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Tone Deaf: Crypt of the Necrodancer

Hello, and welcome to Tone Deaf! Today, I've got a real "treat" for you. Ya know, like "trick or treat?" Being that we are in the month of October, I wanted to keep the Halloween (Day of the Dead) theme. Which brings me to the game of...


Tone Deaf: Introduction

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my new blog, Tone Deaf! Now I'm sure a lot of you are wondering, "Why did he name it, Tone Deaf?" Sit back, hold onto your panties, and listen up. Tone deaf is meant to represent the fact that people, a lot ...


Console Attachment

Throughout history, mankind has developed products for everyday use, as well as for the hobbies we enjoy. For us gamers, it's a bunch of new games and hardware. Focusing mainly on hardware, we see a new bit of tech every 4-6 years, or ...


Developer communication

Developers come in all shapes and sizes. Creating the most anticipated games, or even one to cater to a specific audience. Have you ever commented on their work, only to get shoved to the side, and having that feeling of recognition go...


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Just an average joe, getting through life with the hopes of world domination. I've been around the ? block a couple of times. Games, to me, are an addiction. Good thing or bad? You decide.

In my free time outside of games, I like to review them, write about them, and talk about them. I am part of a weekly podcast over at wigaming.com. If you haven't already guessed, we talk about games. Mostly news and the sophisticated life of a gamer.

The reason I started blogging was really no different than any other blogger out there. I like to speak honestly, and with opinion. Something that resonates with a broad community is something I admire. I seek to make relationship with people who have similar interests as my own.

If you like my work, please comment! I'd love to hear your thoughts. Also, please feel free to criticize (in a respectable manner), as this is somewhat of a new thing for me. I look forward to hearing from you all! Thanks again for any incoming support. It is truly appreciated!