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Sony support of the Vita is slipping

Sony is planning on indie and third-party games ó as well as Remote Play ó to support the PlayStation Vita, with less of a focus on first-party games.

While this shouldnít come as a surprise considering the lack of announcements of first party titles for the Playstation Vita, it is nonetheless depressing to see. The Playstation Vita is a powerful handheld console that is full of potential but to reduce the Vita to a hub for indie games isnít the right way to go about selling the handheld. Indie games will only go so far, they arenít system sellers. Yes sometimes an Indie like Bastion, Transistor or Journey comes along but not only do they come every so often but how much influence did these Indie games have in convincing gamers to buy a console. †Even, then Indie games face stiff competition from the casual games market available on mobile and tablets, as a lot of people seem to struggle to see much of a difference, as most Indie games arenít tailored for a hardcore gaming experience.

Third party games support for the Vita remains strong in Japan. Handheld consoles always did have a stronger presence there than home consoles but if Sony is withdrawing their support from their own console, what kind of message does this send out to Third party developers.

Remote Play is great, Iíve tried it and it really helps to free up my television when I want to watch something or finish off some of my PS3 games but not everyone has great internet speeds and the connection range of remote play isnít all that great. It would be idealistic if good and fast WI-FI is available everywhere but sadly this isnít the case.

Now you can go and mention Playstation Now but this feature is being expanded to beyond just the Playstation Vita, meaning while does add value to the handheld, it doesnít make it stand out. Exclusive features and games makes a console different and Playstation Now doesnít make the Vita much more of a must have console.

Overall, the Playstation Vita is just being demoted to an accessory of the Playstation 4, making it a device comparable to the Playstation camera. Yes the Playstation cameraís popularity caught Sony off guard but the same cannot be said about the Vita. Console accessories donít sell in the tens of millions and as such the Vita at this point will never come close to the sales of its predecessor the PSP. †Sadly, the future of Playstation Vita has become extremely bleak and it is safe to say, Sony is really wasting the Vitaís potential.
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