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(Guardian Tales)-(Guidelines/Finishing Touches)-(Finale)


<(Guardian Tales Guidelines/Finishing Touches)> This will be breaking down the core of this game this will be the most important part since it will affect everyone and unfinished business balancing wise except Coco I just can’t fix her someone else do it. There won’t be any photos or anything just a series of suggestions almost everything is here and at the end I have a message for Guardian Tales it’s important to me but probably not for most because of the state of this game right now. I was gonna take 2 weeks on this final part but I think I've done enough for now I need to find closure.



(Common Heroes) I know I said I wouldn’t try and balance them but I have an idea to make them somewhat relevant. Jay, Leah and Mina are my favorites.

They should have very high Weapon Skill Regen and do 200% bonus damage to any Ailment enemies and they should be able to increase the time with skills of the same ailment up to 5 seconds since they cannot chain so at least this way they can support Heroes that can. I need their regen time to be like a 2 star weapon’s and those like me that hold onto non EX Legend Weapons can really make use of this change. Party Buffs should be half of actual Heroes like if 40% HP is the norm they would get 20% tops.



(Party Buffs) All party buffs should be Universal except for Commons they should get half at best I’m going to try to balance these if I give an option I’m voting for my first change than the latter. I won’t mention unique ones like Loraine’s Shields or Favi’s bonus on chains targeting Injured if I were to I’d just replace with HP but let’s let them be rebels for now can only fit on limited teams because of those.



HP and Defense: HP Is the strongest buff in the whole game I don’t care what anyone says every team with HP survives teams without die in under 10 seconds Coliseum wise and even Arena. Defense is only good if the entire team has some resource of defense or shields but for squishy teams which are most barely benefit at all. I will give an option keep HP at 40% and raise Defense to 50% or lower HP to 30% and Defense to 40%.


Elemental, Melee and Ranged Attack: It’s fine at 50% but makes your team one dimensional and can potentially be countered hard Heroes with this buff need to be on specific teams especially elemental ones.


Skill Attack: I would keep this at 70% it makes your burst damage much stronger either by Weapon Skill or Chain Skills pair this with Regen it’s going to be very powerful.


Critical Rate: I would lower this to 30% if lucky enough critical rate really hurts.


Regen: Should stay at 30% this is potentially very strong if paired with Skill Attack your burst moves will be even more effective and ailment quicker this stat in my eyes is instant advantage state and can end battles quickly it’s slept on for sure but few heroes have this.


Melee and Ranged Defense: This is a counter pick stat I would strongly consider removing it from the game most of the worst heroes in this game has this buff. I know this is probably a very stupid move but I would lower it to 50% to offset it’s a bit strong if a team does not have a Melee or Ranged attack buff but are obviously either fully ranged or melee.



(Chain Skills) Decisions need to be made for 3 types of Chain Skills here’s 3 examples. Akayuki only hits 1 enemy so should do the highest damage, A Girgas should hit in a wider area to hit foes within about 3 tiles of the targeted enemy medium damage and a Nari which automatically hits all enemies alimented should be the weakest since it cannot miss literally. Buff or Healing type chain skills I feel should target all enemies ailmented instead of only 1 since they usually deal no damage give your team some time to breathe and make use of the bonus ailment damage.


(Ailments) Each party member or enemy Hero and Bosses should display how much ailment damage they have taken if you chain the same ailment the timer should be extended by 2 seconds for Heroes that have All to the same ailment. Might also want to add cards to negate the other 2 ailments instead of only Injured which is weak to begin with other than Tower of Toxicity.


Injured: Unlike Downed or Airborne you don’t do bonus damage and the tick damage this does is very little. This ailment should deal 25% bonus damage to both Melee and Ranged attacks and 10% of your teams total DPS per second.



(Aim Assist) Should be an option to toggle it on and off in game for example I would try and cross enemies with Akayuki but Aim Assist locks onto another nearby enemy so I cannot and she dashes into the wall or if I’m trying to avoid attacking Noxia’s summon in Arena or attack in a certain direction in Coop and the game forces me to attack the nearest enemy. This isn’t that big of a deal it’s mostly a quality of life feature.


(Tanks, Healers and Buff/Debuffers) There’s a very short supply of them each element should get at least 2 of each Light really doesn’t have a healer at all and very few buff type supports like Aisha for Offense and Gremory for lowering enemy Defense.


(Element Ranking) Certain Elements have always been strong and vice versa I’ll rank all based on overall balance of every Hero it’s pretty accurate to me these aren’t really changes just rankings based on the pool of Heroes and abilities AKA Meta.



1st Earth: This has always been the case since this game launched they have so many top tier heroes under this element honestly starting with Tinia and Craig most of them are very sturdy hence Earth and can deal a ton of damage when Marina was reigning since their earth they had a lot of answers and still do over Water and Fire being as weak as they are you can’t really go wrong with Earth the safest and strongest pick for your account to go. The only buff they do not have is HP outside of Regen which Craig should be getting.


2nd Water: They don’t have a healer honestly Favi is very strong at it but his party buff needs advantage state to even activate and he has no offense his sole purpose is to heal but they’ve always had Marina and now Bianca and Garam are here for offense. Their pool of Rares not named Coco aren’t bad either but with Earth being so strong they can be hard countered. They do not have Defense as a party buff but HP is so much stronger.


3rd Dark: This is a hard element to build since most are Uniques and Shapira and Yuze being pretty terrible but the rest are very viable and the reason Guardian Tales hates Basics the last 4 chapters have been Dark as well. Light Heroes not named Gabriel just can’t output the insane amount of damage this element does. Outside of Arrabelle and Noxia this element is mostly Melee and I believe has the most Heroes currently.


4th Light: To counter Dark this element is pretty tanky but being honest only Future Princess the ruiner of fun and Gabriel are good the rest are pretty meh Aisha can be a major difference maker on non Light teams and Eugene used to be good but she’s gone missing recently.


5th Basic: If you’re a Basic don’t even show up to the last few chapters this game hates them right now. They have 2 top tier Heroes in Nari the queen of Arena and Future Knight. They have some solid ones in Lahn, early game Original Knight and Ranpang were very solid. This element is either very tanky low damage or very squishy absurdly high damage but Dark being so strong and Light being so weak they’re in 5th place for now they could jump to 3rd honestly.


6th Fire: Fire the element my account is based on heavily is hard countered by Water and have a bunch of identity crisis Heroes Special wise can’t quite do the damage and can’t quite tank enough damage their stats are just too poor to take on Earth teams and lacks an actual Tank best you would get is Plitvice Tank wise but Lynn is definitely the strongest Fire Hero right now under the radar Vishuvac has fallen somehow. We actually do not have a legit ranged Hero our best would be Girgas with his short ranged fire breath Elvira is to weak defensively and offense is very poor plus she has a high chance to just miss because she is a basket type attacker Dolf is the Fire Garam but does not do the damage upfront since he’s a mage. We also have many situational Specials or rely on Luck.



(Guild Member Battles) Should be a 1v1 on an Arena map of your choosing instead of in the crowded lobby where you can play musical chairs. Also increase HP so one skill doesn’t make you drop dead and other members can spectate I think it will be a fun friendly mode to spar with guidies and potentially be practice for Arena.


(Arena) I HATE Arena but if I want gems I’m forced to do it but I’m only getting to platinum 3 since it resets me to gold 1 and I only need to do it one day unless I run into Ruiners of fun that are a brick wall which is literally every team how tanky they are is the question I can avoid that skill here since I can MOVE but still high probability you can get cheesed she can throw that from a mile away and it locks onto your location. Or Water Teams of course.



Look I need you guys to listen to me here Arena is not fun you should not force people to be competitive if they just want to have fun and casual like me just for gems Coliseum will do for me. Arena should just be for bragging rights only how good are you at this game actually against other players? I will suggest an improvement on the current Arena and a new mode that might make it more enjoyable.


For current Arena personally this is going to make me not want to do Arena even more but just listen. Just because I hate Arena doesn’t mean I should ignore it for those who do this should make sense. Matches are too short and 1 chain skill doesn’t matter if you’re a Tank or not the round is over or if you’re squishy you can die in under 10 seconds or even 5 seconds if you’re name is Garam. I would increase HP like in Coliseum and increase timer to 60 seconds so it’s more so an HP battle so it relies much more on skill with many engagements instead of skill camping or boxing with normal attacks. Boxes should give you a bonus 25% Attack or Defense for 10 seconds or heals 25% your max HP if it goes beyond max HP becomes shields instead of stacking throughout so each Hero will need to hold their own.



(Team Arena) This would be my solution use the same format I have above for current Arena but make teams of 3 per team I’m not sure if party buffs should be active here should be able to just pick whoever you want but anyways you match with random players 1v1 fight till you drop. Only 1 Hero can be on each team you cannot have 3 of the same best hero in the game on the team. Order each player can pick is randomized and that order will be the same going into the match and you cannot see who the other team is picking you can go in solo or team up with your guild or if you ever make friend list. Must be within 1 tier of ranking though.


(Coop) Unlike Arena I Loooooooooove Coop I can’t wait for Monday I fall asleep playing this almost every time and when Coop is gone it puts me in a bad mood cause I’m allergic to Arena. I would revert the Swarm I’m just going to call it I know its real name now but no spoilers damage back to when it used to be and if you reach the Boss it should be trapped behind the gate need to be able to see and all defeated party members are revived. To end we need an actual Boss fight Bosses should have much more HP and be able to use several attack patterns based on remaining HP unlike when it was in Beta they die way to fast now Coop is a Sprint than a Marathon right now. You guys have unused voice lines still wonder what the Coop your actually looking for actually looks like.


(Escalation) I would also introduce a swarm/boss gauntlet game mode for Coop with rankings like an Orbital Lift every 5 waves you fight a boss and after defeated all party members are revived, healed, abilities restored and can pick a random perk like Kama-zone but infinite fight till you drop. Every 5 floors you escalate enemy level increases and the battlefield is randomized. Premade Guild teams will probably be at the top of a game mode like that cannot use the same Heroes again this mode doesn’t offer gems and medals it’s for bragging rights.


(Coop Boast) Awards basically I’m not sure how support types like Gremory that decrease defense can even get any of these awards there’s no I in Team the defense decrease is for everyone and of course Ruiner of Fun will get MVP probably every time once that’s available since she out tanks tanks she is a Tank in fact, out heals healers and out damages dealers. I’m going to suggest some changes so it’s given to the right players.


Dealer: Other than damage dealt you should get bonus points based on Eliminations taking out high threats like Towers, Succubus or Mages with laser beams should award triple the points. Whoever did the most damage to that enemy is awarded the points if someone else gets the Elimination. Those who do take out those high threats instead of focus on the boss usually win since nobody likes to do it until they see someone get killed by it I would call it a dirty job that I’m always doing even if I’m a healer I’m the only one doing it.


Tanker: Instead of someone (Garam) going in there and dying taking like 70k+ damage and easily getting this boast for doing nothing it should be based on times hit as well as damage taken. For example my Aisha and Craig actually can’t be hurt but cannot get tanker because they don’t take any damage literally only time they would is if the swarm catches up to them they won’t even die if hit by a full Doom Tower Laser. Probably per hit should give you 5k damage worth of points getting hit by swarm, powder kegs or spikes doesn’t count I legit see Marinas banging into spikes over and over just to get tanker I was scratching my head why they were doing that I now know why I have been enlightened.


Healer: Healing past max HP and Shields should count towards healing.



(Coop and Arena times) I don’t think me personally would like this change but instead of me being sad for an entire week maybe Coop and Arena should rotate every 2 hours no longer need tickets you can grind to whatever rank you want and Battle Medals are based on your ranking for Coop highest level cleared and for now Arena will be based on ranking. Both daily the stages should change don’t like the Arena map or Coop Stage’s element today? You can wait for tomorrow you have until Sunday to participate in Arena but Coop every 2 days for rewards kinda like how Kama-ZONE is now unless you want to make it like Awakening Dungeon.


(Max Limit Broken Specials) I made some examples for a few characters but if you max out a Hero instead of just a strong awakening node can we unlock a new Special? The reward is kinda lackluster for committing to a Hero currently some like Beth, Garam and Future Princess have 3 specials basically that probably could be reserved for this might be reaching though.



(Loose Ends) This will be a series of changes since I’ve obtained a bunch of new heroes or I could of done a better job on a Hero. My criteria for balancing were for both Coliseum/PvE type modes and Coop or Arena in mind. Now I love Coop but HATE Arena that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t buff heroes based on Arena for those who do like Arena at least 90% of my guild doesn’t like Arena just like me.


I stand by my halving Gabriel’s damage and giving her a healing ability she’s way to strong for a healer and barely heals if not party lead Light element Garam. Karina’s nerf was necessary to me she deals to much damage off chain for a healer she has no burst healing so she cannot come in clutch like most but very consistent gradual healing to all allies. Marina’s buff I gave might be overlooked she’s literally pulling you towards her instead of only taunting there’s actually no escape if she hooks you. I would seriously consider my Knight changes should be the ultimate Common Hero now without an element as well.



One Handed Sword Attacks: Ones like current Craig, Aisha and Knight are garbage Aim Assist doesn’t really help either the best with that type of attack is Oghma because he lunges much more but still struggles to consistently hit in both Coliseum and Arena if the enemy moves swinging at air while chasing ranged attackers in circles unless they are taunted. Attack speed needs to be doubled it’s about the same speed as two handed sword users for some reason should be able to attack faster with less reach it just makes sense for the tradeoff and the finisher lunge should be faster and travel further unless you bump into the enemy.


Basket/Arcing type attacks: These need to travel faster and have a bigger blast radius on landing very inconsistent easy to avoid direct hits should still deal more damage. Closer they are the lower the Arc should make them more reliable.


Nari type attacks: I know this is a Basket but they do not arc should not go through walls instead should just cause an explosion can still hit enemies on different elevations though. Bari is fine because she’s actually holding her weapon above yet Eva does the same and cannot hit enemies if not on the same elevation why?


Lupina type EX Skills: Need to move into position faster and if their regen is near ready should start moving early having equipment or party buffs that reduce regen time then they start moving is counterproductive. I see this mainly if not Lupina it’s Dolf, Rachael, Marianne, Elvira, Alef and Coco.


Future Princess: I think we need a role change here to Warrior. Her being a Tank with the damage she does, healing and defense is just too much to deal with. If you do not defuse this bomb before she launches that skill it’s probably Ggs. This is the most broken character I’ve ever seen in any game she basically has 3 specials in dual mode but without a shield she is to weak why would you not use a shield, speed on literally everything offensive, Movement, Attack, Regen every time she hits you it has no cool down so if she hits you at all she gets instant advantage. A move to Warrior should knock off a lot of HP and maybe she can be dealt with better. She does not even look like a Tank honestly.


Special: Remove the Regen and give this a 6 second cool down to activate like Bianca’s.


EX: Passive chance to heal should be on a 2 second cool down and Skill should be half the size so it cannot ailment everyone in the party and easier to avoid if it’s gonna be a 1 hit chain.


Craig: I still need his portrait to take off that armor I don’t actually know what Craig actually looks like in non future Craig sprite form and he isn’t Halbal. Please give me the costume at least…


Normal Attack: Shield Bash finisher should lunge after enemies, Taunt should also give all allies a shield that blocks 1 hit can stack up to 3 times last 10 seconds.


Chain Skill: Let me try and clarify a bit better on chain instead of defense he gives everyone a barrier for the first 5 seconds making them invincible to all damage free special and reflects 10% of the damage taken for an additional 5 seconds lasting 10 seconds total no longer heals.


Special: If a party member takes damage that does their max HP/Fatal damage he should absorb it if they are within range and his Special is still active so they don’t drop dead without him getting the chance to protect them.


EX Weapon: Coop let me understand this a bit better it’s not terrible in PvE since there are multiple enemies attacking him he can heal a whole lot more health often but in a coliseum or Arena type mode it’s not going to benefit him enough and only activates off Melee Attacks.


No longer reflects damage now reflects 10% of the enemies DPS is reflected to them if within 3 tiles and heals 2% his max HP every 3 seconds like a burst around him if damaged. This includes the entire enemy teams max DPS if you have 200k that’s 20k damage reflected to enemies around him as long as you stay close you will receive the damage if at range you’re safe but will continue to heal every 3 seconds only if damaged so don’t hit him cannot heal, 2 seconds was too short to me. Against PvE enemies damage reflected is based on Level if it’s a Boss it doubles. Still should increase Shield Bashes range. Ignore everything else I added before I gave his EX way to many buffs it was my first part though and I was biased Craig has carried my Coliseum team far.



Aisha: Morale Boost should taunt enemies within 3 tiles since she is a Support Tank no longer gives shields to allies maybe her Special with the buffs will activate more often now.


Chain Skill: Should now taunt all enemies to try and gather them in one place if she’s “Taking Lead” the enemy should target her then.


Special: Chance to get shields needs to be increased to 20% when damaged I already suggested 2% instead of 1% but that may still not be enough so activation chance got doubled as well.


EX: Morale Boost shouldn’t increase ally Defense and lower enemy Attack instead increase her own defense by 30% for 3 seconds to help her stay alive.



Ranpang: Chain Skill should lower enemies Attack by 30% for 8 seconds. Defense was a bit much offensively she’s all about defense so the lower damage they do is much better for her personally.


Akayuki: Normal Attacks Finisher needs a slash at the end before she sheathes her blade if she doesn’t actually touch or pass through you it completely fails.


EX: Skill direct hits on enemies with the illusion should cling and follow that foe like her final normal attack does so it is unavoidable and if they move towards the rest of their team they will take damage as well you’re in the eye of the storm.


Plitvice: I thought I did enough I’ve got some more ideas.


Special: I would decrease it back to 15% and just use mine to guarantee a block every 5th hit that 5% bonus is really showing it’s not fair for a Lavi for example that has a 50% chance to halve damage she completely ignores damage. I’m not sure but her negate seems to work against ailment damage as well it shouldn’t just block the damage.


EX: Should passively heal her for 0.5% her max HP instead of off hit every second and Skill Should heal for a flat amount based on her Skill Damage and max HP instead of needing enemies to be standing in it for it to magnify.


Lupina: Her AI does not allow her to move faster while attacking she moves like a ranged but is a Warrior and Special increases her movement speed while attacking don’t understand it.


Tinia: I have her now owning her gave me a much better understanding and Unjustified Justice was the perfect nickname I never even knew.


Special: I’m giving her back her Specials damage reduction.


EX Skill: I changed it to an arrow rain around her but maybe she should mark a location like Aoba’s skill for the rain and marks the first target hit with her symbol the arrow rain follows enemies marked with her symbol like an Aisha EX Skill so it won’t fail if enemies move out of the zone chasing her. Skill’s first Arrow now marks the first enemy hit directly with a symbol and follows the first enemy marked if it’s not a direct hit it follows a random marked enemy if no enemy is marked it remains in place. This will aid in allowing her chain to deal bonus damage to marked enemies as well since the skill marks itself and 2 hits usually ailment. This is a huge buff through my eyes.



Veronica: I would change her party buff to either Critical Rate so her skills make sense or Weapon Regen because of her Special I would actually lean towards Regen here since Bianca has Critical Rate. If you just reverse her normal abilities like I said before she wouldn’t be as bad individually.


Beth: Normal attack speed shouldn’t be as slow as I described it if it’s as slow as her AI it should be fine actually manually using her she can attack almost 3x as fast.


Special: I kinda messed her up a bit looking back let me try again. For each enemy surrounding her within 3 tiles damage taken is decreased and given is increased by 10% up to 30%. This is a buff and nerf since it’s not increasing defense or attack her defense is actually higher but offense would be lower since it doesn’t scale on anything anymore and is halved from 60% to 30%.


Lavi: Taunt increases her own Defense and Attack by 25% for 3 seconds instead of only Defense by 50% for 1 second looking at how Oghma works she should have the fastest taunt in the game since its 1 target at like 3 to 4 seconds the Fire Marina.


Loraine: Chain Skill should automatically recharge her AoE Heal and the first use targets all allies healing for double with her EX should double the damage as well. Might be reaching though Loraine is my favorite healer deals damage on chain but doesn’t heal like Karina’s can. If her party buff is changed to HP her Special should be 20% Shields for everyone and regenerates 1% every second.


Karina: The enemy hit by her normal attack should heal 1% of the targets max HP to try and ignore some defense since her healing is based off damage dealt if they have high defense hurts her healing.


Catherine: EX Skill needs to be shot faster it feels like it takes 2 seconds for her to shoot it’s already slow currently.


White Beast: Nobody on the Water side has Defense as a party buff so I would give it to him since Garam is here and he doesn’t know what Defense is. Nobody water really looks the part for defense but him anyways his Card is Defense as well. Catherine could have Defense also.


EX: The EX I gave him passive deals injured damage to simulate bleeding remove that trait so that injury negate card won’t disable his EX passive like Lynn’s.


Dolf: I finally got his EX.


Normal Attack: He is not Nari he only gets to shoot 4 times Final attack should guarantee an Enhanced Fireball.


EX: Chance to shoot Enhanced Fire Balls should be increased to 50% at 30% he can only shoot 4 times makes him very inconsistent damage wise his Blue Fire looks extremely cool too. Skill should remain the same actually but on impact with the ground it should multi hit as his meteor carves into the ground to give him a little bit of safety Arena wise and possibly increase it’s critical damage instead of a single hit unless they want to eat a ton of damage I’m not sure if it does but should ailment off 1 skill if they all connect. Will be fair since his defense is so poor unlike you know who.



(Guidelines) Follow these and any Hero you guys release shouldn’t have many issues. I don't feel like I should be saying this though feel like I'm telling you what to do this is just to make things make sense.



Identity: Every Hero should be based off their unique trait nobody is identical we don’t want identity crisis heroes like a Yuze and Alef for example no idea who they want to be currently. Their abilities should make sense standing alone and not become another Veronica that requires a party member with critical rate to be effective. Stats should reflect what type of character they are and not be super poor like a Sohee or Amy. Situational Specials gotta go though Eva and Sohee if not against Dark enemies do not have one and many Fire Heroes are like this.


Attacks: If you struggle hitting enemies with a normal attack or skills there’s a problem and if a skill does not work well in a Coliseum format it’s definitely going to be poor in Coop even worse in Arena since their actually real players. It’s all about movement and activation time honestly.


Debuffs: Non-Supports or Tanks with a debuff should gradually lower it than be able to burst 20% or 30% unless it’s off a chain skill on enemies. You can’t do massive damage and be a debuffer it’s like elemental type gets negated completely because all of the new heroes have elemental debuffs in their kit or EX basically it’s so stupid.


Exclusive Weapon: This should amplify a Hero’s unique abilities and stats don’t lock their ability like a Eugene or give them basically nothing like Amy’s. You must understand what they want or need you guys did a very good job on healers but once you got off of them Amy got did like this unfortunately. Base it off their personality and fighting style you guys designed them should know what they need and want most. If they have a unique trait their EX Skill should be able to bounce off of it somehow if it’s not just straight damage. I did not make these changes but for example Gremory’s skill could do bonus HP damage off defense decrease or Craig’s skill deals more damage based on his max HP.



(My Message to Guardian Tales) There’s something I need to say to close this off yes these are all complaints but if you look at it the right way they’re really questions that need answers. I’m usually poor at just flat out text which is why I don’t consider myself a writer I’m good at analyzing and making fixes/creating than trying to like tell a story apologies anyways. I need to not over think this and just get it out there I did the best job I could there’s no time to go back and I don’t do regrets.



What exactly are you guys waiting for releasing Rare Heroes EXs? I believe you have some in mind Eva shoots them already only 7 remain I have made examples of how the ones without an EX could work like. And when are you guys ever going to buff a single Rare? Both questions answer is probably just quantity over quality I wouldn’t mass buff all Rares pickup like 5 or 10 at a time or go by Element I already rated their power or Role. Tanks should be easiest since there’s only 1 per element currently. You guys have tunnel vision on the Meta and Unique Heroes I’m tired of Rares being disrespected who are actually involved in the main story even the True Heroes connected to the Champion’s Sword are very weak. The Strongest True Hero is Craig which is redundant because he does no damage and on the right team Aisha because of her sheer offensive buffing power strongest Rare by overall ability as a party leader is Akayuki. There’s not a single Unique Hero I like more than any Rare I’m familiar with (Excluding Coco) personality wise the closest would be Tinia. Just because you are Unique and have to summon to obtain them doesn’t mean you should have so much of an edge they come packaged with their EX don’t need to wait and their skill set since they zero in on a Hero is usually really good unless it’s an Alef. Even get their own Side or Short Story the only Rare with a short is Neva for some reason.


You guys have unnoticeably divided your community to Uniques only because that’s all you guys ever care about right now I love playing Coop they see someone using a Rare they leave allergies are too high unless it’s me because they know I am a good Rare user at least in my world. I would get trolled with people putting Rares in training room and they die immediately because they don’t know how to play them I see so many bad Akayuki’s in Coop. Excluding Commons you have probably 60 Heroes and about 40 of them are a bunch of Flightless Phoenixes I like to call them they have the potential but they just can’t soar through the sky. Even Party Buffs on Uniques are higher and have passive edges on abilities and in awakening over Rares. No releasing a unique version of a Rare will not do they already exist that’s a waste of space unless it’s an Eva to Idol Eva type. You guys also have a bad case of the “Forgot about Dres” with Uniques as well early release ones not named Marina have fallen because they just aren’t on pace with the new standard statistically or they are just slow this game has become faster and faster watch Vishuvac’s attack speed then look at Beth’s. Recent Heroes can always move while attacking like Mayreel, Lillith and Lucy all 3 move almost identically.


Just buff them give them something to attempt to become relevant again and let your players be your testers and buff or nerf accordingly just throw SOMETHING out there every Hero deserves to be a factor the game has been so stale since Future Princess came out ruined everything Marina was very mild compared to her. How come you guys can just let a monster like her run around for as long as she still is and are afraid to buff anyone else I don’t understand. I’ve come this far and done all of this there should no longer be excuses for why Rares are still irrelevant I had to get to know basically every Hero in this game to get this done.


If I had 3 wishes they would be Girgas gets an EX which is similar to his Sunshine Staff I have the hammers saved to max it and mileage I refuse to use it until he get’s his, Craig’s party buff changed to HP and Future Princess removed from the game which won’t happen if that 3rd wish is improbable Buff Amy out of all Rares she needs it most.



<(The End)> Of Guardian Tales for now unless I do future Heroes past Veronica but not for a bit I have accomplished the mission. We have enough FEMALE Heroes by now might want to start thinking about adding more MALES from now on unless Lana becomes one I actually want to design a blueprint for her and I hate Arena hurts my soul every time. I guess this is it nothing else to really say it’s the end for now but not actually hopefully my heart gets recognized in my final message. Farewell and thanks for you’re time even creating my favorite game I would rate this over Console games if you don’t count Future Princess’ existence but it’s still my favorite as long as Coop is in season. It was fun doing this I kinda got a PHD in Guardian Tales by now. You guys did an amazing no outstanding job just got sidetracked with Uniques balancing wise. I do not understand what type of scrutiny you guys get though you’re very close to your community at least on discord I don’t see many complaints or arguments. You guys run events all the time and are a little too generous at times


- Black Mage for Smash! https://smashboards.com/threads/black-mage-for-smash.506369/#post-24080523

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Ohaider I'm a Smash Bros moveset creator I would take request but probably will be special move only won't be as detailed but if they have enough potential I will add some feedback. I'm about to shift over to another game once my last 2 characters drop though.

I'm not really a writer I just write about stuff I care about for the most part things that I felt I had to do. I am a Flightless Phoenix, just give me a shot and i'll be able to soar tired of being locked in a cage. My Roblox is "CosmicMotion" a Periastron collector which is what my logo is I play on Xbox, I also play Maplestory M as CerealKnight America inoysys server 195 Hero F2P and CerealNite America 2 on Guardian Tales F2P aswell.

Dunno what to write here really trying to be Anonymous but I eat Cereal for dinner sometimes and play and listen to rare video game music just give me a song I can usually counter it with a much better one. I collect rocks make smaller ones into necklaces I draw a bit do low key pottery and I played some real life sports when I was younger before a major injury to my left knee hit so no I'm not a nerd trust me I'm probably also one of the only people that hasn't seen Star Wars or Game of Thrones I'm 21 born 1999 October 27th favorite number is 37 my Jersey Number. I am finished on (Smash 4 Blueprints) unless I add more characters it is now in a collection so it's easier to pick what you want to see here: https://www.destructoid.com/--568161.phtml#post

Maybe impossible and I maybe a fool for trying but Shia LaBeouf has helped me move forward a lot with his "Just Do It" speech. He said Don't let your dreams be dreams, make your dreams come true. One of these days your going to work hard at it nothing is impossible. You should get to the point where anyone else would quit but your not going to stop there JUST DO IT. Which I have many times I don't care what people think of him that speech came from his heart.