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Stop Guessing about Nintendo's E3

Here’s What’s Happening Next Week with Nintendo

This is a little late coming, but I’ve decided to fill you in with my Nintendo E3 predictions. First of all, let me say that I use the term “predictions” loosely as I am so confident that these will happen, you can take all of this as FACT. I’ll start with Smash Bros
• The official titles are Super Smash Bros. Fisticuffs and Super Smash Bros. Fisticuffs 3D
• The 3DS version will be an eShop exclusive and will launch this Tuesday, June 10
• All previous Smash Bros. characters will be returning
• Doctor Mario is a costume of Mario
• Roy, Mewtwo, Pichu, and Young Link are returning as a Melee Pack DLC
• There will be 6 additional newcomers as a timed exclusive for the WiiU version. These will be DLC for the 3DS in Spring 2015
• Each of the characters will eventually be made into NFC figures from now through holiday 2015
• A Smash Bros. WiiU bundle will come out this holiday featuring the system/gamepad, a copy of the game, the Gamecube controller adapter, 2 Gamecube controllers, a Mario NFC figure, and a Link NFC figure with an MSRP of $399.99
• The newcomers to be revealed are: Mii (shown off by having Reggie, Sakurai, Iwata, and Miyamoto in a fight), Chrom, Shulk, Palutena, Chibi-Robo, and Pac-Man

Now I will list the miscellaneous announcement during the week. Keep in
mind that not all of these will be announced on Tuesday, but throughout the week.
• Mario Kart is getting DLC
• This includes a pack of battle maps, characters, and tracks
• DLC packs of cross over characters will each include a character, a kart, and a track
• The ones revealed will be: Captain Falcon-Blue Falcon-Mute City, Fox McCloud-Arwing-Corneria, and Kirby-Warp Star-Dreamland
• Next Level Games is developing a new F-Zero to be released this winter
• Retro will have a trailer for a new Starfox game that won’t release until holiday 2015 the earliest
• New Starfox will be a blend of Starfox64 and Starfox Adventures gameplay
• New Zelda title for WiiU will feature a stained-glass art style
• Yarn Yoshi will release this holiday
• Animal Crossing WiiU will be announced and will release this holiday
• Gameplay trailer for SMT x FE will be shown. The game won’t lauch until an ambiguous 2015
• More gameplay of X will be shown. X is the official title. Pushed back to a Spring 2015 release date (in the states at least)
• The original Bayonetta will be available for WiiU starting on Tuesday as a download only
• Mario Maker is real and will come to both eShop platforms this summer. Content can be shared across platforms
• First in a line of Maker games to include Kirby Maker, The Legend of Zelda Maker, and Metroid Maker
• Mario Fit U to be released later this year
• NFC Mario can transfer fitness data to other Mario games
• Mario’s weight in MFU can be transferred to other titles (chubby Mario in Galaxy 3, for example)
• Speaking of which, Super Mario Galaxy 3 is set to come out Spring 2015
• Mother 3 is launching exclusively on WiiU eShop
• More HD remakes on the way:
o Super Mario Sunshine HD (Holiday 2014)
o Metroid Prime Trilogy HD (Spring 2015)
o Xenoblade Chronicles HD (2015)
o Chibi-Robo HD (2015)
o Twilight Princess HD (2015)
o Pikmin HD (2015)
• Majora’s Mask 3D releasing Fall 2014
• Majora’s Mask purple 3DS XL bundle to release at MSRP of $219.99
• 90 minute presentation is about Miyamoto’s new IP, a game about making monster movies
• Basic scenario is: you start with a small budget making indie movies, and as your popularity increases, you make B movies, and finally big budget blockbuster movies
• Takes full advantage of all 3DS features
• Waluigi Dance Off! To be announced for 3DS, launching later this year
• EBA-style game featuring Waluigi in a dance competition
• He is dancing to win the affection of Rosalina

Again, all of these are pretty much 100% confirmed, so look forward to next week.

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