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Late night thoughts: Temmie get the monies

It's been awhile since I just stopped to let everyone know how your friendly neighborhood Strider's been doing. In the context for Striderisms, I try to be general about my life and explore the struggles of life together with you, the fine ...



Whispering Willow

I was wondering if theyd go there with the moon Now I have the Bayonetta version stuck in my head,


Current Status:


Pretty massive news By no means is the merger killed, but if the US and UK regulators are successful w/ their suit, it would literally change the course of No bullshit, this merger is huge (and would be fucking awful)


Castlevania inspired sketch while helping out at a friends game Insta-upinsmokeproductions


Can someone please give me an exact guide on how to get the Spotify Wrapped story? All it gives me is a couple


Words of


Oh boy, Journey to the Savage Planet and the DLC is free on Prime Gaming, and for GOG!! Ive been very curious about this game for some time


What if isntead of bringing Titanfall people to fix battlefield, they take a break from that and make Titanfall their big


Got myself a early christmas present Ordered FFX/FFX-2 HD for switch from This one has both games on the cart instead of ffx-2 being a download



Virtua Kazama

Got questions about VF Month? Ill be glad to answer them on tonights session of Virtua Fighter Takeover!


Mini Rogue, game Got ganked right before the final sucks, as this was my last game for a Absolutely love it, but just picked up The Hood scenario, WarMachine hero pack, and Mad Titans Shadow expansion for Marvel I am excite


Not a wrestling fan, but I know some of you are and Ive jeard this Kenny Omega guy is kind of


Gotta say Im enjoying NeoTWEWY way more than I just hope they change up the music a bit because a couple of these songs are definitely gonna start grating on me Butt yeah, happy I took a chance on Pic


Apparently I somehow have a copy of Sonic Blastman II for the I dont remember getting it, and its apparently rare?


Even has the watermark

Spiders For Sale

Instinctively, you swing at the creature with your knife which immediately breaks as it hits its hard You sit on the ground in what hopefully is just one of the liquids from the The creature stops with its whole body now curled up in the

Chris Bradshaw

game boy color lufia has no business being this majestic


I never got into AVGN because I didnt find a guy swearing at old games funny, but recently I was interested in Rolfe since he seemed to come out of the last decade with his reputation intact, but now I cant get a read on what the internet thinks of


Idea: Falling Down - Legacy Where William Fosters daughter (now in her 40s obviously) realizes that daddy was time played a tad less

Chris Moyse

FINALLY! Should have been here forever Serves me right for game hopping too Let’s go mi gurl


Loki knows whats

Just Aaron

Hey What`s your favorite restaurant? Call me crazy but mine is Everything from there is At least in my opinion it


What a fucking Muppet

Mike Sounders

Just when I think Im out of the Metal Build collecting game, Bandai pulls me back in


Apparently Im not good enough for Spotify since I just download playlists onto my phone and listen offline since it turns out a dairy cooler gets shit reception


Speaking of music I listen to, this counts as #cursedmas right?

Spiders For Sale

Stumbling backwards, you barely avoid shattering the lamp! A huge, immensely long creature on thousands, probably tens of thousands of tiny limbs is crawling through the window into the room which is getting noticeably You draw your knife!


I was in the top of Buckethead listeners in And Battlefields was my favorite BH Makes sense, its a banger


I guess this


This is where Id post my spotify stuff, if I fucking bothered ever using it!


No surprises here


I got save files working in Mirama! These upcoming winter vacations are going to be a good opportunity to make proper level design for the first chapter! ^^


Apparently I’m the only person who doesn’t use

Yrahcaz But Snowy

Apparently I like alternative


I really like


Upload VR had their VR showcase today and holy hell I think they come out Bunch of fun/cute games got Probably one of the biggest is Cities getting a VR


Nobody was


I think Im going to Main Bard, Astrologian, and Dark Knight for I hear Bards rotation flows better this time around so Im excited to get in

Kevin Mersereau

I listened to Dude Ranch so much this year that I somehow made it into the top 8% of Blink 182 fans on Literally not a single other album from them haha…



Chris Moyse

Play Ball




I recently read 2 books by Rosemary Sutcliff about Roman Legionaries in Celtic Britain - theyre great if a little I remembered that Spiderwed Soft made a Roman RPG back in the day, so I booted it up Its now in line after EO2 ;)


Day at the Ive been working on my sci-fi and fantasy Insta - upinsmokeproductions and check my twitch where I run Super Castlevania IV and listen to classical music while drifting at

Spiders For Sale

You hold the lamp closer to it and see many tiny limbs scuttling along the outside of the Then the body blocking it disappears with them and you are greeted by the waning moon before it is blocked again by something now making its way

Jetter Mars

#Blessedmas #Katmas