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XCOM 2 is 27 percent off at Green Man Gaming

A full-price 2K game? Never

Heading to PC next week is XCOM 2, the much-anticipated sequel to 2012's turn-based tactical strategy game. If you haven't tried Enemy Unknown yet, Humble Bundle has the game in its latest Firaxis bundle in the pay-what-you-want tier. The b...


TF2 Scripting + I

If you used to play a lot of old TF or TFC, at some point you probably looked into or even tried out scripts at some point to enhance your abilities. Love them or hate them, they are still usable in TF2 and this wiki has an extensive guid...


FNF - TF2 - Final Map List + RAR Download

Same Info as usual Server IP: Server Name: Destructoid.com - TF2 Server Pass: dtoid Server gets locked at 8pm cst and will undergo a reboot to kick everyone out and start the custom map list. The final map list is as f...




Is there a boss fight theme out there that gets you more pumped than Rivers in the Desert? What an absolute


Best way to spend my


After SOR4, which 90s series would you have revived in the same style? Ben Fiquet at Lizardcube already has my


Im not feeling my best right Im waiting for a decision on extension of my PhD, and finding motivation for my next article is I really need to sleep better, but at least I can start doing sports/see friends again very Send good

Chris Moyse

Lovin all the My sister recently got a rescue greyhound and its like having a horse in her flat :s Hope youre all having a good week so The beat goes




Wait what I got Deus Ex Human Revoultion Directors Cut on steam on They removed the gold tint/yelloe tint for what seems like no I saw a comparision picture and the game looks way uglier now this is really

Dennis Carden

Good god, this is the single most Australian thing I have ever


What’s everybody been playing lately? Yeah I haven’t been on here in a sorry about I don’t know, I’ve been continuing my journey still playing Borderlands 2 on the Switch, that’s pretty much it haha


whoa what happened to the Angry Joe Show? I havent watched his vids in a while and decided to check in on When did his thumbnails get so crowded?

Dennis Carden

Oh my gods, yes! This arrived today!!

Gus TT Showbiz

14 hours in game later, I finished Alien Isolation and promptly uninstalled, cause I hate horror/suspense


What in gods name have I stumbled on


This guys entire YT channel is just him hanging out with and feeding I love


Thanks to everyone here who mentioned the musical film Wonderful 160 minutes spent watching




#pettoid Willow passed out on top of Gracie after her exercise


Saki with a cowboy


Krumpin Statiz;


Finally! I love Natsume Championship Wrestling!

Gus TT Showbiz

if anyone cares to take a gander Im starting part 5 of my run through of Alien


Yeti (2020) - I think for my own mental health reasons, Im going to cut down the amount of monsters from 13 to 8 + final I am having difficulty writing new and interesting music at the I cant force it, so Ill do my


Ugh Hearts of Iron has way too much time strategizing and not nearly enough high-octane, Hitler shooting I think I spent 100 hours trying to invade nazi germany and I didnt see a single minute of actual combat!

Electric Reaper

Ugh, Trails of Cold Steel 3 has way too much story in it and nowhere near enough Why didnt they just make an actual anime and not bother with making a game at all? Seriously, I spent more time in the demo clicking through dialogue then


My beloved dood #pettoid


Wrapped up Borderlands 3 this past TLDR; surprised that the writing gets better over time, love playing as a sarcastic Irishman, and I Despite her Want to post more thoughts


PC bigrig folks, I’m looking to do some My main question is regarding I’m looking to get a pretty good 1440p/144hz My current rig still has a little life on it, but I’ll be grabbing a new card whenever Nvidia shows new o


So my Plus sub lapses in Sept and Im not renewing Made a short list of some games I wanna play before it Any suggestions on what to start next, from the below or otherwise? Ive had Plus since 2012 so I got the full PS4


Lot of bad shit going on in my Dont feel comfortable talking about some of it because its not directly involving Im having an issue with my little brother though, and I honestly dont know how to More (LONG post



Virtua Kazama

Its getting hot outside, so DRINK Oh, and Im also streaming more Spyro Reignited


#petoid? #pettoid? #pet #toid #?




My disappointment of the day: there are Jeff Waynes War of the Worlds video games, *but* its an 1998 RTS on PC and a 1999 3rd-person shooter on Video is from the games

Dr Mel

Hardspace Shipbreaker is a fine Its a good way to spend some free time on a week off, thats for dang



Wes Tacos

Just watched the opening video for Deadly Premonition Origins, and Im already I hear its jank galore, and I cant




Tron 3 is a thing but it stars Jared


Also, thought you all might enjoy


Whats a mechanic/weapon/feature you feel was awesome in a game but way too situtional/underutilized for you?


A manly drink for a manly


I played through Halo Wars 2 and its expansions this past I have thoughts! Ill put them in the comments (its not enough for a


Gonna have to get more of you to trickle into the forums more Maybe if I help give away free send

Yue chan

My daughter slept with me last night because she was having a hard time getting back to Well while she was sleeping with me, she slapped me in the So that was


What are y’all’s favorite Tom Hanks film? The man has been working on so many films throughout his career, even written the screenplay for some of them, so I thought I’d hear Dtoid’s opinion on I really loved Road to