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My Evening With Reggie Fils-Aime

Hanukkah. It's all because of Hanukkah. As an Irishman (and a rather non-religious one at that), the festival of lights has usually been relatively minor to me. This year however, it led to a rather interesting encounter with one President ...


Not my Turning Point gaming rig

For all of the talk recently about how piracy is destroying the PC games market, in most cases it comes down to two words: "system specs"...which I'm not even sure my Sony Viao's version of word could process. Essentially, when I reciev...


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Hallo thar. I'm Warren and I'm a sophomore recently transferred to SCSU which severely limits my gaming time. This does, however, mean that I fiendishly love and play the games that are at my disposal. This essentially means that Final Fantasy Six Advance and Civilization II are what get me through the day. I dig almost anything, especially if its free.

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