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Tone Deaf: Metroid Prime


Thanks for being patient with me! I know it's been a little while. The move took a bit longer than anticipated, and for that, I apologize. I am, however, back in the biz and ready once again to talk about something we all enjoy! (Or at least some of us.)

I'm sure most of you have played a Metroid game at least once in your lifetime. I really couldn't help thinking about Metroid due to this year's E3. I've had this itch for a while, and what better way to scratch it. Metroid Prime. Released in 2002, and was a continuation of the Metroid series. This was also the first 3D Metroid game. 

Writer and composer, Kenji Yamamoto tackled the project head-on. With experience carrying over from Super Metroid, it's easy to see the connection between the two games. Yamamoto was accompanied by Koichi Kyuma. Kyuma joined Nintendo in 2002, which put him at the end of Metroid Primes development. You could say Kyuma was learning the ropes with the help of Yamamoto.

Yamamoto wanted to say thanks to the fans who played Super Metroid. So, he decided to take some of the most iconic music from that game, and include it within Metroid Prime. Which I can rightfully say absolutely deserves a place in Metroid Prime. It's almost comforting, in an odd, yet satisfying way. How very selfless. I envy Yamamoto, and his ability to understand the fan base behind the Metroid series. At least someone, who works for Nintendo, appreciates the franchise in its entirety. 

Tallon Overworld, Magmoor Caverns, and Meta Ridley Battle are all re-imaginings of past Metroid themes. Meta Ridley, of course, being the best of the three. Yamamoto thought of it as a perfect fit for the continuity into Prime. I can appreciate when a composer knows a song and its worth to a game. It does keep it familiar in a sense and is something we can all agree is good to include.

Some original soundtracks for Prime, on the other hand; be prepared to be amazed. Yamamoto didn't hold back one bit. Though the game lacked music, in particular, to the adventurous parts of the game, it made up for with the introduction of new boss battles. One cool factoid here, too, Yamamoto actually had a hand in producing the music for Breath of the Wild. Kind of interesting to see the similarities between Prime, and Breath of the Wild.

Just listening to it, what story does it tell? Sure, we get that boss battle feel, but what do you truly get out of it? Abnormal and alien-like. As if something lurks in the dark, searching, and hungry. It can be very deviating at times, it's an uncanny feeling, and almost makes you feel sick to your stomach. 

Desperation hits and makes the soul quiver in the Chozo Ghost Battle. The upbeat tempo gets your heart pumping abnormally quick. Alarming sounds, as if you're stuck between two walls quickly closing in. How can you escape? What are you willing to do for your own survival?

Listen carefully to the section around 1:20-1:50. We separate the obscene from reality. The lurking shadows have revealed themselves. Death is at every corner.The hairs on the back of my neck stick up ever so slightly, as I listen to this bit. Goosebumps, and even a slight shiver or two. Any minor mistake could cost you your life. 

Onto the final song, the menu selection screen theme. Probably one of the most recognizable in all of Primes catalog. I can't help but to whistle, or hum the tune anytime I listen to it. Such a catchy little bit. Funny, because Yamamoto said he would always hum on his way to work, and then capitalize on those tunes by creating them into the masterpieces you now know. 

Yamamoto had some amazing work, and he is probably one of my all-time favorite composers, that's for sure. Reiterating on Metroid Prime, though. For the individual challenges you faced, there was always a different feeling in the music. More in specific to the boss battles of the game. I do feel Nintendo hasn't given enough credit to what the franchise is. A lot of times it seems that they throw Metroid under the bus, and personally, I think if they really worked with it they could make it a truly spectacular game. Here's to hoping Metroid Prime 4 is that game.

With all of this talk of Metroid, it makes me even more anxious for the arrival of Metroid Prime 4. We've all been craving a Metroid game, though. The re-release of Metroid: Samus Returns was a taste, but did not fully quench that thirst for a new Metroid experience. Of course, that is just my own personal opinion. Everyone has their own tastes. 

To this day, I believe the Prime series had some of the most iconic, and inspiring adventure music to date. Nintendo always said that the game was more along the lines of a first-person adventure versus a first-person shooter. Would you agree that the music fits that saying? I've only recently started playing Metroid games. So far, I can say that it's an exhilarating experience! 

- With great power, comes great responsibility.

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