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One of my Honorable Mentions is coming very soon this is his theme song


Song from one of my favorite series but this fight didn't have to happen the item you obtain after this fight will work as a curse at the final battle


You guys really liked my last Scoobydoo song almost 100 upvotes this ones short but very nice


Scoobydoo always had groovy tunes like this one


I cannot post pictures for my blog security check keeps failing anyway around this?


Sorry been busy not a lot of time but this song is perfect it's sudden death time is ticking you must defeat this foe in time the buildup gets very intense. I 200% this game beat all kledios challenges on Prince of Darkness and got every collectible


This song is from one of my favorite games all time controls were stiff and bosses were short and easy that's really my only complaints. This sounds like an unwinnable battle there is no hope you can keep up but it just isn't enough


This song sounds like a very tragic battle someones journey ends here from my former favorite PC game Roblox just isn't the same anymore


I don't like Pokemon much because of how unbalanced Elemental Counters are but this song is great for a long journey


I'm back Alpha playtest is over here's a nice tune doesn't sound like it's name at all though


This game only has about 15 songs I like cause there's like 150 of them quantity over quality cutscenes galore. This song has a lot of buildup sounds like your down in the fight for the entire universe but there's still hope losing is not an option


Sailing the sea trying to figure out where to go next without a guide but I loved this song so it wasn't too bad


This song is beautiful but tragic at the same time from The Best Final Fantasy I could post over 30 songs from this game. Only Croc 1 even comes close to this game's soundtrack to me


This song is hyper and peaceful at the same time has a unique tempo


This songs one of my favorites really relaxing just so you know this game's music changes based on what area of the level your in but the first 2 minutes is amazing


Gonna start posting some songs this ones nice


I've been getting complaints that it's hard to read my post since it defaults as the dark theme for non members. How do I change the text color so it's easier to read? I was thinking neon blue should stand out or if I can make the theme not dark for them?


Croc Demon Itsy V.S Final Fantasy 5 The Fierce Battle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooJveCrxDMI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5yFYpRZOaA&t=970s


I have everything else set for my 20 page blog post I just don't know how to upload images now. I get this out of the way and I should be set the rest of the way


I've written alot of stuff on microsoft word but I cannot copy and paste it in a blog for some reason am I blind? Please show me the light it's 20 pages long not typing word for word


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Ohaider I'm a Smash Bros moveset creator I would take request but probably will be special move only won't be as detailed but if they have enough potential I will add some feedback. I'm about to shift over to another game once my last 2 characters drop though.

I'm not really a writer I just write about stuff I care about for the most part things that I felt I had to do. I am a Flightless Phoenix, just give me a shot and i'll be able to soar tired of being locked in a cage. My Roblox is "CosmicMotion" a Periastron collector which is what my logo is I play on Xbox, I also play Maplestory M as CerealKnight America inoysys server 195 Hero F2P and CerealNite America 2 on Guardian Tales F2P aswell.

Dunno what to write here really trying to be Anonymous but I eat Cereal for dinner sometimes and play and listen to rare video game music just give me a song I can usually counter it with a much better one. I collect rocks make smaller ones into necklaces I draw a bit do low key pottery and I played some real life sports when I was younger before a major injury to my left knee hit so no I'm not a nerd trust me I'm probably also one of the only people that hasn't seen Star Wars or Game of Thrones I'm 21 born 1999 October 27th favorite number is 37 my Jersey Number. I am finished on (Smash 4 Blueprints) unless I add more characters it is now in a collection so it's easier to pick what you want to see here: https://www.destructoid.com/--568161.phtml#post

Maybe impossible and I maybe a fool for trying but Shia LaBeouf has helped me move forward a lot with his "Just Do It" speech. He said Don't let your dreams be dreams, make your dreams come true. One of these days your going to work hard at it nothing is impossible. You should get to the point where anyone else would quit but your not going to stop there JUST DO IT. Which I have many times I don't care what people think of him that speech came from his heart.