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Freedom Wars (PS Vita) Review

Freedom Wars, the latest offering from Sony Computer Entertainment Japan with the collaborative efforts of Japanese developers Shift and Dimps has stood out as one of the most highly anticipated Vita titles of the year but did it live ...


Sony support of the Vita is slipping

Sony is planning on indie and third-party games — as well as Remote Play — to support the PlayStation Vita, with less of a focus on first-party games. While this shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the lack of announcements of first p...


GTA 5 on next gen looks great

Last year, Rockstar games released the highest grossing video game of all time Grand Theft Auto 5, now the game is being released and remastered on next generation consoles and PC. With the remastered visuals and technical improvements, t...


Destiny Alpha impressions

To start off, Destiny visually looks great with impressive lighting and high levels of detail whether its the textures of the avatar's Armour or the attention to detail in the game's vast open landscapes. The game's draw distance is extensi...


Indie Corner: Entwined Review (PSN)

Entwined is a complete bag of surprises. From its surprise appearance at Sony's E3 2014 conference to its sudden release on the very same day. However, the biggest surprise is that not only is Entwined an absolutely beautiful visual spectac...


Review: Mind Zero (PS Vita)

Mind Zero the latest game by Developers Acquire and ZeroDiv is a surprising, misleading game. At first glance it may seem like another Persona but don't let that fool you. What lies underneath is an excellent role playing game with solid ga...


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