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Masochisia Review

Masochisia is a cheap shot at the psychological horror genre that might be worth a playthrough, but won’t torment the back of your brain like other, more memorable experiences. Masochisia is a point-and-click adventure horror game availa...



Whispering Willow

New New Did get another PS Direct invite for tomorrow but I expect to be Unless FFXVI is PS5 exclusive (doubtful given Yoshi P is involved) I think I may be able to wait for Spider-Man 2 or Wolverine at this

Silver the 3rd

Got my birthday present early this year and discovered a truly great shop I high o(and)r this is good?


Crazy what being affordable and in stock will do for your product!


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Maxs love for Rock Howard knows no bounds:

Yrahcaz But Snowy

So are we doing #Cursedmas this year? Just curious as a know some people said it made them uncomfortable and more likely to leave the site and I dont want either of those

Spiders For Sale

After a moment the automaton appears around the As you had anticipated – and desperately prayed for – it pays you no almost walks right into you with its new pile of books! You just about manage to dodge out of its

Dangus Taargus

Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye was basically a victory lap and essentially a full sequels worth of This game went from top ten to top What a brilliant little universe theyve I cant recommend it


Whos got two thumbs and made the big mistake of watching this curious little thing called the Mandela Catalogue?


I try to get out, but they just pull me back


I have no attachment to the game its based on, but Arcane is just really bloody good television I have to

The Actual Charlton Heston

Happy First Night of Hanukkah, from your ol pal, Heston! May it be full of merriment, candles, exotic breads, undeniably Jewish fish, and foreign headwear! Chag Sameach, you filthy animals!

Anonymous 20

And the Platinum for Guardians of the Galaxy is done! Still got about 4 chapter left before finishing my NG+ run, but What a What a great Easily the sleeper hit of 2021 for


13 Sentinels is Incredible story told in a uniquely video game Fully Id also recommend Raging Loop, another super good VN if you want more after 13

Spiders For Sale

On your way back up you count the After nineteen you are back where you started with the dangerously armed automaton awaiting Proceeding further upwards you hear footsteps again and this time decide to stand your

Zoey Handley

Its been a while, but I have a hot, fresh review of 007 From Russia with Love up on the Game Complaint


Guess something has to be in the text box when you post a


Were out to brunch and a trio are playing Killing in the

Spiders For Sale

You quickly realize that the door is far too sturdy to be impressed by any use of force from No matter, there has to be a key, you think to yourself and head back As you climb the stairs a feeling of being watched grips


Guardians of the Galaxy is definitely a fun old time and Im so happy its as good as it Its nothing particularly original, but is very much the sci-fi Uncharted game Ive always wanted a Guardians game to


Played 10 matches of Halo Infinite Quick Play this morning: *SIX OF THEM* were I used to like playing Oddball occasionally as a change of pace but after this last week I now hate the mode with the fire of a thousand

Spiders For Sale

Finally, you reach what must be the ground floor and the You grab the handle and push – it does not move an inch! You pull – nothing! Furiously, you repeatedly push and pull to no effect before you throw yourself against it in


New blog? New blog! Its about my favorite games of 2021, its late enough that I feel like thats acceptable ^^ Bump!


If you have gamepass, you should check this game Played it last Has probably the most interesting movement mechanics Ive seen all

Black Red Gaming

Another Game Awards show is around the How do you guys feel about the mix of awards and announcements? Personally, I believe this should a pure awards experience and I hate seeing the awards sidelined by


I am once again here being called out on the


Are all Toms destined to peep? Are all Susans lazy? Will Jose ever get his


Played a couple of hours of Back 4 Initial thoughts? Man, I love Left 4 Dead so much


I get the stupidest gaming Going from straining my thumb from going through the epilogue case in Astral Chain to now a pinched nerve from playing too much Dicey Dungeons in


A wholesome start to


You think the writers of Huntdown know that all their lines are bad?


According to Google, Dtoid has a Mexican site and reviewed Astria Ascending, neither of which I think are


Switch edition in April!


My developer head canon is that ATLUS put in the return to last leyline fount feature after they realized how galaxy brain they made that third Daat hub


So DC Douglas has leaked the concept art for Wesker in RE4 Remake thereby also leaking the existence of said (Breaking NDA) On top of being outed as a predator, talk about a set of dominoes collapsing on one Art is in the


Have a relaxing day!


After almost 4 hours AM2R starts with the Just like a real Metroid Stunlock me in the corner daddy!


I released a 4-track EP called Something to listen to while I work on Magic Coins I may have 1 full album planned before Id like to talk about something personal in


In appreciation for the beautiful things other dtoiders do every day, I thought Im gonna give you my good mornings with game covers I Taste is absolutely mine so dont take it too Lets start with a banger good morning yall!


I took this photo on #Caturday when I was besieged by this comfy


Hey guys, so to celebrate me writing Games That Time Forgot, Im asking people for suggestions for Details in the Saturday


Donkey Kong Country Returns is so much Just beat it on 3DS and started recording it on my laptop I took with I will probably have it done by Thursday in terms of

Kevin Mersereau

No matter how good Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 ends up being, I find it hard to believe that there’s even a chance its opening credits can beat the absolute banger that is the Season 2 (I’d love to be wrong though haha…)

Zoey Handley

Well, that’s


Please dont sleep on


Am drunk is


Them: Dragon Ages Tactics sytem is just Final Fantasy XIIs Gambits? Me: Always have

Sam van der Meer

Loving Peter Jackson’s Beatles Origins of so many great


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