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Give Me 100% AND Give Me Death

"Gilgamesh, what you seek you will never find. For when the Gods created Man they let death be his lot, eternal life they withheld" I have to admit that I like collection games. I like sidequests, too. But often there's a tension in the n...


Mass Effect 2 without Garrus or Wrex?

Spoilers for ME1 more than 2, but still spoilers for both Appreciated the response I got for my Mass Effect Challenge, was more than the nil that I was expecting for being new. As an addition to my Challenge, I'm wondering if anyone, anyo...


AHoodedFigure's Mass Effect Challenge

Going to start with something I've suggested elsewhere. The latest Rev Rant reminded me of how pervasive Charm and Intimidate are in both games. I posted on my main blog about a challenge I was suggesting to everyone who wanted to play th...


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Mainly at another site, but wanted to check this place out.

Been gaming since I was two, which is probably why I'm so pale, and my first system was an Atari 2600.

I'll probably get more wordy if I wind up spending more time here. Right now I just want to write my first blog so I can stop coming up with excuses not to get groceries.