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(Guardian Tales)-(Warriors Balancing 4 Finale)


<(Guardian Tales Warriors 4)> These final 5 I just don’t understand well at all whether it’s just them being limited by their EX or I’ve never seen them used. I’m not sure how well I did here Yuze is basically a new Hero now and Eugene got a bunch of buffs the rest are questionable because of what I said before. I honestly only like Eugene out of all 5 of them the rest I don’t care for much.



(Yuze)-(I’ll be the best you ever had Partner!) She doesn’t realize it but a lot of the things she says be turning heads I’m just giving you equipment and I’m like what did you just say? Did I hear what I think I did? I don’t think it’s intentional it’s just the way she grew up being a Succubus it’s very innocent to her. She doesn’t feel like a side story type character she feels the most main story of all the heroes not True Heroes other than Loraine she’s always been a major player even in the future.



This is basically the Melee Gremory she was very hard for me to understand we have an identity crisis here. Her entire kit like Gremory is based on her debuffs she has trouble tanking because of low overall stats and Attack since a percentage of the damage dealt she heals but supports be hitting harder than she does all her stats need buffs. Yuze right here and now I would say is the worse designed Hero in the game nothing makes sense and she must be 5 star for her primary ability to activate her EX passive should have been in her regular kit but the worse Hero will always be Coco to me. I don’t think they understood how to make this hero either a lot of head scratching trying to comprehend what she even is I feel bad for her. Again she definitely needs all stats buffed heavily she can’t deal the damage to heal enough or have the defenses to stay alive as a Warrior.

She is not Bianca I need her to be a Melee Karina than debuffer that she is now. She aced her class at actually being a true Succubus with that said I think she should be more focused on getting the enemies attention like a Tank and life steal enemies Charmed will deal less damage to only her and their attack speed will drop a bit. She’s getting a major remodel this will not resemble the old Yuze like at all she will be using Succubus type abilities along with her new found adventurer skills. She is going to be heavily focused on her Charm ability throughout her skill set.


Normal Attack: Her current normal attack for a two handed sword user is very easy to avoid it’s basically the basic two swings and a hammer smash which will dull your blade needs to be changed. Finisher she should now strike a pose for an area attack with a heart burst charming enemies like a taunt within 3 tiles without the jump it’s not a hammer and she isn’t Link. Charm now taunts enemies for 3 seconds damage dealt to Charmed enemies heals her for 20% of the damage she deals to them.

Chain Skill: Does the same damage but instead Heals all allies for 10% their max HP and automatically Charms all enemies the amount of enemies charmed when activated increases the healing by 10% each up to 50%. This sounds unfair but compare this to a Lahn Chain Skill and it will seem fair.

Special: Needs a rework. Charmed enemies deal 50% less damage to only her and attack speed is also halved if within 3 tiles of her while charmed. Why HAVE to wait to be 5 star to even have her PRIMARY ABILITY activate? This is why it is now in her normal attack and healing is twice as strong.

EX Weapon (Tartaros): Passive is very poor this should have been in her regular attacks instead but I’m giving her a remodel. When Charm wears off they burst doing 50% of DPS area damage to them and teammates around them and heals you for 10% of damage done.

Skill should activate faster feel like I’m doing this a lot lately remove the image before casting and enemies hit get hearts in their eyes, are stunned and are automatically charmed leave it to their imagination what they actually see. The Skill itself is a more condensed Lupina EX Skill to me just needs faster activation.



(Shapira)-(Gravedigger) Now um she has problems she’s so smitten with Aisha for some strange reason if anyone insults Aisha it warrants them getting a permanent vacation to their Graveyard. Just No I am not using this Hero she has way to many problems for me and is the final white haired Black Hero. This is the Dark Amy very similar even their chain skill looks identical but statistically better in every way but nothing relies on advantage state so she’s always reliable. Just because Amy got an EX doesn’t mean she’s better what Amy got doesn’t play to her strengths at all they really dropped the ball with hers plus she's a BASIC.



Potential EX: I would assume would be a Spear. Should have decent HP and Defense low Critical Rate. Passive Normal Attacks finisher range is doubled every 5th attack does an additional 30% DPS damage and ignores Defense. Skill since Eva’s exist I think should be a long lunge with her spear to close the gap then does a spin attack as a finisher to hit any enemies around the target has a lot of range obviously airborne ailment damage sorta like Craig’s EX Skill but much faster.


AI: Should try and target groups of enemies since this can really shred multiple enemies at a time.

Normal Attack: Startup on finisher takes too long to activate speed it up she can actually move while attacking which makes her just better than Amy. This attack for someone that uses a Spear is actually strange though it would be more like a Lapice attack.

Special: Based on damage taken or times hit Finisher on Normal Attack scales up to 50% bonus damage within a 5 second window and you only get one shot can only be refreshed if you take more damage.



(Eugene)-(Camera, Lights wait what’s my line again?) She saw what happened to Nicole how she ended up was very unfortunate she was slowly going down the same path but caught herself in time if it wasn’t a main character I’m sure that would have been fatal though. I hold no grudges she didn’t know but for it to get to that point before she changed is sad. She’s a good person very positive she finally got her shot to shine but almost burnt out as well. You would think I dislike her probably it’s the opposite I really wanted this Hero for a long time I missed her on banner twice but was able to get her on Tinia’s banner somehow and I wanted Tinia a lot more though. I was so sad she can’t even shoot without her EX this is a very poorly designed Hero for their primary unique ability to be locked in their EX which I do not have. She’s an awesome Hero she fights with a sword while on a motorcycle.



She needs SPEED her unique ability is locked in her EX rendering her at a disadvantage without her EX and when in melee range her attack speed is just too slow. EX Skill is good in Arena but not Coliseum it’s very hard to start a chain as leader but can completely ruin formations. She looks and sounds very fun to play but she isn’t bursty enough since she is slower than expected. She’s getting a lot of quality of life type buffs.


AI: I need her to be on the move more switch between keeping distance with bullets and engaging in melee combat use that bonus speed to your advantage.

Normal Attack: When in melee range I need her attacking speed to double she swings way to slow and at range with any Sword should be able to shoot elemental bullets why limit her special ability to her EX again she isn’t useless but her unique trait is just gone without it and she doesn’t get a passive from her EX at all because that is her passive.

Chain Skill: This is only a suggestion this may ruin her on many teams but I would assume this would injure or down to airborne than airborne to injured she’s shredding you with the tires of her motorcycle then doing a back flip which would launch you into the air as in airborne. I wouldn’t mess with it I’m just saying this would make more sense she must be very accurate to catch you in the air then do a back flip with her motorcycle the way it is now it should be a front flip if it’s going to injure honestly but that probably would Down instead.

Special: Movement speed is permanently increased by 50% when Dashing or with AI and Melee Attacks increase her movement speed by an additional 20% to chase or disengage easier she is on a motorcycle.

EX Weapon (Brave Heart): The stats on this Weapon is actually insane that’s a whole lot of everything I would decrease that defense to 20%. Now that her passive is in her regular attack she needs a new one. Bullets travel and can be shot faster and when in melee range Defense increases by 20%. The amount of bullets landed on enemies increases her melee finishers damage by 10% up to 50% same with melee attacks increase her first bullet hit damage by up to 100% to try and reward you for playing both ranged and melee.

I don’t own her EX but her skill in Coliseum is very unreliable at alimenting whenever I fought a Eugene lead but it does ruin all types of formations I never see her in Arena anymore now that Beth is here but she performs better there. Let it ailment easier the hit boxes need to be bigger or something she can only chain skill 1 enemy but it does do 500% DPS.



(Lynn)-(Doom Bringer) Misfortune follows her everywhere she goes she’s even exiled from Hell how do you achieve something like that? I don’t have this Hero but is underrated she’s over powered to me her defense is 100 more than it should be honestly all her stats are way too high these the type of stats I would expect a Plitvice to have she is the best Fire Hero right now no mistake. I only have experience using her through her Short Story very easy to use high attack and very solid defenses for an offensive Hero like this.



She needs to be nerfed but she’s very under the radar right now nobody is complaining probably because she’s Fire. Only thing holding her back to me is she’s like the only melee Hero that needs to reload if you use her fire breath she gets back half her charge or a weapon skill it’s not that bad she’s never wide open her EX Skill she can move during and ailments early. I’m not sure what this energy thing is it’s not in her side story at least her Special activates if you have full or empty energy so her defenses go up when not attacking basically since it's damage reduction does not scale on Defense.


AI: Should try and surround herself since she attacks in basically a circle.

Normal Attack: Don’t give her free 30% attack for breathing fire really? It’s an extra attack she doesn’t need bonus damage.

EX Weapon (Red Lotus): Don’t force this to deal injury damage and just burn enemies so that injury negate cards won’t disable it.



(Neva)-(The Butcher) Obsessed with Dragons unlike her tribe she wants to befriend them not slay them so she is an outcast but she doesn’t seem to care she made up her mind to find a dragon by any means necessary like sniffing their poop… She’s not a weirdo but that’s a bit extreme to me she got a side story unsure why at least my Girgas was there.



I’ve never seen this Hero in action unsure what to do honestly looks like another Amy needs advantage state for special to activate but off Chain Skill so every 20 seconds. She sounds much like Plitvice if she can chain she’s amazing but if not she’s very meh at least Plitvice can take quite the beating She is a God. Her attack style looks like she should be using a Hammer but her EX is obviously going to be an Axe plus she’s a Viking. I think I understand what she wants and is gruesome how is she Light with an attack style like this she would be the most offensive Light Hero but Gabriel exist there's no evidence where she actually stands because nobody uses her.

Potential EX: Again will likely be an Axe should have high HP and Defense. Passive Normal Attack’s leaping attack shockwave range is doubled, Attacks against enemies that are suffering from any Ailment is increased by 200% and always critical hits regardless she’s slamming an axe through you. Consecutive attacks on an enemy within 5 seconds increases her critical hit multiplier by 10% up to 50% opening that wound merciless if her Special activates this will tear you apart. Skill should be her swinging a spiritual axe horizontally in a wide range in front dealing Downed ailment damage single hit.


AI: Based on my changes if an opponent suffers an ailment she immediately targets them.

Normal Attack: Leap Attack needs to come out faster looks easy to avoid.

Chain Skill: Here we go again should decrease defense by 30% instead of 20%.

Special: This is heavily reliant on advantage state like a Plitvice’s chain and does not gain defense I need this to activate easier. This should last 10 seconds has a 20 second cool down like a chain skill and should activate anytime any enemy is alimented instead of her having to chain skill first. Basically if she sees any weakness on any enemy this activates she is the hunter they are the prey once she activates this she has no mercy and tries to slice you to pieces. In Arena she still might struggle with not having a Special when it does activate the way Arena works it’s basically a guaranteed kill.






(Yuze) She got completely remade around her Charm ability and I guess species she can now act as a semi tank with a high amount of life steal but her stats are very poor currently.


(Shapira) Made her a bit faster and instead of 30% free attack in her Special as in Counterattack finishers damage is increased based on damage taken. EX is like Craigs but instead of a shield bash she stabs an enemy then does a spin attack to knock them into the air before she stabs her spear through your torso marking your grave.


(Eugene) Out of everyone she got hella buffs can now shoot with any sword attack speed is faster, speed has been increased permanently when dashing or with AI and EX gives her benefits for fighting up close to ranged or vice versa. Skill needs to connect more reliably in coliseum though.


(Lynn) Flying under the radar she’s a bit too good only Hero here that got nerfs. Why she’s under the radar? Probably because a card disables her EX passive and got sandwiched by Future Princess and Knight.


(Neva) Like Rie I have never seen her in action I looked heavily into what she does and I believe gave her the right buffs and the perfect EX. If you show weakness she’s going to pounce on you with no mercy.



<(The End)> Of balancing for Warriors and the end for current Heroes I will probably address new Heroes every 5 that come out and have enough time to see if their over powered or weak unless we get another Future Princess type I will try and address that early. There is one last part though the most important since it will be covering the very core of this game is the best way to put it.


- Black Mage for Smash! https://smashboards.com/threads/black-mage-for-smash.506369/#post-24080523

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