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(Guardian Tales)-(Ranged Balancing 1)


<(Guardian Tales Ranged Attackers 1)> Most ranged and warrior types I’ll suggest some AI changes for so they perform better if not being controlled. I know ranged attackers usually hit like trucks but are squishy but that’s not the case sometimes (Bari) and their very tricky to ailment at times. Melee attackers are always at a disadvantage and will probably take more damage before they even reach them because of Tanks. They don’t even have to worry about getting taunted usually their far enough away or because their damage is so high tanks just get drilled. There’s actually no benefit to getting close and risk taking a ton of damage for warriors if ranged out damage you anyways their only setback other than defensively is they can’t attack repeatedly and have to reload at least most of them. I would decrease all real ranged attackers damage by 15% unless they’re a mid to close range like a Girgas, Bianca and Rue or even a defensive type like Catherine and Alef. I think Tinia’s fine as well. I think I did a very good job on this part personally but I do like all of these heroes. From now on all parts will be 5 heroes each unless theres like 2 or 3 remaining I'll add them in their classes Finale. No perk for this role their perk is damage from a safe range.



(Girgas)-(I’m not going back home!) My Arena lead and my Aura/Joy. This is the funnest and most natural Hero in the game for me to play he can attack at angles, through walls but his defensive stats should be increased I would swap him statistically with Bari to be the most accurate. I see him as more melee than ranged since his flames range is limited but with Girgas you can almost breath fire infinitely it recharges very fast and last a long time if you use a weapon skill the recharge rate is so fast he gets half his charge back just release it briefly before he runs out and he can keep the hammer down literally.

If lucky enough and fuse a Sunshine Staff he does very well only Legend Fire staff that causes injured. If not Lupina’s (Amarok) will do if you do not have either he actually can’t be a party leader which is unfortunate for his special. If you give him a decent amount of critical rate he deals a ton of damage for a very long time he’s in a very good spot just a sleeper but the equipment out puts him at a disadvantage unless you have those 2 or if you’re willing to use Coco’s EX which is water and has quite a bit of regen not good for his Special. He’s a high end attack wise ranged Hero that gets barely any attention I think I’ve seen him at the bottom of tier list before because nobody will give him a chance but me in Coop I usually am top dealer and sometimes tanker with him. Arena which I hate he sometimes sweeps teams he's very versatile he can keep his distance and fight you up close effectively which is why he's my leader plus he's fire not many Marinas around anymore but a lot of earth Heroes.



I’ve always had him on my Coliseum team he’s a sleeper pick and a very good Rue and Marina counter for Rue she will chase him across the map and he’s Fire while Marina will pull him in close and won’t get deleted so the rest of my team can avoid being taunted to take out their damage dealers/healers. I mainly have had him there because he’s a rare MALE Hero and I like his aura he seems like a fun guy to have around but he desperately wants attention often and wants all the credit yet against strong enemies he’s not so confident. He’s young they say yet he’s 75 years old and counting I don’t keep up with dragons so I wouldn’t know anything. Apparently he’s royalty but doesn’t want to fulfill his forced ”Destiny” I respect that. I want him to get his EX more than anyone right now so I will go in depth with how I think his should work. I refuse to go lower than 300 mileage tickets and use legend hammers until his comes out that’s how bad I want it so I can max it immediately.


Potential EX Weapon: Burning opponents gives them a 1st to 3rd degree burn dealing tick damage of 10% his DPS for 1, 3 and 5 seconds and hitting at a higher rate respectively. At Third degree burn after tick damage ends they explode dealing 30% his DPS damage and decreases fire type resistance by 10% for 3 seconds. It should have probably the highest regen in the game, high HP/Defense low skill damage.

Weapon Skill: What exactly should this be? Close ranged fire breath at a wide range, cascading explosions forwards or a simple fireball? Personally I want it to be like his Sunshine Staff’s but since it’s an EX it has to have some additional perks. Sends a large penetrating fire ball forwards that deals injured damage has a lot of range and leaves the ground on fire dealing additional damage to foes standing in the path of the fireball for 3 seconds but does not deal any ailment damage only if directly hit by the fireball does. I would assume he would want low weapon skill regen time on this based on his Special maybe the fastest in the game honestly but deals low damage if it’s at the cost of having to use it 3 times then 8 seconds should do for 2 hits like most. Should basically look like Bianca's EX but travels a little slower but further.


AI: Should be more like Rue’s I tried everything even putting him in front of my tank to get him involved since he can hit more than 1 opponent but he barely keeps in range to hit one enemy for some reason and back pedals a lot it’s literally a flamethrower that penetrates enemies he can perform so much better and his defensive stats aren’t bad but could be better. There’s no reason for a close ranged character like this to be the last to die we probably wouldn’t lose if he actually got involved more often his normal attack to me is like a harder hitting Lapice's that can be angled. Since he isn't a Warrior he's obviously going to be slower chasing you than Rue.

Normal Attack: Flames should deal more damage the closer you are to the source (his face).

Chain Skill: Increase to 30% fire resist decrease.

Special: He has no Special unless he’s party lead this is how you fix it the obvious way. After recharging his normal attack, using a weapon skill or chain skill this should activate cannot stack but can be refreshed.

Max Limit Broken Special. To Ashes: Deals 25% bonus damage to enemies inflicted by Fire Type decrease or Earth Elementals.

He should be much better now and if it’s not clear by now I really like this character.



(Gremory)-(Actually Crazy) She is insane but devoted to Science even in death she wants to be an experiment herself she just enjoys pain and suffering to somebody or even herself but doesn’t exactly have a goal even so what gives her the right? She researches magic but it’s usually only potions she doesn’t have any magical abilities. I rather go on a date with Beth than Gremory at least I know she’s trying to kill me but she needs a narrative since she likes planning everything out but Gremory is weird she wants attention but when she gets it she doesn’t want you getting to close. I wonder who would have the guts to bring Gremory as their date to the prom serious question would Dolf do it since he cooperates with Amy? Guardian Tales really gotta get this together she does not look 24 she looks 16 to 17ish and how is she almost the same height as an Amazon like Plitvice and Lupina is taller than every female? At least Marvin makes sense. Out of every female Rue, Lapice and Bianca look the tallest.



She’s very fun to play the best debuffer in the game her playstyle is kinda weird for a basket user you need to be kinda funky is the best way to describe it anybody that ailments off injured she’s good to pair with in Coop since she chains off all ailments. She’s very solid but her kit is screaming to me she’s supposed to be the strongest debuffer in the game but is inconsistent and why is she ranged? Everything about her screams support she is not Tinia by a long shot who hits way harder can take more damage and debuffs less. She has the potential to be a hard Tank counter I’m taking her attack decrease away and am making her the strongest defensive debuffer in the game she’s really gonna mess you up physically.


(Change)-(Role) Make her a Support it makes a lot more sense she’s way to squishy and deals very little damage she’s a debuffer not a dealer.

AI: Prioritizes the front line to decrease defense of Tanks and Warriors.

Normal Attack: Each flask should give them 1 stack of poison decreasing defense by 5% for 5 seconds up to 4 for a total of 20% Defense decrease the final flask immediately has the full effect but if they are marked with full poison it does 50% bonus damage. Since it’s an explosion should do area damage to any foes within range this will be a theme for basket users not named Nari usually miss without homing this gives her some leeway poisoning wise since she had to hit with the final flask or cannot poison.

Chain Skill: This concoction should really mess you up bad her grand finale. Should decrease enemies Defense by 30% automatically marks them with max poison, decreases their healing received by 50% and decreases their resistance to all elements by 10% for 10 seconds. These debuffs can only be cured by Chain Skill regular healing won't do.

EX Weapon (Curiosity Solver): Each flask explosion radius is now increased by 50% Final Flask explosion radius is 100% should poison multiple enemies immediately and at max stacks of poison does 20% of DPS tick damage per second.

Special: Should deal extra damage off defense decrease instead of attack if she does not chain she has no special and I removed her attack decrease so she specializes in making you vulnerable to everything.

Max Limit Broken Special. Decay: Enemies inflicted with max Poison lose 1% their max HP per second.



(Hekate)-(Is not getting paid for this) SNIPER I will say this a lot. Hekate had so much potential she’s the rare version of Bari but is actually 1 shot and not a tank. They did a good job she’s max awakened I like her a lot but stop asking for money were on the same team now. But again another Hero that you need a specific weapon to make good I got lucky and fused a “LNW-2000” which has 30% critical rate it’s like made for her and is the same sniper she used in Rah Empire. If I didn’t have Hekate for world 8 I was probably screwed cause I’m mostly a fire account unless I used a bunch of gems to res or go full Craig. Game spikes pretty hard in difficulty by world 7. Although I do not like her story personally money is not everything and no amount of money is worth a life.



Hekate is a SNIPER yet she doesn’t SNIPE why? Her bullet is fast and penetrates enemies why isn’t she targeting the enemies in the back as a SNIPER? Just please let her do her job and she’s always on my main rift teams since she deletes enemies literally I would run after one but out of nowhere her bullet knocks them off the screen it’s hilarious and when she takes a shot you know it was her it’s very loud. She was on my coliseum team but we needed more defense which is where Aisha came in. No Hekates not on the bench she’s my strongest ranged attacker other than Girgas her damage is better than Girgas in most cases which gets her killed in raid early on but these raid bosses recently barely do damage now actually don't need a healer. I would give her the highest Attack stat in the game since she doesn’t shoot nuclear missiles in a 1v1 fight with a Bari she still deals less damage with a major defense and HP deficit. It’s criminal how much better statistically Arrabelle is over Hekate who can 2 shot teams with her plasma cannon.

If I were to imagine her EX weapon would be simple. Has 40% Critical Chance, bullets deal more damage the longer it travels up to 50%, bullet speed is increased for a better hit chance and has 30% chance to stun with a critical hit and 10% chance to fire 2 bullets at once. While in Precise Shot mode she has 100% chance to stun in coliseum with one enemy remaining she automatically goes into this mode. Weapon Skill she shoots a laser beam that can be angled like Last Snipe but unlimited and maybe wider range. If not a shot what is she gonna do throw a grenade or something? I don’t think she’s within range or has the ability to throw one that far it’s not her style either.

Basically needs an attack increase I would say 1st in the game, prioritize enemies in the back and her critical rate since she is a sniper should be the best in the game her Special should magnify her critical damage. If she gets touched she’s pretty much dead but she deals massive damage picking off their damage dealers or supports. She’s not getting a rework it’s more like buffing her strength which are critical hits and piercing shots with no range restrictions. She has major potential unlike Arrabelle with her 2 shotting teams she can pick off key enemies making your tank(s) actually irrelevant.


AI: Should not need to move unless enemies get close enough she should try and keep her distance she is a SNIPER and prioritize shooting the enemy that is the furthest away from her increasing her chances of hitting multiple foes or taking out key threats. Order should be Supports, Ranged, Warriors then Tanks by threat level.

Normal Attack: Should have unlimited range she is a SNIPER.

Chain Skill: If multiple enemies are chained should shoot each enemy once for the same DPS increase and always critical strikes if only one deals normal damage also always critical hits.

Special: I'm going to change this it's pretty useless right now and if hit by anything she just loses it if she even survives. Her critical rate is already the highest in the game I believe this won't do much for her. Efficiency: The more critical rate above cap she has her critical hit multiplier goes up just as much has no cap.



(Eva)-(Weapons Master/Base of Fire) How fitting I had her as Lead for world 9… I really liked Eva not sure why probably cause Idol Eva was my first unique she wants to sing but is forced to wear a mask and be this person as a Captain. I kinda dropped her playstyle is disappointing but I never reset anybody.



Being honest her playstyle is just boring and exploitable since she can’t shoot through walls. She does not do the damage for her fire rate but that’s not what she does her buff is half defense and light attack for some reason. She should be a strong defensive ranged attacker I said she was boring but then just remember Bari exist. Way to weak I need her to be a pillar unleashing a rapid supply of weapons onto enemies I looked at her kit and the way she plays I think this vision makes a lot of sense if you add everything up. She needs better inherit Defense and HP to be a semi Tank she’s getting a complete rework if she’s going to be a captain that leads this is very necessary for her role.


AI: I need her to purposely surround herself with enemies then start firing.

Normal Attack: She can’t move and deals low damage for a low rate of fire I need her to do at minimum 3k per hit and can hit foes over walls at any height like a basket user. Maybe her attacks shouldn’t be direct but weapons launched at an angle targets whoever is within range (5 Tiles) around her but the direction she is facing is prioritized might need splash damage but direct hits are more powerful. Also she should have a perk and be immovable or interrupted while attacking unless alimented she should fire infinitely but at a slower rate. I need her to make it rain while in a sentry form basically.

Chain Skill: I wonder what it feels like to be in the middle of this attack you’re surrounded and get punctured from all sides yet it’s so weak you basically become her but reversed and no defenses. I would speed this up because it does take a lot of time probably longest chainskill in the game and decreases the opponents Defense by 30% for 5 seconds.

Party Buff: To keep on par with my Knight changes make this 20% HP and Defense no need for light attack she’s not really a damage dealer.

Special: Needs to be changed if it’s not a dark enemy she has none and she isn’t a damage dealer. Stationary Fire: When attacking Defense increases by 25%.

Max Limit Broken Special. Elemental Absorption: When hit by an elemental attack increases by 10% stacks up to 6 times for 20 seconds. If it is not a Mono team you are facing she will do additional damage yes I meant 20 seconds so she can preserve it into the next fight if it’s in Arena or Rift type modes. She was skilled at magic right you hit her with an element she kinda absorbs it’s power in PvE if your fighting every single element in the game her attack could reach a 60% increase. Either way she will at minimum deal 10% more damage when hit.

EX Weapon (Justice): Weapon skill should 1 shot so Increase cool down to 12 seconds and ailments a single opponent blast radius is wider on impact already deals high damage. Since she already shoots everything but the kitchen sink at you this giant spear should be able to 1 shot you. Instead of a random spear of justice give her a 10% chance to fire 2 objects at once. I need this staff to have some defense on it maybe 50 to 75 range? It already has damage reduction the only EX Staff in the game with it finish the job also when max limit broken Defense 10% instead of attack.



(Catherine)-(I’m going back Home! Alive!) Her attitudes the complete opposite of Girgas she gives you that look don’t mess with her unless you want to die right here I would say she looks more dangerous than Marvin she trust nobody and takes no chances. Her story is very sad I don’t think she had the happiest life back home but it’s still home. She’s obviously this games Lara Croft who never raids any tombs but she’s just trying to find her way back home. I respect her a lot she refuses to die like Karina but her Special hits my heart Death Insurance but gets 3 seconds of invincibility to either take 1 last powerful shot or survive and get out of a situation with 10% HP. She’s a decent Hero Range Defense isn’t that bad if you have Kamikaze or laser type enemies around it will save your life but without ranged enemies it’s pointless like Melee Defense a little to situational a counter pick stat I would strongly consider changing it to just regular defense but will leave it alone.



She’s obviously not an offensive Hero I need her defense and HP to increase a bit. I don’t know what she needs other than more survivability she’s in a good spot but that party buff being as situational as it is might be holding her back just ordinary Defense or HP is probably better than being completely nullified if there isn’t a ranged enemy. She’s a ranged Marvin to me but doesn’t have the offense.


Normal Attack: While charging her bow past 100% defense increases from 1% to 50% at full charge. Basically while charging she gains a massive amount of defense before she actually shoots of all the Heroes in this game only her and Marvin have charge type attacks which leaves them wide open to attacks and low damage uncharged this should help out if you hold full charge you can potentially eat a lot of damage.

Chain Skill: Should decrease enemies attack instead of resistance by 30%.

EX Weapon (Marauder) Arrows should pass through opponents split in two and then loop around with a homing effect on the marked target instead of 50% DPS as usual penetrates opponents. 30% chance to double normal attacks charging speed. Skills arrows should loop twice as fast this takes the longest to ailment in the game also the longest lasting skill. When Max limit Broken maybe a 10% HP bonus would be most beneficial considering her Special.

Special: Should also increase her movement speed by 50%.



<(The End)> Of Part 1 I believe Hekate shines brightest here. Lemme know how I did thanks for reading!

- Black Mage for Smash! https://smashboards.com/threads/black-mage-for-smash.506369/#post-24080523

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