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(Smash Black Mage Blueprints)


This is the beginning of the (Character Request) section check my profile for more details on what i'm doing here. I'm pushing the moveset up and the text to the end so anyone that just wants to see the moveset and photos get it first and if you want to read my story at the end you could or just pass on it and give me feedback on the moveset. You guys don't know how much of a struggle this was to do so many days spent on specific moves perfecting them and my character design has basicaly transformed him you don't want to see the original. I'm bumping this up I made a Petition at Change.org Kickstarter declined since I'm not asking for money and would be copyright in my eyes don't own the character or either companies. I will link both the Petition and my Smashboards Support thread Black Mage for Smash!

Original post date 05/10/2019


(1st)-(Final Fantasy)-(Black Mage)

I drew this picture by hand, scanned it onto my laptop then colored it in on Paint.net.


Now For the alternate colors I do have 1 extra I would drop the Smore color for his Lunar since he does have a Crescent Moon on his hat.

The default Black Mage basically looks like he was wearing rags to be honest compared to his upgraded Black Wizard which was the default Black Mage in the 5th game which his move set is based on. I made this design from the enemy Simirror from Kirby Super Star because he looked a lot like Black Mage and I liked the pose along with my own upgrades. I would always get the Mirror ability and use him as a helper just so I can have Black Mage with me. This is my 2nd favorite design. His robe is made of silk so it’s shiny like Rosalina’s with yellow rimming along with emeralds for buttons and I gave him yellow mittens. The back has shooting stars with a green trail. He has a floppy magician hat which is yellow angled upwards with a green band holding an emerald crescent moon which is supposed to be on top of his hat I just kept it in front on the picture so you can see its shape better. He has yellow and green striped baggy pants which are the same color as his scarf with a triangular tip and elf looking shoes which are black with yellow soles an emerald on the band.

He has a (Rod) isn’t used often only spent 2 days on its design came out pretty good not too flashy and looks like it would match his outfit. It’s golden with blue rings before the green orb on the top and bottom of it. On impact the orb creates a miniature (Non-Elemental) blast to launch opponents it can change colors with 1 move that causes status effects. The color you choose also changes the (Rod's) color.

Black Mage himself is a spirit basically pitch black smoke with eyes glowing yellow if he is hit some of the smoke escapes his robe a little bit and the higher his damage the more unstable his spirit becomes and his eyes start to fade away. Since he is a spirit he can literally become any element which I will explain later.

His stance should have him keep the same pose but tilted to the side he is facing slightly and he shouldn’t move much just blink and his robe and scarf moves to the breeze like Dr. Mario’s coat. When he walks it should look like how Simirror moves but picks his feet up more so it’s more like a waddle kind of like King Dedede. His dash should look like Olimars but with one arm back and 1 hand holding onto his hat so it doesn’t fall off and his Robe catches the breeze. His crouch should look like his HP Critical pose in Record Keeper on 1 knee and hat tilted down.

Victory theme is Final Fantasy 5’s Victory Fanfare and his entrance should be him rising up from a purple (Banish) portal. For his logo instead of 2 capital letter F’s like they did with Cloud why not make it a Chocobo? They seem like the perfect fit and I would rather a Chocobo over a Moogle any day they were here first anyway. It should just look like Chocobo’s head facing to the right with the beak in front and feathers behind.

I made his move set heavily based off of the 5th and my favorite game because most spells actually travel to the enemy instead of just appearing on them and all those spells look the best out of any of the original retro 6 Final Fantasy games. If they just appeared on the opponent then it would be unavoidable anyway. His Black Magic has been spread across him White Mage and Time Mages for awhile now but I think I’ve got it right.


He is a Black Mage so he uses Black Magic and each element will have its own unique effects. I will be using Fire, Ice, Thunder, Water, Bio and Earth and I will assign these effects to moves throughout his Special Moves. I made changes to each element I’ll release later in the (Gameplay) section so other characters that use any of these elements can have these benefits as well but it only works with Special Moves. He absorbs the elemental of a spell and the higher level spell or based on charge the elemental effects become more drastic very high level spells make him look like he’s about to explode fully charged.

(Fire) This is energy based and can set foes on fire dealing 2% damage each second for 1 to 5 seconds but doesn’t cause flinching Flames can be blocked by shields and dodged to avoid taking damage it also melts frozen foes. While charging engulfs himself with flames. Normal attacks with this element melts foes too just can’t inflict fire damage.

(Thunder) This is energy based and can chain to foes a short distance away from the opponent hit dealing half of the damage but doesn’t cause flinching. The chained lightning can freeze them briefly though. Thunder has travel time like Pikachu’s (Thunder) while Lightning appears instantly with no travel time usually used with higher leveled spells. While charging engulfs himself with streams of electricity.

(Ice) This is physical that can slow down foes by 10% to 50% their horizontal movement speed before completely freezing them like the Freezie Item. This is the (Blizzard) chain of spells just so you know if a foe is on fire they are immune to this element but fire does melt Ice. While charging engulfs himself with icy cold air.

(Water) This is physical which can push foes and cause splashes to knock foes back on impact with surfaces. It also puts out flames on the ground or on characters and can push items and opponents it’s basically a physical version of Wind I mean in real life they kind of compare fish like stingrays and birds when making planes already. Anyway while charging engulfs himself with misty air and drips a little bit.

(Bio) This is the Poison elemental which causes the Poison status like Fire but deals 1% damage cannot be blocked it is inside of you it does internal damage and you take more damage while poisoned not knockback. I have no idea what this is it comes in different forms Burst, Gas and Liquids. It also comes in the form of Vines or Worms I only used the Burst and Gas since we already have (Water) I had a lot of trouble trying to form moves with this element I got stuck for awhile more like a long time with this one. While charging engulfs himself with poisonous green gas.

(Earth) This is just solid stone basically a physical attack that can bury foes only (Quake) and his Back Throw uses this element. While charging engulfs himself in smoke and shards of stone.


For poses I will be labeling them with each move and this is how they should look to attack in a specific direction that is the pose he will use, his Side and Down pose’s could attack on both sides rarely his Up Pose too.

(Charge Pose) Closes his eyes and focuses charging like he does in Record Keeper slowly absorbing elements overtime before doing a pose to cast the spell.

(Front Pose) Poses like he does in the original Final Fantasy putting both hands in the direction he is facing.

(Side Pose) Looks at the TV screen then puts his palms out on both sides horizontally like Pac-Man’s Down Smash but without kneeling down.

(Up Pose) Puts his hands up like how he cast spells in his games.

(Down Pose) Looks at the TV screen then kneels down and puts his hands on the ground.

<(Stage)-(Retro Fantasy)-(New Fantasy)>

For a stage it should be a transforming one changing throughout the original 6 games with enemies from those games and probably 1 boss fight each before they transform again best names I can come up with is “Retro Fantasy” since they’re in 8-bit If you make a stage for 7 and up it should just called “New Fantasy” since they are in 3D and don’t care for any except 9 and maybe 10. Each transformation should play the battle and boss themes for each version in retro and HD versions. This should cover every Final Fantasy, 11 and 14 were online games so it should be even 6 transformations for both stages unless you include sequels and spinoffs for some reason. I need to clarify it’s just not Final Fantasy without the enemies you must put them on each transformation along with a boss without the battles it’s not really Final Fantasy.


Black Mage is the "Master of Elements" he is a true Mage he can use all of them he can use them with normal attacks too without charging and he does have a (Rod) which deals (Non-Elemental) damage his physical attack stats are the worst in the series every move uses an element or his (Rod). I think using Ice, Poison or Water on normal attacks would be a very bad idea Elemental effects only work with Special Moves. It’s too bad it took this long for him to get in but a lot of characters use his moves disguising them as different moves so some are probably going to sound like clones because those moves look and act exactly like his Black Magic Spells. Zelda’s (Din’s Fire) looks just like (Firaga), Pikachu’s (Thunder) looks just like (Thundaga), Robin’s (Nosferatu) looks just like (Drain) and teleporting Up Specials look just like (Warp).

Now for the Gameplan. He has extremely poor Defense but the highest Attack out of all projectile characters he has little to almost no combo attacks they are all get off me or K.O moves in his normal move set and his throws can K.O and do high damage. He is best at mid to close range not many spells have long range some are in the background and don’t get in the way. He doesn’t exactly have straight projectiles he is a Magician they use elemental Magic and he can inflict elemental effects to opponents which will be buffed later on in another section so he probably will be played like Olimar waiting for the damage to rack up but he isn’t useless at close range since he doesn’t rely on Pikmin for most attacks. He’s best played mid to close ranged he can set traps with his spells and is a strong ledge guarder from on stage. His only weakness like in his games is he’s overall slow and very poor defense, he has to charge every Special Move he has since he is a Magician they always have slow speed because of that start setting up charging early to counter that also his recovery is poor since they can’t jump in the games.

His worst matchup is airborne fighters that can avoid his spells, other projectile users preventing him from charging spells and maybe reflectors his spells can’t really be reflected most lose power overtime, are in the background or are vertical. He will destroy large and maybe rush down characters with the right spells most his spells have mid to short range dangerous to get close to him but if they connect with some hard hits he can go down real quick. He is probably going to be in the middle tier wise depending how you use him free for all he’s probably gonna be at the top if he can get his spells off if left alone.


Attack is 130%, Defense is 50%, Dashing speed is the same as R.O.B’s and walking speed is the same as Ganondorf’s. His air speed is the same as Pac-Man’s as well as falling speed and jump height. Final Fantasy characters couldn’t jump there but they can in Smash for the first time ever.

<(Special Moves)>

Personally I would use (Black Magic), (Wateraga), (Drain) and (Warp). There’s not really a spell I don’t like but to boost the effectiveness of some like (Quake) (Elevating Warp) would be necessary. His Special Moves are best used while on the ground since all but (Up Specials) are chargeable he’s a magician they’re slow so try and setup early.

(Neutral)-(Black Magic) This should works like Pac-Man’s (Bonus Fruit) to charge switching through level 1 and 2 Black Magic spells. This way he can use all of his lower leveled spells in 1 move like going through his extensive spell list in Final Fantasy freeing up his other Special Moves for higher leveled spells 5 for level 1 and 2 making a total of 10 spells. These are weak since they are low leveled but he can use every element with this move. Now just so you know I will be renaming (Fira) into (Fiara) because it looks and sounds much better.

He does his (Charge Pose) then a directional pose to cast the spell I will label each spell with one. He can still charge a spell if one is still active just can’t use it until the current spell is finished. If a spell sets foes on fire, poisons or freezes them it doesn’t count as a current spell being active because that’s only the elemental effects not the spell itself. If you try to cast when one is still active it will just fail. It rotates between spells each second in the order I have them in. Like before each spell charged should engulf him with the elemental so he can store it to use later and level 2 spells elemental effect has it look more drastic. If he uses a different attack that engulfs him it should cancel this effect and use that spells element and when it is finished he gets engulfed with this moves element again.

(Fire)-(Front Pose) Sends a very slow small flame in a low arc forward before falling downwards that can set foes or surfaces on fire. It travels in the same trajectory as Pac-Man’s Strawberry in (Bonus Fruit). When the flame hits the ground it sets it on fire for 3 seconds multi-hitting opponents for 3 seconds before bursting to launch Medium at the end. The flames get smaller over time before bursting. If the flame hits a foe directly it deals no damage but sets them on fire for 5 seconds. The flame should be wide and short like (Fire) in Final Fantasy 5 when it hits the ground but shrinks over time and you can set foes hit directly on fire the grounded version does not. Basically elemental effect for direct hits, (PK Fire) on surfaces that can launch.

(Blizzard)-(Up Pose) Creates 3 icicles on both sides from the ground to launch vertically Medium if used while airborne he does his (Down Pose) dropping one large icicle below Medium.

(Thunder)-(Front Pose) Shoots a bolt of thunder forward penetrates through foes knocking them back horizontally at a high angle Weak.

(Water)-(Side Pose) Sends small waves of water on both sides to knock foes back and push items off stage Weak and if used while airborne or it falls off of a ledge and hits a surface it creates a splash which is Medium.

(Bio)-(Front Pose) Creates a burst of poison a short distance in front Medium the same range as Palutena’s (Explosive Flame) poisoning foes for 5 seconds. This attack comes from the background like Zelda’s (Din’s Fire) so it doesn’t get in the way or clash with other projectiles. The height you used this move at will be where it appears in if you are falling it will not travel down with you like Palutena’s (Explosive Flame). This should use the sound effect from Final Fantasy 5 only on impact with an opponent I really liked that sound effect but look like (Bio) from Final Fantasy 6 the one from 5 has worms and vines disgusting.

(Fiara)-(Front Pose) Rolls a wheel of flames that sets the ground on fire for 10 seconds dealing 1% damage setting them on fire direct hits are Medium doesn’t set them on fire and penetrates. This forces shielding to avoid fire damage from the ground eating their shield or stay airborne.

(Blizzara)-(Front Pose) Creates a large and long icicle above angled diagonally downwards then shoots it to freeze foes on impact launching diagonally Medium. This should look the same way as it does in Final Fantasy 5 and can be used to ledge guard.

(Thundara)-(Up Pose) Creates a dark cloud above that last 6 seconds while moving forward slowly and every 2 seconds it strikes thunder downwards that creates a shockwave when it hits the ground which is more powerful. The thunder bolt itself is Medium while the shockwave it makes when it hits the ground is Strong. This can cover 75% of a form stages distance it can be used to ledge guard and strikes 3 times total.

(Watera)-(Down Pose) Creates a large whirlpool below which has gravitational pull for 5 seconds before it shoots a very tall geyser upwards to launch foes vertically, Powerful. If used in the air he drops a large bubble full of water downwards that knocks foes it touches diagonally which is Medium and when it hits the ground it creates a large splash Strong. This will be difficult to hit with but it can restrict their movement but if you do connect with the geyser it is very powerful the airborne version can ledge guard and is easier to use. This move is basically Waterja in Record Keeper.

(Biora)-(Front Pose) Creates 3 burst that appear individually and each appears further forward and is larger than the last. The first 1 is the closest and smallest which is Weak right in front of him poisoning for 2 seconds, the 2nd is in the middle medium sized which is Medium the same distance that (Bio) has now poisoning for 4 seconds and the last is the furthest away and largest which is Strong poisoning for 5 seconds. They all launch diagonally at a low angle the last burst appears 75% of a form stage away each increases the amount of seconds they are poisoned and knockback but the launch angle should shift upwards more each to prevent early K.Os. This can cover most of the stage and ledge guard horizontally since it can travel a far distance offstage. This should be your most reliable spell since it covers so much space all opponents in its path should get hit should be great in a free for all. Like before only makes the sound effect on impact.


(Neutral 2)-(Black Magic Status Effects) This uses handicapping spells to inflict status effects on opponents. Knocks foes on the head with his (Rod) which has Medium knockback. This is basically a non randomized version of Mr. Game and Watch’s (Judge) the rod does only 5% damage but has high shield push the spells only work if you hit them directly not if they are blocked and not all of them launch 10 total. Spell charged changes the color of the Orbs on his (Rod) when used these are all situational most debuffs are stronger the higher their damage.

(Poison) Poisons an opponent for 5 seconds.

(Osmose) Heals and deals 5% damage it’s a weaker (Drain) spell since there isn’t any magic points in this game.

(Gravity) Spikes an opponent or buries them if on the ground.

(Doom) Launches a foe and sets a 10 second timer on them before an explosion launches them Strong but can be blocked or dodged the explosion can hit other opponents too. The explosion deals 50% shield damage so it’s better to dodge the explosion but takes timing if you can’t multitask Black mage can still attack you if you explode off stage this is very dangerous. If you manage to grab or launch them with about 2 or 3 seconds left you can get an early K.O since they will be off stage or stuck in a grab so it’s unavoidable.

(Death) Same as (Doom) but the explosion is larger, deals 75% damage to shields and has Powerful knockback.

(Sleep) Puts an opponent to sleep paralyzes if airborne but last a shorter amount of time than (Stun) doesn’t launch.

(Stun) Automatically stuns an opponent if airborne it paralyzes instead but based on damage % will make this last longer doesn’t launch.

(Confuse) Reverses an opponent’s controls for 5 seconds. This can be very annoying and effective if used at the right time.

(Break) Surrounds foes in stone they can break out like a grab but their falling speed is increased and they take half damage and knockback while trapped. If hit by an attack with Strong or higher knockback it automatically breaks them out of the stones shell but if off stage you will plummet into the bottom blast zone if you don’t break out in time based on damage determines the time you are trapped the higher the longer. Once you break out you get stalled if airborne and the shards from the stone knock opponents back. Basically a version of Yoshi’s (Egg Lay) doesn’t launch.

(Elemental Affliction) Causes a random Fire, Poision or Ice element in full effect but time is doubled from 5 seconds to 10 and breaking out while frozen takes twice as long. Thunder, Water and Earth wouldn’t do anything to them directly so they’re not included.


(Neutral 3)-(Bioga)-(Side Pose) Charges for up to 5 seconds and when released creates a shockwave to knock nearby foes back Medium and creates a green poisonous smoke screen that poisons foes for 2 seconds and deals 2% damage each second without causing flinching. It can be charged to increase its range and time it last uncharged only 5 seconds and only covers around himself about Bowser’s size while fully charged it has the same range as the Smart Bomb item at its full length lasting 10 seconds. You can shield to block the outside damage and prevent the poison effect or from increasing it’s time active on you but if you do get poisoned its internal damage so you will still take damage. Cannot create another one until the original fades away.

You lose all of your weaker spells for a poisonous smoke screen since opponents take increased damage while poisoned this is best used with your normal attacks and can drain their shield if they try to block the poison which will open them up for a grab and pummel them for very high damage or catch them with (Drain) to heal. It has a wide lingering area of effect its weak but overtime it deals heavy damage if they stay inside. Obviously defensive you must charge this ahead of time like when their off stage or occupied if you miss the shockwave on release or if they hit you with a projectile you’re not getting it off and can be punished hard.

(Side 1)-(Firaga)-(Front Pose) This should look and work exactly like Zelda’s (Din’s Fire) but has half the range and speed but is Medium/Powerful and easier to control based on charge increases the explosion’s size too. Sets them on fire for 1 to 5 seconds and multi-hits on contact should not linger if the first hit doesn’t connect it’s just a single explosion. The explosion should look and sound like Firaga in Record Keeper and it is in the background like Zelda’s (Din’s Fire) is not active until you release it so it cannot get in the way like a normal projectile.

(Side 2)-(Blizzaga)-(Front Pose) Can be charged for up to 3 seconds. Creates ice spikes from the ground that travel forward up to 6 at full charge 2 a second Medium/Strong and should be angled diagonally forward to launch and it can travel across ledges and down or up walls. If released while airborne the icicles are smaller and rain on top of foes Weak. Airborne slows them down by 10% each while grounded based on charge slows them down by up to 50% fully charged freezes them immediately so this isn’t a K.O move if released fully charged. It should look like Blizzara from Final Fantasy 5 but much thicker and shorter tilted forwards. This should travel 50% the distance of a form stage at full charge an in front version of his Blizzard (Black Magic) Special Move.

(Side 3)-(Wateraga)-(Front Pose) Charges for up to 3 seconds to create a larger wave of water that multi-hits while carrying foes across the stage the longer you charge the larger the wave increasing damage and the further it goes because it shrinks overtime. This can also be used to ledge guard by allowing the wave to fall off the stage or push opponents back even when they are shielding. If released while airborne or it falls off of a platform and lands on the stage it splashes on the ground to launch Weak/Medium obviously a defensive move.

(Down 1)-(Thundaga)-(Up Pose) Works the same way as Pikachu’s (Thunder) but he stays in his (Charge Pose) until released so the cloud gathers lightning overtime and can be controlled in any direction for up to 5 seconds Medium/Strong. The lightning has no travel time you cannot strike yourself but does make a shockwave on the ground which is more powerful and cannot spike Medium/Powerful. Since you can control it you are vulnerable while using this move but can easily ledge guard or launch all opponents it strikes on the ground since the shockwave has increased horizontal range and is more powerful Strong/Powerful but only use this when it’s safe.

(Down 2)-(Drain)-(Front Pose) Works the exact same way as Robin’s (Nosferatu) but is red can heal and deal up to 15% damage over 5 seconds but can be broken out of like a regular grab. This is a Special Grab should be very useful after freezing an opponent and there is no stupid book ammo.

(Down 3)-(Quake)-(Down Pose) Can be charged for up to 3 seconds you have super armor on startup but is slow. Creates a crack in the ground on both sides and when released it spreads to bury all grounded foes ignores shields. The longer you charge it the more range the crack has on both sides up to 25% of a form stage and time opponents are buried but uncharged only reaches 10% of a form stage. If used while airborne this becomes a ground pound spiking at the start Strong/Medium burying when they hit the ground and based on distance traveled the landing creates the crack on the ground to bury foes use it from higher up to extend the range of the crack instead of charging. If you low jump and use this it cannot bury so you can’t spam this at ground level to guarantee burial of foes right next to you. Both versions have high cool down so if you miss you can be hit hard but if you bury them it’s basically a guaranteed Smash Attack. Airborne should deal around 10% damage burial deals about 5% but you can easily hit them with a strong attack afterwards use this on opponents that like to spam roll or low jump aerials basically Donkey Kong’s (Hand Slap) situations but cannot launch.

(Up 1)-(Warp)-(Side Pose) Teleports a short distance in any direction and on reappearance launches foes Strong. Has half the range of teleporting Up Specials like Palutena’s but can K.O on reappearance. This cannot teleport out of dungeons like White Mage’s (Teleport) only 1 floor so that’s why it has shorter distance but has more knockback but longer cool down.

(Up 2)-(Elevating Warp)-(Up Pose) Portal appears below to spin before launching Black mage vertically a long distance can be angled diagonally slightly knocks foes away on the way up Medium.

(Up 3)-(Soaring Warp)-(Up Pose) Portal appears below can be angled to launch Black Mage a shorter distance flips at the peak but can be angled diagonally further and is weaker bumping into foes Medium/Weak.

(Final Smash 1)-(Stop)-(Side Pose) Cast (Stop) to paralyze all opponents for 5 seconds before they are released at 75% their normal speed slowing all animations and lowering their attack by 75% since their moves are very slow wears off overtime increasing their speed and attack power back to normal after 10 seconds. Those who dodged this don’t get paralyzed only slows them down for 10 seconds this deals no damage so it’s unavoidable dodging doesn’t last forever like the (Timer) item so they can’t spam dodge to avoid any damage. Black Mage should get a 50% speed boost during to get to opponents faster and charge spells to guarantee them landing and range doesn’t matter when using this Final Smash. Treat this like Peach’s (Peach Blossom) but with no peaches to heal you just get a speed advantage to attack any opponent you choose but they can still throw out lingering attacks to keep you away if you don’t time it right since they are slowed down. Use (Firaga) or (Thundaga) on them while this is active to be safe if your bold and get close enough you can even use (Drain) to heal.

(Final Smash 2)-(Gravity Flare)-(Side Pose) Cast (Gravity) to create a large black hole in the middle of the stage with very strong gravitational pull last 10 seconds and once trapped it keeps you at the center before casting (Flare) to create a multi hitting explosion to deal 40% damage and then launch all opponents trapped Strong. You can throw or knock foes into it once you cast it you can move around freely the gravity doesn’t affect you and should pull opponents over walls and ledges so they can’t hide from it. Treat it like Rosalina’s (Power Star).

(Final Smash 3)-(Meteor)-(Up Pose) Rains down comets and meteors diagonally in front setting the ground on fire for 10 seconds to deal 2% damage to anyone on the ground. The meteors trajectory and damage should be the same as Ness’ (PK Starstorm).

<(Ground Attacks)>

Dash Attack: Creates Ice beneath his feet to slide into foes like he’s surfing and knocks them back Medium/Weak.

Held Dash Attack: Trips and cast (Break) on himself to encase himself in stone to launch foes and when he hits the ground the stone shatters, Powerful but long startup and cool down like King Dedede’s same attack. This is from Super Smash Flash 2 great looking move.

Neutral: Knocks opponents on the head with his (Rod) multi-hits before launching Medium. Default attack in Final Fantasy.

Held Neutral: Does his (Side Pose) creating Fire at the palms of his hands before spinning to knock foes back Strong.

Side: Slashes his (Rod) diagonally to knock foes back Medium.

Held Side: Does his (Front Pose) releasing flames from his sleeves to brush opponents knocking them back like (Fire) from Final Fantasy 1 for tablets Medium has decent range.

Down: Sweeps his (Rod) across the ground Weak.

Held Down: Slams his (Rod) on the ground to create a non-elemental blast Medium.

Up: Does his (Up Pose) then slashes his hands downwards on both sides releasing fire in a rainbow pattern Medium.

Held Up: (Wateraja) Does his (Up Pose) creating a whirlpool below before a geyser comes up to launch vertically Powerful it should surround him but has slow startup.

<(Aerial Attacks)>

Neutral: Does his (Side Pose) with his hands engulfed in fire and does a cartwheel to multi-hit before causing a burst of flames to launch Medium. This is from Super Smash Flash 2 but I added a burst so it can’t be used to combo for eternity like in that game or like Lucas’ same move.

Held Neutral: Claps his hands to release a blast of flames around him to launch opponents Strong but slower and only active for a short time.

Front: Slashes his (Rod) downwards in front Medium.

Held Front: Slashes his (Rod) downwards releasing a wave of fire in front diagonally Medium has extra range.

Back: Slashes his (Rod) behind diagonally upwards Medium.

Held Back: Does his (Front Pose) behind to release streams of electricity from his sleeves to multi-hit before launching Medium.

Down: Does his (Side Pose) creating an electrical tornado around himself and spins to multi-hit before the tornado expands to launch Medium. Should basically be Mario’s Down Aerial but with Lightning.

Held Down: Does his (Up Pose) then flips upside down and creates an explosion to spike foes from his hands. The explosion should stall him like R.O.B’s Strong.

Up: Slashes his (Rod) above Medium.

Held Up: Uses his (Up Pose) to send an orb of lightning upwards slowly gaining speed overtime that multi-hits on impact then launches vertically or releases after a certain distance Medium. You should be able to heavily DI this horizontally so you can avoid another if he starts spamming this from below like Mega Man’s Tornado Up Aerials.

<(Smash Attacks)>

All of these have slow startup. Charging uses a pose and while charging engulfs himself with magic of that elemental continuously which should actually make him look like he’s about to explode before releasing it at full charge. This only uses his standard 3 elementals which are Fire, Ice and Thunder but they are not projectiles and cannot be reflected or absorbed because smash attacks that can be reflected are very bad things to have.

Side: (Thundaja)-(Front Pose). Engulfs himself with Lightning before shooting a bolt of lightning instantly a short distance before it hits the ground that gets longer the longer you charge it launching diagonally. The bolt has no travel time just appears instantly and can reach as far as 25% of a form stage fully charged. The bolt is Strong/Powerful while the burst that the lightning comes from his hands is Powerful/Devastating. Uncharged it reaches as far as R.O.B’s same move.

Down: (Blizzaja)-(Down Pose) Engulfs himself with Ice before creating sharp icicle pillars from the ground on both sides diagonally to launch at a low angle Medium/Strong. This should not freeze I don’t think that’s a good idea I would have used sharp Earth pillars but since I already had (Firaja) and (Thundaja) I had to use (Blizzaja) for all 3 of the original elements.

Up: (Firaja)-(Up Pose). Engulfs himself with Fire before creating a hurricane of fire like Fira from Final Fantasy 5 going upwards as high as Palutena's Up Smash at full charge but surrounds himself and multi-hits targets while pushing them up to the top before launching. Charging can increase its range up to how tall Palutena’s Up Smash is but uncharged only surrounds himself. The hurricane is Strong/Powerful before it burst to launch.

<(Grab and Throws)>

Grab and Pummel: Grabs them with 1 hand and knocks them on the head with his (Rod) for 3% damage each multi-hits.

Front: Does his (Front Pose) to release a flame that brushes foes to launch horizontally at a high angle Medium and it looks like (Fire) from Final Fantasy 1 on tablets.

Back: Tosses the opponent behind him then stomps his foot to create a pillar of earth which stabs out the ground diagonally launching the foe diagonally, Strong. This is from Super Smash Flash 2 needed another Earth elemental attack.

Down: Lays them on ground while constantly electrocuting them to damage them to do 15% damage over 5 seconds before launching Medium this is a Damage Throw.

Up: Tosses the foe above then does his (Down Pose) to charge then his (Up Pose) to create a sharp pointy miniature mountain from the ground that stabs upwards launching vertically slow startup but a Powerful K.O Throw.

<(Dodges and Shield Pose)>

All of his dodges should displays the word “Miss” if an attack passes through the area he was supposed to be in like when avoiding an attack in Final Fantasy.

Shield Pose: Does his (Side Pose) but not facing the TV.

Spot: Leans back on his heels while waving his arms rapidly like he’s about to fall off a cliff basically how Vivi avoids an attack in Final Fantasy 9 who is also a Black Mage. He was a wimpy Black Mage that is always crying and scared about something and never does anything he literally gets petrified in so many situations. He wasn’t that bad once he grew up I always used him when available he’s a Black Mage favorite character beat the game with him.

Air: Should look the same as Mario’s so you can see his back.

Front: Does a cartwheel forwards.

Back: Does a cartwheel backwards.

<(The End)>

Before my story I would like feedback on his moveset primarily upvote it so it gains popularity it has to reach front page to have a chance at getting noticed. I'm open to suggestions but he is a Black Mage they can only use Black Magic and are very weak physically so no punches or kicks he can only equip (Rods) so definitely no Scythes or Blue Magic chocobo feet. Just stay true to his character is all I'm asking. Anyways heres my story on why I did what I did.

Black Mage is my favorite character of all time from what used to be my favorite franchise. His spells look extremely cool especially the higher leveled ones and the more enemies on screen the better they look when multi-targeting. The pronunciation of his spells I like a lot too Thundara and Blizzara sound amazing. He can do very high damage because he can take advantage of the opponent’s vulnerabilities to do even more damage, cast status effects to handicap foes and can take on groups by multi targeting. He is the perfect character because he has a lot of spells for basically every situation so he has almost no made up moves like 80% of the characters in Smash already, he’s over qualified.

He is already in Super Smash Flash 2 so I know people voted for him but he doesn’t really use many spells at all he has a scythe and kicking people with a Chocobo foot for some reason. I used few moves from that game and the way I made him he will be played in the complete opposite way he does in that game. He will also be the first true Magician in the game closest anyone in right now is Zelda, would be Robin but they use swords.

I need to make this very clear though you cannot add Black Mage and leave White Mage out they are the ultimate team they should be released together they are Yin and Yang complete opposites they can nullify each other but strongest together. Black Mage can deal the damage but needs healing and defensive buffs to stay alive from White Mage who is next just gotta polish a few things. I actually have 4 total with full move sets the rest aren’t as complicated their moves would be obvious I’ll do them later as Honorable Mentions with only default Special Moves. Final Fantasy is gone but it can be revived if someone from the original gets in Smash wouldn’t be the first time.

I first played Final Fantasy 1 on my tiny iPhone and was hooked ever since the storyline was to restore the power of the 4 crystals and then take down the final boss only 1, 3 and 5 stuck to this storyline like in Zelda the crystals are basically the Triforce the difference is Final Fantasy changed the storyline other than those 3 games which are the 3 best which ruined it Zelda still goes on with the exact same story and nobody complains about storyline. Final Fantasy’s fan base is just different I guess.

1 was good but you run out of magic and I hate Petrify I played the NES version it took so long you don’t have any ethers to restore magic at all and buying items in the stores took forever and leveling up took forever as well you had to watch each and every individual attack even If it’s a multi-targeted spell made it so slow and there was no single target spells yet so Magic on bosses was weak for just regular battles they’re strong. Like all games this old it was confusing on what to do or go next.

When 2 came out it could have ended right there that game was just terrible but then 3 came out bought it back to the basics creating new classes making the game much quicker and expanding on the original.

When 4 came out this is where it really started going downhill character’s talk making personalities you get attached to them and then died so that’s when storyline started taking over game play because people got emotional and they seem to have liked it that way. I hated that game too every enemy has status effects bosses you had to sit and wait for an opening or they will heal and or counterattack and every enemy looked like they were leaning so far forward they would fall on their face. There are some dungeons I just hate like the one where you have to drop all of your metal weapons or you just die from the magnifying gravity since you can’t move. The way the game is built is very linear there’s really only 1 way to play since they force you to use this group for that dungeon and different enemies counter if hit by physical or magic attacks. This was to me the worst of the original 6.

When 5 came out my personal favorite because of what 4 and 6 had with character development it’s the forgotten game because it is sandwiched by 2 so called “Masterpieces” and it’s the best of the original 6 it is the sequel to 3 which you can consider forgotten too since they both didn’t get released in the USA until later on because the game was “too hard” which was true. 5 created even more classes and you can mix 2 classes into 1 making an extremely customizable experience complete opposite of 4 they took spells from Black and White Mage though to create the Time Mage.

The battles were great have you heard “The Battle” theme? Best song I’ve ever heard Final Fantasy 10’s battle theme sounds inspired by it. This game also has my favorite soundtrack followed very closely by Croc 1. Gameplay wise this had the most dungeons, secrets and side quest out of all of the original 6 probably more than 7,8,9 and 10 the game is very open world be careful where you go though this is by far the hardest in the series enemies do not play games and definitely not any of the bosses. In dungeons they actually use traps I believe this is the only Final Fantasy game that uses them this often other than the 1st game. This game got very easy at the end though it was underwhelming the final boss I beat on my first try that final stretch wasn’t very difficult compared to the rest of the game. The main villain Exdeath is probably the most ruthless of them all literally taking out entire villages, kingdoms and chunks of the planet with the Void.

When 6 came out instead of using basic classes they made characters into a class and everyone can use magic later on 6 was the easiest but nothing makes sense were jumping all over the place I feel like we were going through different times in history this was way to open world. The enemies in this game don’t look like they want to live anymore they have various mutations or molding weapons onto their body just look at the “Inferno” Boss he looks like he wants to be put out of his misery what was he originally? I’m not one to complain about graphics but they were terrible everything is washed out its too realistic looking 5 was much brighter but this game was very dark if you played it you would know why everyone had some type of struggle had to do something bad they didn’t want to do or something was done to them or their friends.

Gameplay wise there wasn’t too many cut scenes and there are a decent amount of dungeons and side quest but the equipment was over powered you could become invincible Relics are extremely good and you had to use all of the character’s evenly or you will struggle in the final dungeon so you can’t play favorites you don’t even know who the main character is Celes or Terra? I say Celes she was uptight to begin with but softens up later and brings everyone back together at the end Terra is a very stereotyped clueless girl that finds her “destiny” later on reminds me of Garnet aka Dagger from 9 who I hate.

When 7 came out Final Fantasy as I knew it was gone creator left after the 5th game and the only Final Fantasy character to get in came from that game… I’ve never seen a character not from the 1st game get in first just why? I don’t know why people like him he’s a loner version of Shulk what they have in common is I believe they both are human robots not sure. Cannot comment on this or any other game past 7 that isn’t 9 or 10 because I haven’t played them don’t really want to they are beat em ups instead of strategy games nowadays.

I do play Record Keeper off and on to scratch that itch and I could use all of my favorite characters on 1 team and you can have 5 members instead of 4 now there’s someone in the middle. My only complaints are the original classes are underpowered real characters have better stats and close to max level on like 6 different ability types while classes specialize in 1 they should be the strongest user of that ability. There’s no over world it’s all menus and no items so a White Mage is required to heal. Well that would be game.

- Black Mage for Smash! https://smashboards.com/threads/black-mage-for-smash.506369/#post-24080523

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