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I've been getting complaints that it's hard to read my post since it defaults as the dark theme for non members. How do I change the text color so it's easier to read? I was thinking neon blue should stand out or if I can make the theme not dark for them?


Croc Demon Itsy V.S Final Fantasy 5 The Fierce Battle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooJveCrxDMI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5yFYpRZOaA&t=970s


I have everything else set for my 20 page blog post I just don't know how to upload images now. I get this out of the way and I should be set the rest of the way


I've written alot of stuff on microsoft word but I cannot copy and paste it in a blog for some reason am I blind? Please show me the light it's 20 pages long not typing word for word


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Ohaider I'm not really a writer I just write about stuff I care about for the most part things that I felt I had to do. Dunno what to write here really trying to be Anonymous but I eat Cereal for dinner sometimes and play and listen to rare video game music just give me a song I can usually counter it with a much better one. I collect rocks make smaller ones into necklaces I draw a bit do low key pottery and play Maplestory M daily my mains CerealKnight a Hero class on the Croa American Server in the guild called "Light". I played some real life sports when I was younger so no I'm not a nerd trust me I'm probably also one of the only people that hasn't seen Star Wars or Game of Thrones I'm 19 btw.

For now I'm working on Smash 4 trying to add characters and balance the game so it's not really a story it's more like Blueprints but with words.

(Smash 4 Blueprints)

This is for Super Smash Bros 4 not even gonna talk about Ultimate this was for Smash 4 same game with new and returning characters with minor gameplay adjustments but lemme tell you what I’ve done first. This started as an email and now is like a book is around 190 pages long including pictures I literally have the blueprints for the perfect Smash Bros game. I started 2 weeks after the game came out even before the Smash Ballot I finished it 3 months before the “New” game came out but I’ve been ignored or rejected by the big companies even places like Kotaku, Gameinfomer, Polygon even here you name it I’ve been there I even sent it to individual people no response. I think they just think it’s too good to be true and dismiss it I have the proof right here. This site allows me to post about it myself so maybe if it gets popularity it won’t be invisible anymore. I’m not posting all 190 pages at once gonna do it in segments which will also allow me to polish some stuff up and get feedback so please tell as many people as possible. I also don’t know how long a post I can send yet some sections are 10 to 20 pages long or if I can send pictures so it maybe sloppy at the start but I’ll get the hang of it. Okay now a summary of what took 5 years to do it was not simple a lot of detailed stuff and only people that know the game will probably know what I’m saying may go over the casual persons head even though I am a casual player but I do watch tournaments my favorite players are Boss, Zage, Gimr and Kiraflax.

What I did is made some of my Favorite Characters with full move sets with Custom Moves and I even made new designs for them along with some honorable mentions with only Special Moves in the (Character Request) section. I made some suggestions in the (Request) section shortest of them all I don’t really consider it a full section. Changed in game mechanics in the (Gameplay) section the most important one since it applies to everyone indirectly fixing moves and fixed every single character individually in the (Character Balancing) section I had to basically redesign several of them to make them good or play like they do in their games around 120 pages long and took the most time every character has at least 24 moves. (Character Balancing) I’m really going to need feedback I can fix their moves but some have holes and I wind up not caring for some because I just don’t like them enough I wanted to try and get every character different Custom Moves instead of more powerful or weaker cloned moves. Some moves were so bad I had to remove them some I just couldn’t replace cause they had nothing left. I like to ONLY give them moves that they actually used in their game I hate made up or stolen moves from different characters or different games like R.O.B, Duck Hunt or Mr. Game & Watch.

Anyway I’m going to start in the same order I explained in so my characters are up first these are my masterpieces but only posting 1 at a time like I said segments. Probably will post once a week or in 2 if I fall behind I gotta get you guys started so I’ll post my favorite character all time first.