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(Guardian Tales)-(Warriors Balancing 1)


<(Guardian Tales Warriors 1)> Not all warriors are the same very versatile but this is the weakest class role by far. Not much to say here except their skills are easy to land usually and take way to much damage from ranged attackers cannot get around that wall which are Tanks in time before they go down or are ailmented.

I was going to start with Akayuki but Knight being the so called “Hero” needs a lot of changes among other things. I don’t think many need AI changes Warriors are the weakest type right now DPS Tanks and Supports rule this game third would be Ranged Bari, Nari, Tinia and Arrabelle. Future Knight isn’t too bad but gets very scary with critical rate at that rate of fire just melts your HP.


Warrior Perk: This is very iffy I'm unsure how this will workout but they should have an ability to dash in a direction like a Rue has on a 5 second cooldown and in combat movement speed increases by 30% if running. Obviously not all dashes will be the same like in Rue's case damages enemies this dash I'm talking about just moves in 8 directions straight and diagonally if an opponent is in the way of that direction it should homing. This should be a game changer though now every role but ranged has an ability. Only ranged with an ability I believe is just Tinia I guess Future Knight but their classified as a Warrior. I'm not going to mention it again but heres some examples. Akayuki could teleport through walls anyone in the path of it take multiple attacks, Marvin would do a shoulder charge to knock enemies back interupting attacks, Shapira could do a thrust penetrating enemies and Eugene would do a Wheelie through enemies hitting once but deals considerable damage probably the fastest moving dash. Using Rue in Coop in puzzle rooms gave me this idea it's pretty useful for just getting around but also has offensive capabilities.


Warrior AI: Should be able to run/move faster than any other role so maybe they can close distance fast enough and avoid taking too much damage. This will also make pincer type formations pretty dangerous and might be able to avoid a Tank’s taunt. I know they already move the fastest but they gotta move even faster to avoid taking a lot of damage they need to close that gap almost immediately.


One-Handed Sword Users: This Weapon is the worse in the game it's frustrating to use and watch you legit can run circles around heroes that use this type of weapon not named Akayuki, Marina, Lapice or Lynn. Each slash should move you forwards in a direction and the finisher lunge should have muce more range and movement than it has now. I just had to address this now i'll bring it up again when I'm finished balancing heroes.



(Knight)-(Has so much potential) I would strongly consider changing the name to “Guardian”. I have Many, many many many many many many problems with this character. Why are they so weak and I feel like shouldn’t even have an EX weapon if equipped with any Legend rank weapon he should get added benefits by type since you can equip almost everything. To me since this is actually YOU if you want to use a Bow, be a mage with a Staff or even your own fist you should be able to this is your own fighting style so for Knight’s Special it’s going to be reworked hard. A character like this should not be so one dimensional. Look I feel like I just made this one OP being honest I only evolved to 5 star and let him since I’m a guy sit at level 60 to rot holding his EX, Angel Shield and an accessory I need knowledge for. He’s never ever used unless he has a bonus for event rifts literally I do not like this character but the way he’s made needs a major remodel.



(Customization) This is going to be exclusive to Knight since this is supposed to be you. You should be able to pick more than a personality type, skin, hair color, hair style, voice depth all that. I’m Black I’m not a blonde guy with green eyes costumes won’t do for me this is the main reason I don’t like him I think I would prefer default anime protagonist stereotype than this actual random dude. Your profile picture should look like one of the common Heroes you have no clear identity.

Normal Attack: Should be able to use every single weapon category.

Chain Skill: This is the Champions Sword should deal the highest DPS in the game increase to 500%. Should ailment from all and if equipped with a Melee weapon it Downs if it’s Ranged it goes to Airborne.

Party Buff: With all these changes this elemental buff is rather useless. Change it to 20% HP and Defense.

EX Weapon (Libera): If we’re going to keep this needs some changes I am basically going to make it the bane of all True Heroes so Knight is the undisputed best if you use this. This weapon barely does anything for you I rather use a non EX it’s that bad but what exactly does a default character like this want though? He has lightning even though he’s a Basic elemental and chains off airborne even though its melee since it’s a sword. I think I understand what it should do.

To fix deals 10% additional DPS damage and deals 25% bonus damage to Heroes connected to the Champion’s Sword and main Bosses so he counters every main story Hero or Enemy in the game with this sword. Weapon Skill should automatically target all enemies and strike with lightning within 5 tiles do not freeze you there just needs to raise the sword and this activates a brief moment afterwards ailment now Injures.


Special: I need to rename and rework this it will do the same but depending on equipment type will determine his stat increases.

New Special. Mastery: If equipped with a Legend rank weapon this activates depending on type if equipping another Rare Hero’s EX copies their fighting style but does not gain any of their passive benefits. In Story stages Attack and Defense increase by 25%.

One-Handed Sword: Attack increases by 30% Slashes move towards enemies and Thrust finisher now lunges at a target.

Two-Handed Sword: Attack increases by 50% Finisher now does a wide spin attack that knocks enemies back this isn’t a hammer.

Sword and Shield: Attack and Defense increase by 15% attacks should function the same as a One-Handed Sword.

Gauntlets: Does 2 jabs into a straight jab moving forwards which knocks foes back 25% Attack and Defense Increase.

Claw: Deals individual horizontal slashes towards enemies 20% Attack and Defense Increase.

Rifle: Has 2 modes Single Shot like a Pistol or Rapid Fire like a machine gun can switch modes like Hekate. Single Shot does higher damage and more accurate faster bullet speed doesn’t need to reload while Rapid Fire has less accuracy, lowers movement speed, lower damage and has to reload. Attack increases by 10%.

Bow: Fires up to 3 arrows at once charges up to 100% charge increases damage and arrows movement speed. No stat increase or decrease it’s the charge that determines damage doesn’t charge much to warrant a defense increase but has the most range of all weapon types. Reason can shoot 3 arrows is if you wanted to use it like a bow or crossbow.

Basket: Throws random objects at enemies AKA “Garbage” that have splash damage but direct hits deal more damage 25% HP increase.

Staff: Shoots splitting orbs of magic at enemies (Like in Eugene’s movie). Fire, Water and Earth Staves have an ability to heal yourself and allies nearby while Light, Dark and Basic have an ability to send a large explosion at enemies (Again like in the movie). Now has a Heal stat that increases by 100% and Attack by 30%.

Max Limit Broken Special. Elemental Attunement: Is now immune to all elemental type deficits can also gain stat bonuses no matter what elemental weapon is equipped so you have many weapon skills available to you without an EX.

With all this should be in a much better spot and when facing a Knight (Guardian) you don’t know what type they will be literally a jack of all trades truly versatile.



(Akayuki)-(The impatient Samurai) Finally I can do my favorite character in the game my very first summon. She has my Mentality by her story seeking out tough opponents and giving it your all even though on paper your at a disadvantage she does not care you still have to play the game even after losing she isn’t salty or anything she respects you win or lose but I will continue to fight you and take notes on why I lost and not bang my head against the wall. But how is she even a Rare Hero there’s nothing straight forward about her. She’s very realistic and laid back to me but when she fights she just has this fire of relentless aggression her attacks are so fast you cannot even see them. Usually when I think of Samurais they go for 1 hard blow past their opponent and the fight is over but Akayuki shreds you to pieces you won’t even feel the pain until after she sheaths her blade. Her normal attacking style is a hybrid of Samurai and Ninja while her chain skill is mostly how Samurais fight 1 hard blow on a single opponent but what exactly does Feiyan mean? There’s a lot we don’t know about this Hero what did she do 500 years ago to become petrified like that and what is this spirit behind her? I love her 3 star and 5 star evolutions her 4 star is kinda ugly for me. Why is she Swordsman instead of Samurai Akayuki?



I do not care Akayuki is life she will always be my lead we go as far as she takes us coliseum wise I’m not torturing myself in Arena my soul can’t take it. She’s very solid but is at a major disadvantage in PvP modes she has no special, linear play style but if you play her right she can do a ton of damage and escape without taking too much if you hit with her final attack and disengage in time you want to be very patient watch your enemy then counterattack don’t chase to hard unless it’s like a Bari or Tank. Her EX skill is good but she can’t move and is easily escapable the AI in coliseum I watch her either hit only 1 enemy or completely miss several times. It also requires her to get very close which gets her killed in coop if used at the wrong time. She doesn’t need many buffs her AI is finally in a good spot it’s just her skill being bad against moving opponents, a lack of a Special in PvP and her chain skill compared to a Beth isn’t that strong Beth gets a massive power boost Akayuki is a 1v1 type so these changes should make sense.


AI: If not Taunted I need her to target the Party Leader if they die she goes after the enemy with the most toughness or remaining HP. Order of Priority is Party Leader, Tank, Warrior, Ranged and Support opposite of Hekate basically.


Chain Skill: Increase DPS to 400% On hit she automatically critical strikes if she instantly kills an enemy she can use it a second time on anyone still injured within the time frame and on hit wounds the target for 5 seconds which they only receive critical damage and her own critical hit multiplier increases by 50%. Her chain only hits one opponent should be fair compared to a Beth chain skill.

Special: Should now do 25% increased damage to Bosses, Tanks and Party Leaders. On enemy kill movement speed and attack speed increases by 30% for 5 seconds. Now she actually has a Special in PvP It's called Fighting Spirit the tougher the foe the harder she will hit and when defeating an enemy she gains a speed increase to help her get to the next opponent this is a momentum/advantage state Special as Akayuki would say "Who's next?"

Max Limit Broken Special. Chance Attack: 10% chance for normal attacks to strike twice dealing half damage.

EX Weapon (Murasame): Weapon skill needs adjustments the way she plays I thought a straight dash or a large area attack like Marina’s would be it instead she stands still like a sitting duck Bari can hit her twice during while a bunch of ninjas strike in a zone in front of her. This is how I would fix it and makes a lot of sense.

Sends an illusion of herself forwards or towards an enemy and on impact or after a certain distance it activates the attack instead of her having to stand there and opponents shouldn’t be able to escape as easily since they will have to be in the very center the eye of the storm plus she can now move since she sends an illusion instead of being forced to stand still. Missing should no longer be a problem and the activation time shouldn’t be so long she loses what feels like a second of regen time before using the skill. Should actually be able to hit skills in Arena now you’re simply not going to run into this the way it is right now does travel through walls and is pretty dangerous against bosses. In Coop she could get 1 shotted since she can't move if she can just sends this towards an enemy that problem shouldn't be there anymore.



(Lupina)-(Dangerously close to marrying herself) My favorite Unique Hero I was fortunate I got her for Christmas C:

I don’t believe she nor anybody is inherently Evil this goes for real life as well it’s usually a chain of events in their life even if they do evil things they themselves aren’t evil. Have you ever thought how they felt or even asked them and they give you an honest answer of why they did what they did? In Lupina’s case she’s just not mad but upset she isn’t popular and Coco unwillingly is getting the blame she wish she got which is very strange. Coco is only 22 yet we have no idea how old Lupina is and she shows up at least once a decade. I don’t know what magic is running through her for her eyes to glow like they do but it’s probably so she can see through the blizzard. I honestly don’t think she’s that threatening to approach she probably would be eager to finally have some fans I don’t think she’s that isolated or in hiding other Innuits probably know exactly where she is she doesn’t have any guards or anything. She’s just quick tempered is all as well as self centered she is on an intense level of loving herself she needs to make friends but her persona makes her seem to dangerous to approach.



I think she’s in a really good spot her EX skill and chain hurts a lot and she’s a hybrid warrior but acts like a ranged attacker can move very fast while attacking from a decent distance for melee damage. Her EX Skill covers basically the full screen if you don’t have a Craig it’s gonna hurt everyone. I can’t see any buffs or nerfs cannot imagine a max limit broken special either. She’s very good in coop since she can hit everything on screen basically but Arena she’s easy to dodge and Girgas just does her job better at a much higher rate of fire but head to head with no crit rate buff she would probably win if they both hit consistently her defensive stats are much better currently.


AI: When she's ready to use a weapon skill should position herself in the direction where most enemies are I see her use her skill downwards often for some reason only hitting like 1 or 2 enemies. Should probably move a little faster getting into position or having high regen actually won't matter.


Normal Attack: Wolves should move twice as fast this is very easy to dodge but slow down rate of fire to compensate.



(Plitvice)-(Almost Regained Immortality) When I started the game her EX Pridwen is the very first EX I got through equip summons then summoned 3 more the game was telling me to build her bad wasn’t a bad investment. She looks like an Amazon extremely tall her walking animation with that huge sword which she looks like she can definitely wield unlike a Marina is intimidating but Lupina is taller for some reason maybe because she floats? Her story is very sad but I don’t understand her much she’s not that in touch with reality at times. I really want my Plitvice to be the strongest in the world but she has a lot of room to improve equipment wise my Akayuki has peaked she always beats other Akayuki lead teams sometimes she can beat Marina leads now. If you really commit Plitvice can really slap give her some critical rate or melee attack and she's good to go.



She is a God but not on Future Princess’ level. If lucky enough her special can make her immortal and the buffs to her EX are extremely good but again not on Future Princess’ level only heals 1% hp to herself at 60% chance 1 second cool down now while hers heals 2% HP to all party members on hit with no cool down it’s very stupid. Skill is much stronger at healing now but that might be because of level cap increase and everyone’s max HP going up by a lot does not 1 hit chain though. It’s a shame she isn’t a Tank her chain is a power boost the likes nobody in the game can match 50% attack and defense increase gaining a swirling fire projectile for 10 seconds makes her a very fierce versatile front line it’s fine that the chain deals no damage if she gets a boost like this.

She’s very scary to go up against head to head now she’s always been in a good spot but there’s too many cheese heroes out there she’s still one of the best in my eyes if you build a zone type team around her you don’t even need a healer if she has enough regen as lead. Dolf is one of the most perfect teammates for her but Dolf isn’t Nari unfortunately and has probably the worse defense in the game. As long as she can hit that chain skill your chances of winning go up by an absurd amount.


Special: Additionally the 5th attack received has a 100% chance to be negated so it’s not all based on luck and is on a 5 second cooldown to negate an attack as well so if she is fighting like a Bari with a low rate of fire this can still be available every 5 seconds guranteed. Visually maybe she should have a sphere around her so you know when it's active or not.



(Beth)-(Make no mistake you will die here) Just looking at her you would think she’s insane or crazy but no she’s very down to earth her mind sees into the future benefits and consequences for actions don’t get her attention unless you want to die. Unlike most villains she sees a threat she tries to exterminate it immediately and not make mistakes like Ganondorf letting the child grow and gain skills just to be defeated. She isn't playing games but she isn't at the same time. If you couldn’t tell from her left eye once she locks onto you your dead I don’t believe she is ‘’The’’ Dark Magician though a costume would be nice. Hmm… After fighting her I just seem to respect her a lot not to spoil anything but she did what she thought was right two sides of the same coin maybe. She looks like she fight’s a lot she has many scars and some look like she is currently bleeding I’m not sure if it’s from fighting or to keep that humanlike form stable probably a reason most Invaders wear that armor.



I don’t want to nerf her but I feel it’s required like Future Princess is just over powered across the board but it’s very understandable to be story wise. She hits way to hard and the harder she hits with her EX the more she heals don’t out number her or she gets actual free power and defense I need to address that Special it’s the reverse Oghma but can get 5x as strong defensively and offensively.


AI: Should try and surround herself on purpose for her Special to maximize.


Normal Attack: I need attack speed to be halved this blade looks very heavy she is ripped but I don’t care how bulky you are the momentum to swing this at the speeds she does with that attack style isn’t possible unless you’re an actual robot Plitvice attacks slower but not quite as fast. This will also counter her healing with her EX a bit.

Chain Skill: Melee Attack increase should only last 5 seconds.

Special: When hit by individual enemies she gains 5% attack and defense on a 2 second cool down lasting 5 seconds goes up to 30%. It goes up gradually when hit rather than immediately if they are close enough 15% attack and defense just like that. If the entire team targets you that’s 20% every 2 seconds against 1 opponent she may maintain 10% and keep 15% briefly if they hit you that is it will shine more in PvE since if you get repeatedly damaged by many enemies this stacks quick. I had to halve the bonus if it’s going to both increase attack and defense this Special was literally over powered most likely the strongest Special in the game only competitors are Eva and Sohee’s current specials and that’s only offense. Maybe now that you need to be hit for this to activate people will actually give her defense rather than all out attack because of her EX.

EX Weapon (Predator): Can the skill please have startup time it’s basically immediate and does massive damage she should have to leap higher into the air before smashing the ground basically copy Plitvice’s EX Skill speed. This is literally the fastest skill in the game and it only hits once so it ailments immediately as well. In Arena this skill basically 1 shots also should no longer decrease dark type resistance she already hits extremely hard she has to have a debuff as well?


<(Recap)> I'm going to start doing an overview of why and what I made certain changes for here.


(Knight) My changes should make a lot of sense it's supposed to be you, you're fighting style not be restricted because of an EX since you can use everything even what element you are honestly I think you should be able to reset personality type and gender for free atleast once if you want to again cost gems like how you can change your username now. Now has the strongest chain skill in the game jack of all trades master of none should be able to fit on literally any team now.


(Akayuki) Changes were primarily giving her a Special against actual players and help her damage out since she is a 1v1 type she's a very bursty momentum type Hero that goes after high threat or tough enemies. She doesn't do the damage 1v1 that she's supposed to do so her chain deals more damage and her EX skill comes out to slow or completely misses so with this version should solve all those problems. Tread lightly because I might be biased but looking at these new heroes like Beth she's to squishy and doesn't do as much damage her special is basically free attack against tanky opponents and on enemy kill I gave her a speed increase. But me nerfing Beth and buffing Akayuki might be biased I don't think I outright buffed someone this hard other than Craig I could be blind to that just saying be careful might be a Red Alert.


(Lupina) AI needed some changes so she won't waste skills as a lead and her normal attack was way to slow she's a very solid hybrid though doing Melee damage when she plays like a ranged. Their basically utility changes should still be fun to play just attacks a bit slower but wolves move much faster. Her kit fells better for PvP since she gets a movement speed increase.


(Plitvice) Her Special is inconsistent so I gave it a guarantee to block after 5 seconds and 5 hits but not much she can do if your enemy runs away she's a zone type Hero EX Skill heals everybody inside of it. If your going to have a fire team she should be on it with her Fire Party Buff doesn't have to be lead. Injured to Downed is a pretty rare chain I've seen aswell.


(Beth) She's going to be a lot slower so damage will go down and less tanky now must be hit for her special to activate by individual opponents instead of immediately as they get close which had to be halved 60% was way to much. her DPS is the highest in the game coliseum wise I believe.



<(The End)> Of Part 1 of Warriors leave Comments! I'm putting in a lot of time and effort to do this you guys can easily just read this in minutes could atleast comment or upvote


- Black Mage for Smash! https://smashboards.com/threads/black-mage-for-smash.506369/#post-24080523

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