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Lets get some Quarantine movie recommendations Something you think folks havent probably seen that they Mine is the Classic sick day movie for me as a Think Flight of the Navigator


Im No chopping down trees or ruining Some asshole did that last Anyways, code: nn2s1

Voltaic Owl

VoltaicOwl playing Dead Cells for the first time (2020, colorized)


Finished R3make Branching paths as a nod to the split second decisions, adding locations it ignored as alternative route, more enemy variety, higher difficulty would get this game on RE2 City isnt chaotic or Mercs

Dangus Taargus

Oh this is good Link in


Are there any Souls-like games where the main focus on human human combat? Sort of like a third-person sword-fighting sim?

Pixie The Fairy

Been playing FFXIV less because of DE, ACNH and RE3, but I logged in to make a few changes to my Removed the warpaint, changed the eyes to two full yellow eyes & dropped grape purple for gunmetal black on my Dark Knight Fits the

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

I finished Nier: Automata today! Interesting ending - Ill probably be watching a lot of videos on what it all


Its official, got my Congratulations email from school saying that I finished my ePortfolio and am allowed to get my degree once I pass my other Super happy right


Hot dogs are sandwiches?


Annnd I got laid Im eligible for EI at least, and they said theyd call me back when it picks up but Im still pretty bummed



Dangus Taargus

PSA: Let people know what your turnip prices are so we can all profit on them Anything over 200 is probably worth a visit Id


Was playing Rocket Leauge last night till 3am, and we were talking about unwritten In rocket leauge its best 2 of 3 matches before someone Dark Soulss fight club was born from unwritten Does anyone have their own unwritten rule?


A special bunny for my boy


I almost hate myself for saying this but the sky is beautiful in the age of Kinda makes me wish we could limit air traffic on a basis

Chris Moyse

Some more Steam codes new Some old ones might still be viable*

Chris Bradshaw

hbd one day, well grab a drink


Happy birthday Admiral Ackbong! May you have a decent birthday, and thanks for being such a great


I struggle to think of a game Ive played in recent memory with equal replay value to Nioh

Chris Moyse

Happy Birthday to long long LONG time member Admiral Ackbong, thanks for everything youve brought to the site over the years, all the best,


Been playing lots of final fantasy I was Depending on how much you value the gambit system, the goal of the game is to play the least amount of it as possible, haha


Upgrade time, wow graphics cards are huge these days huh? Also gonna do a deep dust clean


My current music Whats on your playlists? Have a terrific Mowedsatday!!!

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

So apparently a dataminer went into the recent Cooking Mama and didnt find any of the rumored cryptocurrency Not sure who or what to believe, but this whole situation is still


And I thought the Boneyard Match couldnt be That Firefly Funhouse match was probably one of my favourite things in wrestling Ive seen for a long time and Im a rather lapsed Bray Wyatt remains a top tier


FFVII Remake fucking I used to finish the original at least 5 times a year and I was certainly wary but it is far exceeding my The music is playing my heartstrings like a damn


For all of you who have received FF7R, please put ALL screenshots in the Due to obvious reasons mine is delayed till at least the 14th and Ive been looking forward to it for a long I want to go in as blind as Thanks! (bump)

Kevin Mersereau

I’ve been making decent progress with that Korg Kaossilator app that I posted about a while My most recent creation is this goofy beat! It ain’t too fancy, but I had a lot of fun making it


Happy Birthday Admiral Ackbong! I hope you are doing well!


Admiral brought me smiles and laughter for many moons on the I celebrate your birth and your Bless your kind

Marcel Hoang

Man, happy birthday I still remember meeting in that bar in San I also remember walking around unfamiliar parts of San Fran buzzed and uncomfortable


Im at 120+ stars caught tonight in I think Ive hit a bug


So after spending ungodly amount of time this weekend, I managed to get all the Cherry Blossom DIY I really hope Nintendo makes these future limited events less At some points I am going to run out of virgins to sacrifice to the


A solid rock song Its cool seeing bands Ive grown with, evolve (or This ones a far cry from their emo-ish song All That Ive Song actually starts at 1:03 in the #musictoid | The Used - Paradise Lost, a poem by John Milton


Come onnnnn UPS


Been doing some thinking after last week about Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy My favorite games ever Chrono Trigger has always been number 1, but last week I actually had to break them down entirely to rest assured I still felt that way -


I finally beat Doome and I really enjoyed Many of the mechanics introduced have been for the Dashing, extra lives, theyre What I dont like are the lengths of the I think theyre too long and could use some cutting


Just found out one of my old favorite childhood cartoons was actually REMEMBERED by Cartoon Villainous made an actual fully animated cameo to Time Squad which is Wish Villainous would come stateside instead of staying in Latin

Cloudman Sam

Heres to you Admiral! Happy birthday!


On my never ending quest to find music I enjoy I unearth some wonderfully weird The latest and Heading to the top of a very short

Voltaic Owl

Alright, enough screwing It’s

Electric Reaper

Finally beat Project I havent seen a final boss go through that many forms in a long


Hey birthday, Admiral Ackbong! Hope you stayed decent/decent


John Cena vs the Fiend is probably one of the best WrestleMania matches the WWE has had in


If money is tight I recommend switching to a safety I spend about $5 a year Im shaving my And I may be wrong but I think youre instantly 75% more