn their Wii into portable gaming system. I personally would imagine much of the fun being taken out by such a small screen, but what do you think?


How to Lose Weight with the Wii?

Hello there, I saw this article on the front page of Yahoo! (US flavor) and thought I'd share it with the group. Basically this article glosses over the experiment done by a Mickey Lorenzo, a computer programmer, to attempt weight loss...


Mural paintings

My dearest Destructoid, Almost every day when I go to work, depending on my schedule, I pass by an out-of-business game store called Game Breakerz. When passing by I've always enjoyed the mural they had painted on their building; and whil...


Television/Video games/Child Development

Television vs. Video games in relation to Child Development Now, I'd like to start off saying that I'm not a fancy, big city psychologist. At best I'm some young man who thinks too much, decided to take quite a few psychology classes back ...


Tales of a Laptop Repair Technician

Hello everyone. I've been on Dtoid for quite some time and I don't often say much. However for the past few days I have been speaking with a rather smart user here of whom has encouraged me to make a blog. Rather than start off with some b...


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To be honest I don't have much in the way of time to be playing games anymore.
Full time work and school have limited the way I use my spare time to 1. Studying or 2. Trying to develop a self esteem.

The few games I do enjoy are survival horror and quirky games. Gary's Mod has to be the best and most aggravating game ever. I once spent about eight hours creating a moving human form in that game, only to have the restraints go mad and swirl about in a maddening dance of death. Bah!