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(Guardian Tales)-(Ranged Balancing 3 Finale)


<(Guardian Tales Ranged Attackers 3)> This looks like the Finale for this class I felt like there were more ranged heroes than this so we got an extended part 8 in this one. Mix of high and not low but mid type Heroes in my eyes except Coco she sucks lots of poor Specials and EX Skills here most EX passives could use some upgrades other than Bianca and Rie a lot of these heroes came out early on when the game released it's understandable.



(Bianca)-(She’s so Blue) Why she do me like this she be giving me feelings but I believe she’s Gay for Yuze. She’s really good on the norm just slices fire teams up like mine she was my 3rd unique I believe everyone didn’t think she was good for some reason her offense and defense is very stout plus she has critical chance party buff EX gives her some healing on attack she can be used ranged and melee very well designed Hero but well developed ones she’s ice cold very frustrating to fight in Arena that sword wave is huge to get around and if she crits that’s like half your HP. This is probably my favorite designed Hero in the game but that sword wave will become weaker based on distance. Her Special is nothing to laugh at either she makes you feel small temporarily.



Normal Attack: Speed of the sword wave is faster based on charge and based on distance traveled damage should decrease she does massive damage and can be played like a Melee character if you wanted she does use a Sword. This is a utility change closer you are since it is a sword harder it will hit but at range she won’t be as effective nonetheless it is a nerf.



(Rachel)-(It’s Captain!) I believe this is the only Rare Hero with their 5 star evolution as their image might have been part of Marina’s crew at some point. She’s hard to understand but she’s also an open book she will talk your ears off she’s very hyper not to Gremory’s level but nobody’s on her level. She has the whole Pirate thing in reverse they steal treasures from innocent people but she’s trying to sail the seas to help everyone a nice little twist she has a good heart. Not an official Pirate or Captain without a crew but she can make an impact with improved leadership skills she has the confidence and seems she did accomplish her dream in the future… It's Rachel instead of Rachael I'm not sure if that was a typo or not.



She’s actually extremely good if you build her she can do a massive amount of damage in a short time if she looks at you, your pretty much dead with that fire rate even though it’s from a shotgun they say her critical rate isn’t bad at all she’s a definite sleeper. Her Special is a straight upgrade of Hekate’s current one 20% attack if no damage is taken for a certain amount of time but could be improved in Arena that’s just going to be improbable to activate unless she can run away for 4 seconds. Just give her even more critical rate and she’s very scary, pair her with Garam it’s gonna be a short match but they both are poor defensively if you can’t out damage them before you reach them put a tank on the team they will hose them down. She also has that rare Injured to Downed Chain.


Chain Skill: Double its movement speed pretty slow but is large and can hit anything in its path basically shoots a Bullet Bill and increase DPS to 300%.

Special: I’m changing this a bit. It’s called Composed Fire so the longer she shoots Attack increases from 1% to 30%. Final Bullet now deals 50% bonus damage and penetrates enemies.

EX Weapon (Blue Rose): Skill needs to come out faster remove the rose needing to open before firing takes too long to startup and is easily avoidable because of that plus regen time takes a hit this skill takes a long time like Akayuki’s.



(Elvira)-(Bite into my apples see what happens) You see Little Red Hood is actually from the Streets but lives in the Forest but I believe Elvira can save the Forest but she must take down Arrabelle if she doesn’t become an ally and her own Granny. She isn’t the type of Hero you want but the Hero you need, the big bad wolf should be scared of her. This isn’t Red Riding Hood this is Red Hood.



I use her all the time in raid she’s my primary Range Attack buffer and is Fire. There’s a lot of holes in this Hero’s kit for “The” primary basket damage dealer she tends to miss often and for her Special to activate you need to commit and max her level or she won’t have one same level is only 10% this is probably the most situational Special in the game right now people that can’t clear world 11 she’s going to demolish. These changes should make her a factor again she got major buffs.


Normal Attack: I need blast radius on impact with the ground or when it explodes to be doubled very difficult to hit anyone that moves.

Special: Enemies the same level receive 20% damage 10% isn’t enough Higher and Lower leveled enemies damage caps at 50%. 100% is just too harsh of a punishment this now works both ways making her a serious threat at any level it is a prank right should work on kids of all ages.

EX Weapon (Trouble Maker): All Apples should leave flames on the ground than just the last one and the last ones blast radius is doubled so are the flames that’s quadruple the range now. Skill on impact with enemies should set off an explosion than having to wait till after the 3rd bounce this takes forever to ailment but covers a huge range much like Rachael and Lupina’s but faster also leaves the ground on fire for 5 seconds doing 200% DPS damage no ailment damage.



(Marianne)-(Blinded by Pride) Hands down the most annoying voice in this game she embraces being a Nerd and is very proud of it. I hate this character and is a bottom 5 True Hero shouldn’t be a True Hero being honest her story with her pride got many people killed could have been potentially avoided if she wasn’t so self centered. Being honest since she’s in a Transformer or Power Ranger Zord this should have been Bari it makes so much more sense. I’m giving her a bit of a remodel.




Normal Attack: Should homing and explode on impact it’s a missile 10% chance to shoot enhanced missiles that do not homing but twice as fast, penetrates enemies and more powerful without her EX. Missiles should do around 30k damage she does attack much faster than Bari.

Special: Sounds like a copy of Rachael’s honestly needs to be changed. When recharging her Normal Attack first missile does twice the damage and blast radius if it’s an enhanced 3x the damage name now makes much more sense.

Party Buff: Change to Defense this makes Rue the sole Earth Attack buffer.

EX Weapon (Merciless): Enhanced missiles are twice as large and explosion radius is doubled. Can pierce and cause cascading explosions on all enemies it passes through. Skill needs to come out much faster its way too slow and is exposed during cannot attack honestly if she just shot an airstrike it would be much better and not as exposed so she can attack and move.



(Sohee)-(Ghost Busters 3!) I haven’t watched that movie but I’m willing to I honestly don’t think it will be that bad I expect it to be cheesy and very cringe though. Like Marianne I hate her not as annoying I would say much smarter she’s pretty thick for a nerd I don’t enjoy typing this though that’s all I’m going to say on that… Have a nice day! Her playstyle is much like Girgas I do not use this Hero often but is a mix of him and Arrabelle.



I don’t believe she is bad at all I think it’s her short range and lack of defense like Girgas holding her back but has an EX. Party buff is Regen = Advantage EX is good can kinda taunt enemies with its stun mechanic to interrupt for guaranteed extra damage every 3 hits, chain lowers light resistance I think people just don’t like her like me but that special needs some work super situational the reverse Eva basically she’s a well designed sleeper. I would say she’s better than Girgas currently has a 4k HP advantage and about 25 more defense with an EX but not many dark teams around and Earth has been the meta forever but she has no critical rate at all give her at least 5% she hits at a lower rate.


AI: Like Girgas should work more like Rue’s penetrating attack that can be angled push up and get involved for max efficiency.

Chain Skill: Light Resistance decrease increase to 30%. They keep doing this to Rare Heroes 20% instead of 30% I’m sure I might have missed one. 20% decrease on normal attacks 30% on chain skills is the theme I’ve seen.

Special: Her Attack deals 1% to 50% more damage the lower charge she has remaining like it starts to overheat. On enemy kill she regains half her charge by sucking in their spirits so if you can takeout multiple enemies she can hold down the hammer for a very long time or the less charge she has damage increases by a ton. Again makes more sense name wise.



(Arrabelle)-(I really want to tell you what I did…) She really wants to brag about all the trouble making she did but Granny doesn’t care, Granny’s neglect could make her go rogue and retaliate someday. She looks very evil she’s got robotic parts what did she do to herself she’s a half human Terminator It could just be armor though I’m not sure honestly arms must be very skinny if so carrying that giant plasma cannon makes that not out of reason that right arm is heavily armored as well.



I don’t own this Hero don’t see her that often nowadays even though Beth is around which is strange her buff is Dark Attack. This right here other than Marina is the true Noob Stomper early on she just 2 shotted teams easily but toughness has sky rocketed lately so not as relevant anymore she does the most AoE damage in the entire game still. She takes some skill to play but her defensive stats are really poor for her playstyle and attitude I think should be better defensively but lower attack she wants you to be afraid then get in your face real close and personal before demolishing you is the vibe I get. I honestly don’t know any changes for her other than give her more defense she is not Hekate why is she 1 shot basically other than that no changes.



(Coco)-(She’s Ice Cold) She’s ungrateful her story was very unfair but she bounces back in the worse way to me in the future I lost all respect for her she no longer has a soul anymore will be forever alone. She isn’t cursed it’s not the weapon it’s what it’s used for and by who. I completely forgot about her I had to add her here late. I do not like this Hero and is the worse Hero that is not a common in the entire game to me. Look I tried my best I could but she puts me in a bad mood I can’t stay here and go as in depth as I would usually do she actually makes me angry for some reason. Anyways she does not have the defense, attack, health or anything useful for a mid to close ranged Hero her EX skill just gets her killed it’s just like Marina’s.



To me she is the opposite of Gremory but Gremory is much better she actually uses Ice and Blizzards unlike Lupina so why not make use of that? Her kit doesn’t make much sense to me I’m making her the primary attack debuffer and crowd controller. She hits harder so I don’t think a move to support is warranted this time Gremory’s damage is very low but she debuffs Defense so she could be deceptive as a damage dealer. We have attack speed and movement speed abilities but not the reverse. She needs Defense boosted by 50, Attack boosted by 25 and HP by 1.5k at least.


Normal Attack: Each icicle lowers enemies attack by 5% capping at 20% for 5 seconds lowers movement speed by the same amount.

Chain Skill: Lowers movement and attack speed by the same amount if combined with primary attack they should be crawling.

EX Weapon (Witch Heart): Final attack has a wider range and for 3 seconds prevents dashing. Magic Bullet should homing harder is easily avoidable. Skill should surround and move towards foes like Aisha’s EX with her poor defense the way it is now is just bad. It’s like a tornado but a hurricane at the same time should deal heavy damage to crowds.



(Rie)-(Endless Training!) I don’t have any experience with Rie or Neva I think I understand what Rie wants though I don’t like Baseball can’t watch it but I know the positions I understand how the game is played hopefully I did a good job she’s a hitter not a pitcher. It’s probably not just Baseball it’s Battleball she must have to fight monsters to get on base explaining the blood on her bat. I need her on base percentage to be high and steal bases with ease she’s a mid ranged attacker I would boost her defense to maybe 160ish.



Potential EX: Has a 30% chance to shoot a larger ball like her third swing and it now penetrates opponents but still does area damage on impact with the first opponent all balls have double the range and can bounce off surfaces once. The larger ball now deals 30% extra DPS damage should have high critical rate and regen. Skill should be a Ground Ball hits 3 balls 1 straight 2 diagonal that bounce off walls up to 3 times inflicting airborne ailment.


AI: Should try and move back and forth to make use of that Special and no movement speed penalty on attacking to try and dodge attacks in the batters box.

Normal Attack: Her Special should be in her normal attack but better. Does not lose movement speed when attacking.

Chain Skill: This isn’t very useful I’m changing it entirely it doesn’t have much range for a ranged attacker and extremely low DPS. New Chain skill (Homerun): Hit’s a large ball in a straight path penetrating any opponents in the way dealing 300% DPS.

Special: On hit her movement speed should increase to dashing speed for 3 seconds even when attacking. Her dashing speed when not attacking is increased by 30% permanently with AI movement speed is increased by 30%.






(Bianca) Sword waves damage decreases on distance and speed it travels based on charge. Was very hard to get around and since it pierces it shouldn’t punish you even if you have a tank your ranged attackers get hit still.


(Rachel) Needed a couple of utility changes Chain and EX Skills were way to slow and now composed fire actually deals more damage the more you focus on the opponent instead of not taking damage which is just not going to happen unless you plan on running in Arena the whole time final bullet can penetrate and does bonus damage.


(Elvira) She isn’t technically a basket user but she attacks like one but is the primary damage dealer basket wise but misses on the norm. She got AoE buffs and Special has been halved but functions both ways. EX Skill took too long to actually activate and is easily avoidable now on impact it activates instead of having to bounce 3 times and leaves the ground on fire for extra damage overtime.


(Marriane) I gave her a remodel she’s the rare version of Bari and missiles explode don’t pierce unless enhanced. I gave her chance to shoot an enhanced without EX regular missile explodes enhanced can pierce and Special should actually activate now why would you not be attacking for 3 seconds? EX skill took way too long to come out so I sped it up to an airstrike so she can move and attack.


(Sohee) She’s very solid I didn’t do much other than AI, chain skill resist increase and Special change so she has one not being forced to have advantage state.


(Arrabelle) I don’t know what to buff or nerf she got no changes but she should do a little less and take more damage she isn’t Hekate a Sniper she’s a demolition expert with much less range. Her attitude is to get real close and personal.


(Coco) EX was buffed and basically made her the primary attack debuffer to be the opposite of Gremory but also decreases movement and attack speed of enemies with Ice.


(Rie) I’ve never seen her in action but I tried to amplify her kit based on the sport that she plays basically got a lot of speed and higher damage. I really like her 5 star look but did she get traded at the deadline or make major league?



<(The End)> Finale for current Ranged Attackers leave comments, upvote and thanks for reading!


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