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Thought for the day!

So today was a pretty busy day for me, booked my appointment to apply for my marriage licences, shopped around for a forum and some PHP software, got my CV over to some of the industry recruiters going around annnddd got vegas pro/capture c...


Call me AK.

So as the title suggest's I am AK.  Not really sure what I should be writing so I am just going to say what comes to mind, I've been a gamer on and off since I was about 6 years old. From Sega Master Systems and NES through to PS3. I love ...


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24 years old, my personal rambles and thoughts! Love FPS and great story games. Writer at Backwardscompatible too. Lover of all things collectable and part time Weirdo. All thought's are my own no mean for any offence xD