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Mein Rant : Resident Evil 5

To be honest, I have never played the early RE games. I've only started with RE4. I knew about the franchise when it came out but had no interest. I only got into it after the movies came out. I thought the movies were cool (and Milla Jovovich was hot!) but my friends have told me that the games were much better.
So after I played RE4 I wanted to get caught up with the storyline so I did research (via Wikipedia), and played again and again. I then reactivated an old eBay account and bought the older games, and the cube remakes.
When I found out that RE5 was coming out, as a new fan to the series, I was very interested in what was originally supposed to be done.
- Zombies were supposed to be similar to the ones from 28 days latter and RE4.
- Was going to have a scenario were if you did no take care of yourself, you would suffer from mirages, affecting your game play.
- A more intensive game play similar to black hawk down
Unfortunately; when the trailer was released, a Newsweek writer claimed the the idea of a white protagonist fighting African zombies was quasi-raciest. After that, multiple African American groups considered the game raciest, including the NAACP.
Now I'm not raciest, but lets look at this in a hypothetical standpoint. "If" you were dropped in Africa, and "If" you were surrounded by zombies, and "If" you had guns, what would you do? I wouldn't care If you are white black, Asian, Hispanic, or what have you. If you are a zombie and you are trying to eat me, I WILL SHOOT YOU!
I am only raciest to the undead.
The second it gets set in Africa, people begin to use the race card. Although in RE4, which had Hispanic zombie-esque people, no one complains.
When game magazines started to preview RE5. Many gave early praise. One that caught my eye was this years Eurogamer magazine. One writer, Dan Whitehead (yes... that is his name sadly) said that "It plays so blatantly into the old cliches of the dangerous 'dark continent' and the primitive lust of its inhabitants that you'd swear the game was written in the 1920s". How he came to see that I will never know.

Then the game is released.

I bought the game on the release date but could not play it due to me being out of town. When I returned I dedicated a day to playing it.
I had beat it in less then a day (playing non-stop) and played it again for the unlockables.

The aftermath

After reading reviews, many have praised it. The only review that set me off was when I opened up Entertainment Weekly and to my surprise they reviewed it (they gave it a B). Although they had compared Shiva, your female partner, to Elika from Price of Persia, they mention the race card. Now at first I assumed that the reviewers for Entertainment Weekly were in their 40's and were hipster fags (no offense). Jeff Jensen (the reviewer) actually shares my view on RE5.
"And while that point of reference accentuates the impressively rendered Third World squalor, it makes for uncomfortable moral ambiguity...for a few minutes, at least. I found myself asking: Is it okay to enjoy killing mobs of impoverished Africans? Then I remembered they were only zombies, and proceeded to slaughter with impunity."

My final grade.

I also have to give it a B. Felt a lot like RE4, but could still use some work. Co-Op works fine. but wish they didn't remove some of the stuff I mentioned before. And to end the grade, I agree with Yahtzee Croshaw's use of quick time events in games. I'm starting to hate it.

Oh well, live and let live (ironic for this game)

Writing this while hopped up on aspartame (Drinking too much TAB cola).

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