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The Steamboy, a Steam Machine on the go

Announced and teased at the end of E3 2014, the Steamboy is an ambitious startup project that aims to bring the Steam Machine experience into an already saturated handheld market filled with the 3DS, Playsation Vita and Nvidia Shield.

The Steamboy is an independent project that isn't associated with Valve and is backed and developed by independent third party company Steamboy Machine Team.

While exact details on the specs of the portable handheld's hardware have yet to be confirmed, a representative from the Steamboy Machine Team told The Escapist, that the Steamboy features a Quad-Core CPU, 4GB RAM, a 32GB built-in memory card, and a 5" 16:9 touchscreen. The Steamboy will also be able to connect to the internet via Wifi and 3G and will play "the majority of Steam Games".

With the Steamboy most likely running on the SteamOS operating system which is tailored to a Linux architecture. Games developed for the PC and Mac that are available on Steam are likely to be incompatible with the Steamboy.

Based on the Steamboy's announcement video the Steamboy will feature the Steam Machine Controller's signature round track pads, an Xbox controller button configuration and a screen positioned between them. The Steamboy also seemingly has 4 trigger buttons on the back. 

The Steamboy slated for a release in 2015.
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