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Christmas, Chozo, Chipettes, Panama

I participated in a Secret Santa event on another videogame message board for the second time this past Christmas, and decided to make the little guy above as part of my gift. Glue, cardboard, some scrap mat board my sister had left over,...


A Time To Destroy: Substance

It all started with Dig Dug. The primary goal of Dig Dug is to clear the screen of all the enemies, dispatching them with your air pump in a manner that makes the loins of certain people on deviantART quiver at the thought, or via the sl...



So I didn't really get into the Halloween mood early this year, but just before nightfall I carved a quick pumpkin. Then inspiration struck and I came up with a last-minute costume: Pulled it off in time to answer the door for a few gr...


What did I get this week? A lot.

This can't wait for Nihon's post. From back, left to right: -Super Scope in box with Super Scope 6 (no manuals) -Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence -Kirby Super Star -Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose (with box) -Metal Combat: Falcon...


Review: Toki Tori (Wii)

Released two months ago on WiiWare, Toki Tori is a remake of a Game Boy Color game that came out late in the system's lifespan. As was the situation with system stablemate Shantae, also published by Capcom at the time, the game was largel...


Video Games In Real Life photomanipulations

Some weeks ago Hamza linked to a couple of YTMNDs in his weekly feature that had images of real life scenes manipulated to include sprites of video game characters, as if they had leaped from the games into real environments similar to th...


A Cast Of Thousands: Michael Edwards

When this month's topic was initially announced, I went quickly through an informal list of characters in the games I have played, trying to recall one that particularly struck a chord with me; or, failing that, a semi-obscure character f...


Comic Con 2008. Also, Cocks.

There's a guy in a robot helmet in this photo and yet I'm the one who looks like a retard. It's a gift. I want to thank aborto the fetus for setting up the Dtoid meetup at this year's San Diego Comic Con. It was a blast to meet and hang o...


My Capcom Fighter Collection

Inspired by LongDeth, I decided to photograph most of my Capcom fighting games (and a few related pieces.) There are some other bits, but this is what I could find at hand after midnight without digging through a bunch of crap in my room. O...


Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig

Coming in at the last minute! My mom recently got a Toshiba Satellite laptop, so now I hijack it to play games that have been released in the last five years, as our desktop is a bit old (and my brother is always playing WoW on it anyway...


Arcades? In my mall?

It's more likely than you think. While accompanying my sister to a job interview yesterday, we decided to stop by the mall, as we'd arrived in the area early. As we walked into the entrance nearest the empty shell formerly known as Robinso...


It's A Secret To Everybody #4: Otoko Michi

What should have been last week's Secret is finally here! And with the arrival of #4 I think I've finally caught up, assuming I continue with my plan to make this weekly. Then two more 3rd Party Memory Card moments, and another Secret thi...


The 3rd Party Memory Card Index

In an effort to further rip off Ch- ... err, I mean, provide people with an easier way of reading my c-blog, here is the index of all my 3rd Party Memory Card articles, starting with the most recent. I'll update as I write more entries, h...


I'm getting lazy

Man, it's already been a week since I wrote anything on here. I meant to do It's A Secret To Everybody #3 last week as well. I need my own computer, trying to share this one and get anything done and browse my usual sites is too hard. I ne...


It's A Secret To Everybody is running late

For everyone who was looking forward to my second installment, rest assured the series is continuing. I haven't been near the computer long enough for the last few days to get anything done, and to top it off I like to do things the hard w...


Posting From My Wii: I Beat Sonic

Yesterday I finally sat down, gathered some patience, and beat the original Sonic The Hedgehog for the first time. Having never owned a Genesis, the first time I played it was a few years ago when I got the Sonic Mega Collection on the Game...


Smash Bros. Dojo: Trophies are back!

As if there was any doubt. Biggest news: Now you can arrange them on a table any way you want to make rude scenes, and probably take photos. What I want to know is: what the hell is the banana thing in this image?


It's A Secret To Everybody #1

Secrets. Those bits of information hidden from public view. Some are closely guarded, never meant to become common knowledge. Others are kept with the intention of some day being revealed, or, as often as not, discovered. They're all prot...


Tristero's Hobby, let me show it to you

So Tristero just let everyone know that in his spare time he's a scalawag and a vandal. I mentioned I had my own story of signage vandalism to tell, with pics, and so now I shall relate the story. Fresh out of college last year, my first j...


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