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(Smash Gameplay Balancing Part 4 Finale)


This has already been posted here: https://www.destructoid.com/--559347.phtml#post This is for those that couldn't read the whole thing since it was 21 pages so I'm posting 4 parts 5 pages each so it's easier for them to read. The beginning will be in each part so it's not confusing if you weren't here for the 1st part. I don't understand how you could get confused here I was very detailed on every single change makes alot of sense to me at least. I would like feedback if theres something specific on each part.

This section is to fix the mechanics inside of the game but every game the mechanics have been getting better making the game look smoother and less glitchy but at the same time making mechanics that were fine unbalanced because the wrong solution was used or something was ignored and this section is to fix the remaining mechanics. This section is the most important because it is an absolute game changer this applies to all characters so it is required for the next section. This should be most noticeable in competitive 1 on 1 matches seeing how most these “techniques” are used there. Certain changes were used in combination to fix the same thing, you’ll see in the way I explained and led into another change. Hopefully I didn’t miss anything and you must really understand Smash itself to know what I’m talking about.

Unlike a game like Street Fighter where your options are very limited, strict and you don’t have much room at all to work with this game is the complete opposite, it has so much freedom which is why you can glitch almost everything in the game because there are literally no boundaries to prevent it. Because of all the freedom this game has no combos because almost nothing is guaranteed, the only thing that is would be a grab into a pummel or a throw into an aerial.

Most of these issues weren’t Sakurai’s fault because these competitive players don’t play the game right causing themselves arthritis while some are because some of his balance changes have been giving characters that couldn’t glitch ways to instead of removing it from the characters that could already which I thought would have been easier. This also indirectly fixes some characters so I don’t have to make the same fix to every single character that has it or if I forgot. These fixes should either fix a problem completely or at least lessen the problem. I put them in order from most major to minor so you can see the bigger problems first which are usually longer. Of all 3 of my sections this was the hardest even though I had the least to do I couldn’t test most of these out like I could with regular moves. This also fixes many bad moves into good moves. You should take a very hard look at my (Shield) change that could have been the most important but I needed to start with physics.

This game is all about physics and positioning since based on the power of an attack will knock them further but weight decreases their knockback. Based on your position you can boost the K.O power of attacks if you go off stage and hit them while closer to the blast zone which is why you want to stay in the middle or have your opponent hit you towards the other side of the stage. A game I would really recommend is Boom Blox the best physics game out there for the original Wii and its sequel Bash Party. First 4 are to clarify some of the mechanics I used for my characters between Statistics, Knockback and Held moves.

<(Final Smash Meter)>

You should be able to gain a Final Smash without having to get a Smash Ball. These are in the game but they’re not used much because they are only obtainable through Smash Balls and anyone can get it. I’m not sure how balanced this would work out but I did the best I could I rather a single shot that can be avoided than all attacks being dangerous with (Rage). They are very cool and they seem to have put a lot of work into their animations. They are the most powerful type of attack in the game and they do a lot of mental damage just watching your character get pummeled repeatedly it’s like an exaggerated taunt. I actually don’t like fighting characters I like it hurts to see them get abused when trapped in a Final Smash, just fighting them regardless or if I allow them to get beat up if I sucked during a particular match it hurts. If something really bad happens my automatic response is to take a knee probably because that’s what we did when someone got injured during a football game it’s an instinct for me.

I’m basically going to add a meter like they use in Street Fighter to charge them up, a way to drain them as well as change some of their damage because they all seem to do around 40% damage no matter what type of Final Smash it is Long Range does the same as Close Ranged ones for some reason if all hits connect no matter the character. Weaker knockback doesn’t excuse the damage dealt and opponents hit. There will only be 1 meter that can only be activated at full charge I’m not making separate weaker ones and there will be ways to drain it, it will make sense trust me. You should also add an option in Rules to disable this if you wanted to because I’m not sure how this will all work out this is the only change I’m not very confident in.

Give every character a meter inside their Series Symbol like Fire Emblem’s sword logo or the Mario series’ Mushroom for example. As the meter fills flames engulf the symbol from the bottom to the top and filling it based on charge. As the meter fills past 75% your character should get engulfed with more flames gradually and the stage should get darker to alert everyone that someone is close to getting a Final Smash. If you get a Smash Ball it should fill the meter instantly. The meter charges fully when it absorbs 200% charge so you can use a Final Smash but then it resets back to 0 after you use it. If you and a foe have a Final Smash charged you cannot use it, only 1 can be used at a time so it will prevent chaos from happening and you will need to drain your foes meter before you can use yours. I would also recommend a new button to use a Final Smash like A and B at the same time so you still have access to your Neutral Special.

When you are K.Oed your meter does not decrease but if you are above 50% charge and you die your meter resets to 50% charge so you don’t lose it all but it’s not too close to maximum when you come back since I’m assuming you are losing at that moment since you just died. The examples on how the meter can charge and drain should charge appropriately based on the type of match each player is having. Basically don’t be careless and get hit by heavy attacks when your meter is filling and you’ll be fine it will be near full at high damage % you’re going to be playing defensively anyway and the opponent will be using K.O moves at that point too so the whole situation should fall in line. If you are having a dominating 1 on 1 match on 1 life and survive with high damage you can use this as a finisher since you used all 3 ways to charge it. To charge these are the only 3 ways other than a Smash Ball.

Damage Taken: Charges by 1% every 1% damage taken so if you take 200% damage it will fully charge.

Damage Done: Charges by 1% every 2% damage done to foes so if you deal 400% damage it will fully charge.

Damage Blocked: Charges by 1% every 3% damage done to your shield or Special Moves that act like shields so if you block 600% damage it will fully charge.

To drain there are only 2 ways 4 if you look at it closely enough.

Pummel: Drains it by the amount of damage done so pummels are useful for the first time but at full charge pummels won’t work anymore if you even dared to get that close when they have one.

Powerful or Devastating Attacks: Drains it by half of the damage taken this includes getting hit by other Final Smashes. If you are hit by any of these the meter doesn’t fill since I do have a Damage Taken rule it should be ignored.

<(Final Smash Types)>

Here is the Knockback for different type of Final Smashes and I will be making fixes for them in the (Character Balancing) section if they are bad at trapping foes or if it’s too easy to trap them below will be the damage they should deal if all hits connect.

Close Ranged Smashes like Ike, Link and Captain Falcon’s are the most powerful type of Final Smashes easy to hit with but difficult to get multiple opponents inside. They should have Devastating Knockback dealing 60% damage best for 1 on 1s.

Medium Ranged Smashes like R.O.B, Donkey Kong and Rosalina’s are the most reliable and should have Powerful Knockback dealing 40% damage.

Long Ranged Smashes like Samus and Bowser Jr’s are the weakest type of Final Smashes since they are hard to avoid because they cover the whole stage hitting all opponents and can be used to ledge guard. They should have Strong Knockback dealing 20% damage.

Transformations I know they removed this type in Ultimate yes another mention but not all of them are bad it’s just a temporary stat booster they can stay. If it is a transformation like Lucario, Yoshi, Mr. Game & Watch and Pac-Man’s will vary in Knockback and damage based on the type of transformation I’ll have to cover in the (Character Balancing) section and make some of them better. Most of them should be like Freya’s (Trance) increasing your attack, speed and halve damage taken so you can get to your opponents and immune to flinching or being launched so you won’t have any fear should do the trick.

This should be the final really big Game Changer here only one that’s optional though.


There are multiple elements in the game but they don’t really do anything mostly just visual effects. This will aid a lot of Black Mage’s moves since he can use every element. The only elements that do something are Ice which can freeze foes and Fire can set off explosives. Wind I also consider an element all it does is push and sometimes deal damage and that’s all it should do so I’ll leave that alone but it’s effectiveness on some moves I’ll have to fix in the (Character Balancing) section. Elemental effects can only be applied with Special Moves or some items never regular moves. Fire: This should be able to set foes on fire for a short time dealing 2% damage every second and can set the ground on fire momentarily and burn items to ashes. The standard amount of time it sets foes on fire for is 2 seconds but the time can be extended by adding more flames to the opponent for up to 10 seconds dealing 20% damage. While on fire you can block or dodge the damage of the flames but certain moves can cause maximum fire time immediately. Energy based.

Ice: This should be able to slow foes horizontal movement speed down momentarily for a short time and can be extended by putting more Ice on them until they fully freeze. The slow down can last for 2 seconds slowing your horizontal movement speed by 10% with the least ice or up to 10 seconds slowing your movement speed down by 50% with the maximum amount of ice right before they become completely frozen. Some moves can freeze you completely immediately they should pop up into the air so they don’t plummet downwards and when hit by an attack Strong or higher breaks them out so they can be launched. If the foe is currently on fire they are temporarily immune or are hit by fire melts the ice to launch them.

Thunder: Moves that use electricity should be able to chain half the damage of the attack to nearby foes without causing flinching but it has to hit a foe directly to do so not off shields but it doesn’t chain to the foe that is hit directly for even more damage. Energy based.

Water: This can push foes with different amounts of force based on the type of move like it does now or even launch but it should also be able to extinguish flames. This is basically the physical version of wind.

Poison: This is the Flower effect I just call it poison like it’s supposed to be you should pulse purple. This is a weaker version of fire working the exact same way dealing 1% damage each second for up to 10 seconds but they take double damage not knockback and cannot be blocked if hit by it directly since its internal damage.

Wind: Pushes opponents and items or has gravitational pull to trap opponents or items to carry them inside. This has high shield push as well some moves deal rapid damage when trapped or pass through them. Added this just in case it is an elemental.

Holy: This is extremely focused light that deals rapid damage without causing flinching also deals high damage to shields. It also comes in the forms flashes or blast of light and rarely condensed orbs. Again just in case.


All items should be dropped diagonally behind you whether in the air or on the ground and should have a 1 second delay before you can pick up the same item so you can’t “Dribble” with a certain item like R.O.B’s (Gyro) or Pac Man’s (Bonus Fruit) or just a regular item that dropped on the stage. You must throw it in that direction increasing knockback to prevent drop combo’s into Spikes and cannot control space as easily anymore since they travel faster since you have to throw it. You must have very good timing to hit somebody with a normally dropped item now and the arc makes it very difficult to hit them on the fly now you must throw it directly at them.

<(Get Up Attack)>

This should have increased shield push to knock foes back so they can’t just block the attack then punish.


While dashing your options should be limited to Dash Attack, Roll Dodge, Jump, Side Special, Slowdown, Turn and if you attack while turning around you use a Side Ground Attack. You shouldn’t be able to turn around instantly anymore while dashing so walking is relevant and you can’t dash dance anymore when you turn do the entire turn animation and not twist your ankles. Also if you jump while dashing you jump further but lower and forcing a roll can dodge projectiles or get behind foes so you can’t dash and perfect shield anymore. No more Dash to Up Smashes momentum matters this whole game is based on physics and I always try to roll while dashing anyway.


When you are buried by moves like Donkey Kong’s (Headbutt) or the Pitfall Seed item you should take half knockback and when you break out you knock foes back only Strong or higher knockback can launch while buried. Now when you first break out you can’t be hit so they can’t wait for you to break out then hit you so you don’t have decreased knockback which will also allow you to survive longer since Smash Attacks or moves like a (Falcon Punch) can hit you easily you cannot move.


Both Grabs and Attacks of near equal strength within a 5% damage range should clash to nullify each other. Attacks that deal 6% or more or (Special Grabs) should penetrate through the inferior move (Special Grabs) can only be canceled by another one.

<(The Audience)>

This mechanic isn't used enough. You should be awarded more cheering and have the audience more engaged in the battle other than just getting a K.O, launching opponents or barely reaching the ledge. If you land a string of attacks in a row or a big blow you should be awarded with more cheering so whoever has the momentum gets more cheering. You should also allow the audience to throw items onto the stage instead of it just appearing out of thin air if Items are turned on based on how the match is going they can throw items at players to injure them if their being booed or give struggling players items to help them out.


I would like feedback on my changes so I could improve upon them, I went to far or if I missed something. (Character Balancing) the longest section begins next.

- Black Mage for Smash! https://smashboards.com/threads/black-mage-for-smash.506369/#post-24080523

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