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First blog and Top 5 oddly satisfying deaths (possible spoiler warning)

Well I suppose I will start with the "formalities." Hey, I am ANIMEniac, forum name is Supersonic. I have been looking for a new gaming community site since Gametrailers decided to throw away their community =/  Instead of starting my first post with a "true about me," I understand that I am a dude, and therefore the internet does not care about me like that. so i will kick this off with a top 5.

This will be a Top 5 strangely satisfying deaths in games that I have played. This is not simply just bosses defeated, but ones that give you that extra level of joy, whether it is supposed to or not.

300 the game

This is purely for the irony of it all. I mean, you go into the game KNOWING that you die at the end, so every time you die I just hear a little voice saying, "not now you dummy, its too soon"

Fable 2 (Final Boss)

His name escapes me, but I think that is just due to how fast I actually handled him. For me in particular it was funny cause after killing my dog, my family, and damn near everyone I cared about, i was ready to wreck this fool. During the "boss's" final speech I went to wipe my eye, and accidentally moved my character. After learning I had control, a jokingly pointed my gun at his face and shouted "this is for Nugget (my dogs name)!," and then pulled the trigger. I ACTUALLY shot him in the face, interrupting him mid sentence and ACTUALLY killing him. Somehow, I think I was more Surprised than he was.

Shooters with ragdoll physics

I wont lie, I can be in the worst mood ever, with a 4/12 K/D, and get shot in the Jaw and watch my avatar gracefully bust out 3 back flips as i tried to jump over a rock, and laugh uncontrollably. Halo was notorious for this, where i would get punched in the chest and some how travel straight up in the air. these can almost never be planned, but when they happen... +4 to mood lightening.

Dead or Alive 4 (Random Lab Lady)

During Bayman's ending, there is some lab lady that is interrogating him, but she is being a real jerk about it. Smiling, she injects him with something that makes him hallucinate violently, to which he takes a pen and stabs his own hand to try to stay grounded in reality. When you beat Helena's ending, and you see all the events tied together, shortly after Bayman stabs his hand, explosions go off and the alarm sounds. The lab woman frantically runs outside to evacuate, only to get insta-gibbed by an explosion coming down the hallway. It all happened so fast that I audibly laughed as she gets murked and the scene quickly changes to the next point of interest.

Nintey-Nine Nights (Imphyy)

It is rare that one would grow to hate a main playable character, especially one that is the only character on the cover of the game, but Imphyy proves to be a royal B**** about half way through her campaign. Her hate for the goblin race is arguably straight racism, and there was a point that you have to kill innocent women and children and there is NO way around it. It was the only way to advance her story. BUT IT'S OK! Because in this game you play 6 different characters, and in one or 2 of the stories, you actually get to kill/see Imphyy die. I have to say, I dont think I cheered so hard at the death of a "protagonist" in my life. i damn near threw a party that weekend for it. In fact, now that i think of it, i should make a gif of her getting stabbed, and just set that on my desk top as a daily pick-me-up

So what you you guys and gals think? What deaths would you add to this list, or even take off? leave your comments below, and i hope i can find a new home in this site ^o^
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