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E3 Keynotes Vote the Winner


So who's Top Dog Microsoft, Nintendo, or was it Sony?

I thought the Microsoft Keynote displayed a lack of understanding from the executives as to whom their audience was. Couple that with a painful to watch Rock Band demo, a leaked demo about Gears, a Halo three SKU with only a 20GB HDD, and Reggie Bush. What's left is what we already knew: We are Microsoft Knock us off this mountain!

Nintendo came out and did what they do best and your Mom and little brother (and prob. you) will love it. Wii Fitness looks like something I will soon see at the YMCA, move over Spinning class. As some blogger earlier stated I too would like to see the wii board used or mod'd to mesh with boarding games, surfing, skate, etc..

Sony had the most to prove and although I think they did a good job towards the end and the "new" "wii fit" PSP is cool I just can't see myself getting a PS3. Even though, MGS4 looked awesome, and the fact that Mods are going to be accessible for Unreal Tournament 3 I'm going to be on the fence waiting to actually see the games.

So who's the winner?
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