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Nostalgia Is Not Respect

With the rerelease of the first generation games of Pokémon, it’s nice to see just how far a series that only has minor tweaks between games has come in 20 years. Other than now being 3D, at the outset it might not seem like much has cha...



Virtua Kazama

We havent done a Mario Kart stream in a while, not to mention that the Mario Kart series turn 30 this Either way, lets play some Mario Kart 8 Deluxe!

Mike Sounders

I did not realize this game was Xbox exclusive and that makes me nervous given the recent AB


Gamestop has the physical Deluxe Edition of In Sound Mind (PS5) on sale for This was my GOTY for It was criminally overlooked and deserves more Consider this an Ask Me Anything (About In Sound Mind) post, if you need

Whispering Willow

Been watching Star Trek Voyager and Im reminded even its worst episodes are still meme-worthy while the worst of Star Wars is just Threshold turned Janeway and Paris into space lizards and they made Your move, Book of Boba Fett!

Anthony Marzano

How do you solve the issue of sweaty meta builds popping up post turn 10? Just win on Turn 10,


Can we designate Matthew Budget Baker Mercer as the new Troy Baker? Like, have it in writing and everything?


Fucking had a great run in Vampire Been in a constant state of anxiety since last night, due to an MRI that took 40min, and I had to be double Im a bit That was my Finally unwinding now Lets start the story:


Monster Hunter-style? I With Certain Affinity REAL SHIT


I finished Detroit: Become I am very unsatisfied with the ending I


Persona 5 Strikers That is


Get motivated


Current mood


Watching my likes on OKCupid go Sounds about Also wrote a blog on Cyberpunk that you can read with your eyes if you


So, hot take: Rainbow Six: Extraction is fun! I could see its loop getting stale fast, but I’m all for a tough PVE co-op game with Siege characters to spice things Also, because I know the Boxman cometh:


This pandemic has really fucked up online Best Buy used to offer free release day delivery, now they only offer to ship new games by release I remember the good old says when my copy of Splatoon 2 arrived a day


PSA: Daemon X Machina and the prototype dlc are free on Epic until next


Briley Witch Chronicles (2021) is a Japanese-inspired RPG for the I dont know how many others of this type there have ever been on


Apartment Adventures Day 22: I got myself this kooky coffee table at Good furniture is so

Jetter Mars

Looking back, I wonder if wouldve owned a Dreamcast if I was a bit older when it first came out (15-16) and could probably appreciate the controller more than I did when I was 9-10?


And Catherine Full Body is Went blind, enjoyed its vibe and story very


I have a $30 Best Buy certificate that expires next week so I caved and preordered As a fan since Red and Blue whose enthusiasm for the franchise has been all over the place, I’m pretty excited for this Seems like what I’ve



Mike Sounders

Finished Shadowbringers base quest line earlier this That is some amazing stuff, probably my favorite story questline of all of XIV so

Chris Moyse

Thanks to everybody who reached out The beat goes I hope that youre keeping well x


Man, reading the Iwata Asks for Sticker Star never fails to make me


Before Disney DMCAs it, heres some leaked gameplay from the cancelled Star Wars 1313


Thank you Italy for the influx of Tifa Lockhart porn thats actually somewhat


Happy Birthday, Mamekuma! I love the enthusiasm you bring to the Hope the streaming gets you to the moon this year!

Chris Moyse

Happy Birthday to community member Mamekuma! Complaining at their age over a decade my junior! Hope you have a great day and a rad year ahead!


A question for the steam Does it have to be connected online like steam itself to play your games or can we just download them and itll be good?


doges are the best


Hmmm, thinking of saving up for a new Never bought one before Anyone here who also has sleep apnea have one they recommend?


Current status


Pokemon Legends comes out Im not buying it day 1 as frankly I dont trust the pokemon company anymore so Im waiting for player feedback first, but it looks interesting and will keep my eyes on Eurogamers review didnt really sell me though


Should I be worried that some sites have Pokemon reviews and yet IGN (who suck but normally get early access) and Destructiod (whom will literally decide whether I buy it or not) dont? Like, is this going to be worse than A Link Between Worlds?


Im 29 Fuck


So is the Windjammers 2 review video only or am I being dumb?


Ever find yourself about to plop into bed, but then something pisses you off to such a degree that Welp, guess were not Time to stress eat a cows


Have a great day all!


Rainbow Six Extraction is hard as But then again playing with randoms, Ive so far been the ONLY one to utilize my drone and scout ahead into So thats probably why it feels that I like the MIA idea for failures


Seems 3DS systems for the New line are becoming even rarer, even for Gonna fix a N3DS XL next and finding replacement shells are hard Mainly cause the junk one I bought had its paint chipping off the


So Almost made it to


AEW just got very nice, and very evil!! Ha ha, Danhausen just broke his leg Halloween night, in a I really thought hed get picked up by AEW, but totally didnt expect it so His gimmick is hilarious, and I cant wait to see the story angle!

Ricky Namara

Okay is there any takers for this from the creative types here? Because I would love to see Friede eating toast while her chorus of maidens praised the


Playing Mass Effect Andromeda and I looked up a romance The one character I would have any interest of romancing isnt available to Even in the virtual world, my type is still


In the VR world, I feel like a lot of talk is gonna be about Zenith this week and the whole idea of a legit Feel like as a result Wanderer is gonna get It is such a pretty VR game and the premise of a timey wimey escape room is


I wish Wakfu had become the media juggernaut it was trying to be instead of petering out into irrelevance like it actually


Alright fellas I need money to buy Elden Ring next month so what of mine do you want to buy? Im willing to sell anything except my underwear, socks and the thing at the bottom of my bedside drawers (dont ask what it is)