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The 3rd Party Memory Card #1: Hot Dog Homicide


Finally, the delivery truck is packed full of soylent-grade non-kosher frankfurters, and you drive it to the local mafia diner, where the Russians are grateful to finally have something besides borscht and vodka filling their bellies, and you are paid handsomely for your services.

The Impact:

Holy shit, did this ever take me by surprise. The game is violent, sure, but this is a level of psychological ickiness that is totally unexpected. Jerkov's commentary before you pilot the bus to its final destination provides incredible buildup to the moment, and you find yourself scarcely believing that what eventually happens is going to happen. The sounds of the human cattle screaming and crying, their nudity, their slow march up the conveyor belts, and the moments when they try to run away add up to something surprisingly powerful. Quite frankly, it's evocative of the Holocaust, and you feel like you've suddenly been thrust into the role of an SS leader. I almost felt sick.

And yet, I laughed. Oh how I giggled nervously and shook my head. This was completely surreal and hilarious. Firstly, the whole scenario: Russian mobsters resorting to cannibalism in a near-future American city, and an independent meat packing company willing to work with them in the whole messy business. Secondly, it plays on the fears and legends about what ingredients really go into hot dogs. Third, Jerkov's commentary and the last pleas of the doomed bus passengers are pretty damn funny. Fourth, I was incredulous that this stupid video game was kinda sorta making me queasy and a bit horrified at what I had just done, especially in the context of a game where I had already casually run over eleventy bajillion pedestrians.

What those conflicting feelings add up to, my friends, is one of the few mindfucks I've experienced in my gaming life, and thus a video game moment I'm not likely to soon forget. I've played the two GTA games immediately following this one, and for all of their brilliant story I don't remember a single moment that was quite on this level. Two words: fucking cannibalism.

You can watch the whole mission in the first video (which unfortunately features some random techno song the uploader enjoys, and so I have uploaded and embedded a second, extremely shitty quality video of the key moment with the audio intact.) Also, GTA 2 is available for download from Rockstar's website if you would like to experience this moment firsthand. Just find and use the cheat codes to skip to the third area, then follow the red arrow and answer the green payphone on the left.
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