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Pikmin 3, a Review

In honor of Pikmin 3's new "Nintendo Selects" status, I thought I'd share the review of Pikmin 3 that I wrote back when the game came out in 2013.  Every so often, you play a game that reminds you why you love video games...




Time to find out why nobody talks about Hitman 2, even though I remember Hitman getting a lot of coverage when it came

Voltaic Owl

Back in MY day, Crunch Berries only had the red ones, Froot Loops were only red/orange/yellow, and Lucky Charms barely resembled what they are #cerealtoid


So it took a YouTube add for me to realize that Outward has a new expansion that adds a bunch of stuff!? Guess Ill start that up!


Get outta here

Mike Sounders

Finished Xenoblade: Future Connected last Took about 12-13 hours to do all the sidequests and Was pretty good piece of story for wrapping up Melias arc since that didnt quite finish in the main


Last of Us Part II review coming Honestly for all the game does well I soured on it towards the end with its sluggish pacing and meh I wanted to like it more than I A lot to love but nowhere near a masterpiece in

Destructoids Very Own Ein

Playing through GTA Vice This fucking guy Hilary! Cheating The cops only chase me and he uses a cool muscle car while I get some FUUUUUCK THIS MISSION!


Happy birthday to Dr Mel! I always assumed Bovine University was your alma


Ill never pass up #pettoid

Jetter Mars

Looks like Sega has taken cues from 30 titles included: Virtua Fighter, Fantasy Zone, Golden Axe, Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder, Alienstorm, Alien Syndrome, Columns II, Dark Edge, Puzzle & Action: Tant-R, and Altered


Unlock 1-finger mode for when youre busy with other Nintendo sure has come a long way regarding what is available on their

Chris Moyse

Double take: I saw this Muv Luv Expo image and for a split second I honestly thought she was gleefully aiming a double-barreled shotgun at me

Dennis Carden

Were currently collecting some feedback on the Destructoid community ASCII shirt! Feel free to head on over to the forums and let us know what you think!


Have a great day! #Pettoid


Late Night Status:


Huh, so cars are Live Services now :3


I found some baby advice for our resident expecting


Knock on the door at 10:30 12 year old girl says shes homeless, wants to use my Mom died some time ago, dad ditched her at a gas Drove her down to a shelter, who called a youth shelter to take care of I think I deserve beer now


Never finished RE7 (Marguerites section is too freaky for me) but this is

Anthony Marzano

Buenas noches


My son had corn in the cob for the first time First thing he did was to bit off the tip of the cob as if it was a banana

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

T-minus 5 minutes until the FGO 3rd Anniversary Lots of free Saint Quartz, please!


My Dark Knight made it to lvl 60! I really liked this


Been rewatching Black Lagoon, good time for a Revy sketch

Cygnus Rush 961

A bit frustrated, details in the


Golem (2020) - The next monster in the city of monsters It took me a few days to recover from Sphinx because I put a lot into that song, and I couldnt think of what to write So I tried my best and wrote this


Whod be interested in doing something like this? A friday night free-to-play dtoid race-off doesnt sound too bad to me!

Gus TT Showbiz

Part 4 of my trek through alien isolation will begin at 9 PM *Bump* Am live!


Thanks Destructoid community! My PlayStation book has done super well, and it was kicked off with awesome support from a few of If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look here: There is only 4 days left to back it!


So I’ve pretty much beat Far Cry 4, but I didn’t really like about 3? I’ve read it’s the best Need something to keep me held over before Sushi


Hey Im unaware of whether or not this has been shared here yet, but Im going to do it Prins, being an excellent person started a recipe swap on the Ill link it in the Bump part 2 the revenge


Im 3 episodes into Food Wars and its


Ill say this about Titanfall 2: the Call of Duty people could learn about interesting single-player levels from Titanfall

Lynx Amali

I beat Last of Us Safe to say; I enjoyed it but I also didnt enjoy it? Hard to Might do a blog later once thoughts the meantime, time to wash off the gloom? Sad thing is, Ive never played Reach and barely remember


Man fuck its so fun in Soma to just pick up random shit and mess around with the item and the physics of the Completely pointless to do but in a fun Game is crying for a VR

Czar Kazem

that feeling when its monday and you and ya boy got a whole work week until friday


They always ask how you do but they never ask who you do :(


Jesus Christ I finally cleared camelot in Fate Go, saying it is hard is an Also what the fuck was that Mordred fight? Fuck you (meme not my creation but relatable)

Kyle Yadlosky

On the distant shores of the Scum Sea lies Oh Shit Island, land of doom and Chunks of mouldering flesh rain like hail and mutant mutilators dismember each other in endless Worst of all is the undead devil dog on the hunt--GOREHOUND!!


Last one of the night: Best third-person shooter of the decade? Easy one for Spec-Ops The

Virtua Kazama

All of this led to Shadow Tokyo reopening once Time for more Sakura Wars!


2008: my family saw my interest in the English language and suggested to purse language 2017: this pic was taken after 5 years of Glad to have followed my career choice since the


I actually wanted to include this (timestamp - 6:30) in my post about Markiplier where he raided one of my friends streams with a bunch of charity Includes Marks real-time reactions to my buds Will definitely bring you a smile!


I actually wanted to include this (timestamp - 6:30) in my post about Markiplier where he raided one of my friends streams with a bunch of charity Includes Marks real-time reactions to my buds Will definitely bring you a smile!

Yue chan

Alright Dtoid, in two weeks Juice and I get to find out the gender of our What are your guesses? Boy? Girl? Dinosaur?


Whats your favourite JRPG of the last decade? Between DQ11, Ni No Kuni 2, Final Fantasy 14, Bravely But for me there can be only


Loading up Breath of the Wild for the first time in a while and realizing from my saves that I hadnt touched the game since the month it Crazy how hard I fell off a game that was such an important Didnt beat it, either!


Just our condemning a black man for a HOAX and defending the confederate