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Inquisitive Raven

New Pokemon trailers dropped! Diamond and Pearl trailer


Im not big on open-worlders so Im thinking Id avoid BOTW for my Zelda fix on Past games Ive played were Wind Waker and Minish Cap way back when, now debating Skyward Sword or Links Thoughts and suggestions, fine folks?


Started Horizon Chase Turbo last Thought it was 2easy4me until I broke out of the Rookie Getting these super trophies is very gratifying, but my ears are LOVING this soundtrack!


So Eurogamer have moved over to a subscription service to remove But how do you feel about also having to pay for content?


Atelier series is on sale on Which trilogy should I buy? Currently looking to go with Atelier Arland series since its the Anybody got better advice? Im open to


Played the demo for Voice of Cards (that upcoming Yoko Taro game) and I really dig its vibe and comforting I think itll be a definite Anyone else dig it? Have a great day!


Just finished reading Hyperion by Dan Simmons (at about 5am while my son was still Im not that big into SciFi novels but I LOVED this V weird and fun and I love the fictional universe it builds - vvvv plausible imho :) Any recommendations?


Ive been spending far, far too much money on clothes But also, clothes shopping is And I now own this cute-ass So really, its all worth


The Genshin Impact 1 year Anniversary is turning out to be disappointing (but not unexpectedly The silver lining is that the Luxurious Sea Lord is a real




Lash (2021) - 9th track for CHIPS The rules have changed from this point on, as Im using a different set of restrictions to which instruments I can The plan is to write a total of 10-16 songs, depending on how tired I


Squid Game is a good


Ugh, yes, Lets think of all the wonderful people in your life, some of whom you were planning to build a future with, who left you because youre a high-strung


Hey yal, give me recommendations for that nintendo eshop


So I am playing Super Metroid for the first time and This has been a test of


let me go back i want to be monke


Saw a smash final character leak on the main Google Completely Tread


Coming back to Diablo 2 after all of these it feels Its been so long that I actually even forgot plenty of things, despite pouring hundreds of hours into this D2 Resurrected is a real treat! Necro looks so good now too!


Tonight tonight TONIGHT, step right up to witness the amazing USG Ishimura! Come witness the spectacular amenities, visit the friendly neighbors, and eat the amazing food! Dont miss it, tonight @ 7:30PM ET


Betelgeuse — pronounced “betelgerz” or “beetlejuice What kind of weirdo pronounces is beh·tuhl·juhz

Dr Mel

Thanks, youtube, please translate it for I dont

Virtua Kazama

Tonights Retro Revolution focuses on SNK Neo Geo games based on the Beat Em Up Genre! Prepare for the 100 Mega Shock!


LAST CHANCE FOR THE NEW DTOID DRAWS! The theme is Best I want to see your favorite characters outside of villains and main characters! Blog coming by tomorrow evening

sp testure

About 10 hours into my first-ever playthrough of Mass Effect I got to say I am pleasantly surprised at how good it The writing, gameplay mechanics and Danguss This going to be some fun!


I started writing about Dark Souls and somehow ended up with almost 4000 Please give them a read while I rest in preparation for my horror game review marathon next


never played a castlevania game

Chris Bradshaw

Oh look, Xbox launched an N64 expansion too

Mike Sounders

I appreciate Lost Judgement after 2 chapters going ya heres the dummy in depth side activity with a plotline attached, have


Toru Nakayamas


Damn it, Dtoid, your ads are tempting me to refinance my house! Stop advertising things that apply to me!


Damn, Squid Game was pretty darn


Unless it shits the bed in the last few hours, Tales of Arise may be my GOTY Ive loved the series for years, but that blows my


It sure is #Monday, aint

CaimDark Reloaded

Does Life is Strange 2 get better? First episode has not hooked me so


Hit me


Once again here to report on mountain Had the new thrashed apple flavor and it was ok i like drinking one of those carmel apple Nothing special lol

Jetter Mars

Eastern ads are best Link in


*checks calendar*

CaimDark Reloaded

I finished Coteries of New York and Shadows of New As a World of Darkness fan, I really liked them, and it put me in the mood for more Hmm, the Corpse Party series is on sale, maybe I should check them Is it good?


Are these memes out of vogue yet? Either way, good morning! Have a great day and great week!


Well, actually


Happy Monday fellow cave


I got the classic Castlevania collection since I never seriously played anything before So is 2 a skip, or is it somewhat salvageable with a guide or



Anonymous 20

#adtoid this is what its like browsing dtoid on mobile =(