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Tone Deaf: Introduction


Hello, everyone! Welcome to my new blog, Tone Deaf! Now I'm sure a lot of you are wondering, "Why did he name it, Tone Deaf?" Sit back, hold onto your panties, and listen up. Tone deaf is meant to represent the fact that people, a lot of times, overlook how or what music is to a game. The way a game is altered through music itself, you'd be surprised just how necessary it actually is. 

It's a weird thing that not many people realize, but have you turned the music off on a game and felt it was missing something? For many games, besides ones I play with friends, I've always kept the music on. Also, a little side note here, I do consider SFX being part of the musical experience. Jumping, shooting, punching, all have a specific sound effect, and yes I will clarify in each of my blogs of which I am talking about. That being music, or the sound effects. 

For music itself, we see all kinds of genres being represented through video games. We have everything from orchastral, down to straight up chip-tune. And for every genre of music, there is a genre in gaming to which fits right in. For when I say "Super Mario Bros." What immediately comes to mind? Boom, mind blown. When we think about Link taking a slash at an enemy, what comes to mind? HEEE-YAAAHT! Cool, right? To give credit to the minds that come up with these overly catchy tunes, and/or sound effects, is something I can appreciate ever more so. 

Symphonic concerts come about every so often, with its theme based on video games. I've been to a few, and the times I went I was blown away. The moment the conductor started waving their hands, I could feel this overwhelming feeling of bliss. The way that I was able to shut my eyes and feel the music; it's like the game was unfolding naturally through my own imagination. For anyone who hasn't attended one, should. It is truly remarkable on so many different "levels!"

Let's flip roles here a bit. Thanks to video games, the music scene has only grown. Without it, don't you think symphonies and orchestras could potentially be struggling to capture a younger audience? Unless you are a music lover like myself, chances are a lot of them could be disbanded (pun intended). Yes, you could make the debate that movies might fill that gap, but personally, I don't watch a lot of movies. 

I, for one, have always held music near and dear to my heart. Tissues aside, I've always looked at it this way. Have you ever wanted to learn a new language, but felt it to be difficult to follow through? Well, did you know that in a way music is somewhat of a language? Imagine this, you take a trip to another country. You hear music being played, and you decide to venture over where they are playing. All of a sudden, someone hands you a drum. What do you do? Start playing of course! Sure you might be terrible, but that doesnt matter.  Even though they speak a completely different language doesn't mean you can't enjoy the language that is expressed through music. Crazy thing to think about, right? 

Moving on to the actual purpose of this blog now. Each week I am going to hand pick a game, and listen to its music. I suggest you do the same. I will provide links within the blog for easy access as you read through. I will break down my thoughts, how well it fits with the game, or if the game maybe didn't match the music. I've played through some pretty rough games, yet they somehow have amazing sound tracks. This is what you can expect from me each week, and feel free to shoot me a couple of suggestions on either games or fine tuning the blog! Thanks again to each and every one of you for the support. Stay classy, and game on!


- With great power, comes great responsibility.

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