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About Aaron O Deneauone of us since 1:10 AM on 02.16.2011

I am an artist,I have worked for two defunked software houses and sadly have no published games with my work in them. I've been gaming since I can remember. first with the Atari 2600.then the sega master system,then Nes,the Genisis,the Snes.... let's just say there is almost no console I haven't owned or played. I've been very lucky.

I am not ashamed to admit that I miss the arcades,I mean real arcades I'm sorry but chucky cheese doesn't count. And I miss the days when gaming was about fun,not leader boards,microtransactions and gender issues.

By all means I have no issues with progressive steps in gaming. I am not threatened by Girls in gaming nore do I live in my mother basement. I've just yet to find a shred of actual evidence in anything people like Anita Sarkeesian and her lot have said. (and if that pisses you off then by all means send me actual studies and cited sources. I am skeptical but I am also willing to be shown.)

I am also a single father of one boy and a budget gamer. which means I have no money for next gen games nore their systems. and looking at the start of this gen I sadly have no regrets about that. I feel Alien in that I don't buy into the hype I once bought into so long ago.