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Cheat Codes Ep. 84: Horse Latitudes

Rob Auten, professional game writer and consultant (Battlefield: Hardline, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Gears of War: Judgement), joins us for a whimsical jaunt right to the heart of the FBI’s new anti-radicalism game, Peter...


Cheat Codes Ep. 83: Shut Up

Web columnist and game dev Brian White (TAY, Current Digital) joins us this week to go over his latest piece about playing HALO for the first time. He helps us out as we dissect blanket positivity in gaming criticism and we t...


Cheat Codes Podcast Ep. 82: Rock Block

Our buddy Alex Baard (Due Process project lead) returns to join in the conversation about Impostor Syndrome, a mobile app thats supposed to help ADHD sufferers, and the Steam curators ‘The Cut-Content Police.’ We’re in fine form ...


Cheat Codes Podcast Ep. 81: Tame a Horse

Davis Standley, Respawn Game Designer joins us from sunny California. We come to terms with our college days by investigating the Minecraft Education Edition, sharing our best rage quit stories and eye-balling the blurring line between movi...


Cheat Codes Podcast Ep. 80: Footlong

Kevin Katona, game designer at Wargaming.net joins us this week to ponder ESPN finally committing to eSports, earning class credit for playing video games (in Norway), and software pirates getting sad about PC games getting too tough to cra...


Cheat Codes Podcast - Ep. 79: Game Fax

Alexandra Lucas joins us in the studio to tell us about her new job as a game writer for Plarium games which will require a relocation to Ukraine! She helps us make sense of Hasbro’s reasoning for leaving Rey out of The Force Awakens ...


Cheat Codes Podcast - Ep. 78: Shampanya!

It’s the end of 2015! We get the core panel together, discuss #NewYearsResolutionsIn5Words, pour some champers and rattle off our favorite games of the year. We follow it up with an examination of the Valve DoS attack over Ch...


Cheat Codes Podcast - Ep. 77: Schwartzmas

Associate Producer at Bungie, Samir Patel is back with us in the studio this week to go over how all the VR makers are helping solve each others problems to establish a successful market. We also examine Microso...


On the next PStoid: Meanderbot!

Our guest as seen in widescreen PStoid is going to be doing its first episode of 2016 this weekend. We will be joined by none other than Meanderbot who over the years has contributed a heck of a lot to this community, too much to link ...


Cheat Codes Podcast - Ep. 76: Vonderloost

Our old friend Nate Hitchcock joins us in the studio to talk about his work at Soulbound Studios on their MMORPG Chronicles of Elyria. He gets back in the mix pretty quick as we hash out topics like game design at sea, t...


Cheat Codes Podcast - Ep. 75: Exchange Rate

Alice Taplin, UK Content Assistant at audioBoom and host of the “Double Tap” gaming podcast joins us this week, all the way from merry old England.  We go over all the Final Fantasy VII remake news, Nintendo’s...


Cheat Codes Podcast - Ep 74: Mmm Sous-vide

We welcome the return of Fingered developer and game trailer auteur, James Id!  He brings his perspective along to help us break down the new multi-billion dollar Breaththrough Energy Coalition, the story behind ...


A New PStoid For Your Enjoyment with Guest Jack Shadow!

Sorry to barge in on you Dtoid, you weren't expecting us were you?After a short, unplanned sorta hiatus, PStoid is coming back for a new episode this weekend! Of course, we were never really gone. We'll also be posting the last episode (#34...


Cheat Codes Podcast - Ep. 73: Stay Classy

Happy early Thanksgiving everybody! We’re back to the core panel this week to ring in the holiday season. We break down the testimonials from old Nintendo “Powerline” workers, the implications of the new Valve Steam Sale plans and Ma...


Cheat Codes Podcast - Ep. 68: FascistWindPasser05

Alexandra Lucas is in the studio with us this week as we speculate on the new Nintendo NX rumors, the deserved success of Undertale and that odd survey that Riot is using on their League of Legends players. We round it all out with our usua...


PStoid Episode 33: Halloween Spooktacular!

Here's what happened in our Halloween Episode!On this special Halloween themed episode of PStoid: Nanashi loves Slender The Arrival, Neal wants to commit front yard property damage, Mike is surprised Yugioh is still a thing and special gue...


Cheat Codes Podcast - Ep. 67: Jello Shots

Consider this episode an early Christmas present from us to you! Bungie Assoc. Producer Samir Patel joins us again to talk about the new Destiny micro-transactions, VR Porn vs. Real Sex and the obviousness of a placebo effect in gaming. For...




Lovepoems Website:

Lord Spencer

Weekly Update, here are the games I am currently Those between bracket I am going to review when completed: -Shining Force III: SC2 (Saturn) -Metroid: Samus Returns (3DS) -Legend of Zelda: BotW (Switch) -Golf Story (Switch) -Hitman Season 1


Finished PDRemake on normal, which is better than 20 years earlier when I never got past episode Next, to finish the game without Below, a coaster taking thankfully little

Czar Kazem



I just put in a return for Doom Eternal on Im just not liking Only barely in, so some upgrades will likely make it more flowing, but I dont think Too much going on for my Probably clicks better with a gamepad, but thats

Black Red Gaming

I just beat Half Life Alyx (did it all in two Easily the best VR game to Plus, I didnt expect my favorite level to be a stealth Im gonna do a review soon, but I just had to say something


Last nob is done, now onto the regular orc


Well never know what was in that chest in Stevens pocket


Anyone else feel like they are living in the movie Invasion of the body Feeling paranoid


Castlevania Season 4


Making that #Cornteenmeals


My entire state (NC) is on mandatory quarintine starting Monday at We can still go to grocery stores and pick up food, but all non-essential are to shut All these places are saying its just for 2-3 weeks, but really? Who else is on lockdown?


I cant believe the only other appearance of Fannie and Earl is in the Detective Heart of America It was there the whole time while I was hoping for more


Found out yesterday that a friend i knew committed suicide this Still processing this info; i hadnt spoken to the guy in a few years, and am out of the loop with anyone close with Stay safe out Puts shit in

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Looks like Fruitbat Factory is giving away more games, this time on Steam! 100% Orange Juice (a Mario Party-like with battles), 200% Mixed Juice (a classic-style JRPG), and Acceleration of Suguri 2 (a bullet hell/fighting Theyre all fun! BUMP!


Shantae sketching


And now for the second hardest part of Animal what the town tune should


Lemme see dem passports Also my friend code is SW-8344-0831-9319

Electric Reaper

Well, the store shelves at the local Walmart were somewhat better than last Theres more bread and pasta now, but the box dinners and handsoap were mostly Also, not sure if Im gonna order pizza with steak on it

Steel Squirrel

Just woke up from a nap (hair doesnt lie) and decided it was time to shave for cleanliness lately and decide to give this look a go before shaving it all I think I have found my forever facial hair style I kinda love #selfietoid


Commissioned for some Naruto Instagram @upinsmokeproductions


If at least one person replies to this, I will get drunk

Cygnus Rush 961

Everyone else is playing either Doom: Eternal or Animal Crossing: New Here I am playing Panzer Dragoon: Remake that just Never had a Sega Saturn growing up so this is my first


So, that Roguelike Battle Network game came out on Steam yesterday, Im gonna go ahead and do my civic duty of streaming it, I


Whelp, didn’t expect Nioh 2 to be such a tragic Music is fucking amazing though, like no joke,


I miss going to the Like Im usually a home body so for most of this whole thing its been about normal for me, but man I would look forward to watching a movie in the Sucks, but thats just how itll be for


Holy shit, Sanctuary Guardian is easily to best boss Ive met so far in Dark Genuinely felt impossible until it suddenly Tension all the No tedious run between deaths Fantastic

Dr Mel

Its finally Every app I regularly use now has an officially supported dark Fucking


Nioh (1st) finally Bit too long, and couldve done without the terrible epilogue Fun combat and Overall, a good fun samurai time that Ill never play


Hey guys! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, they genuinely make me happy in a time where we are forced to be separate from each All the same my day has been cozy and nice so I can’t complain too Thank you so much <3


I am stressing Watching Game Grumps to calm Post cute animal pics


Happy birthday Brett and FPT! Hope its great!

Yrahcaz But Snowy

So after some deliberation and your recommendations, I have decided to get Stardew Valley and I have to say, its pretty much exactly what I was looking Just chilling out with some farming and fishing is very


THIS is how you stop a Japanese counterattack


Well Uncle has maybe 2 weeks left due to lung Chances are good that there cant be a


I couldnt wait until tomorrow anymore, so I just posted the Bass Awards in the community blog section! Thats right, Ive finally finished the thing Ive been working on the past few Link in the


Panzer Dragoon Remake is not that I honestly prefer the Saturn version over this but this version is still


Happy birthday to two of the most beautiful, talented people ever: Quentin Tarantino and Mariah Carey!

Cloudman Sam

Happy Birthday to Plastic Tree and Brett! Hope you two make the best out of this situation!


Happy birthday to our Dtoid birthday folks! May your days be chill and full of cake!


Happy birthday Brett and Imitation Rubber Vegetation! Hopefully you have a great one!

Inquisitive Ravenclaw


able to think

Have a phone interview for a job working loss prevention at Kroger on Pay is okay ($15h) but its Kroger so it probably wont I really hope I get I really REALLY need Plus its easy to get to on the


Brett - and - - PY - BEE - EYE - ARTH - DEE -


hmm I wonder if anyone has tips for this boss in digital devil saga everyone: oh Its weak to electric so I grinded for ten hours til I had the best possible electric spell for Btw *blank* dies so dont level

Chris Moyse

Happy Birthday to Dtoids own Brett Makedonski and veteran community member Fake Plastic All the best to both yall!

CaimDark Reloaded

Guys, whats the appeal of Animal Crossing? Legit question, I see everybody playing it and feel like joining the festivities, but to me, from a distance, it looks like you just go around talking to people, collecting bugs, fishing and making your


Yall Doom Eternal is


Happy Friday Heres some more of drawings Ive done recently, in