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Kids Use Sledgehammer To Steal Game

I appreciate rabid videogame fandom more than most people, but even I think these Wisconsin kids took their game-love a little far. Surveillance cameras in a Milwaukee Target recently caught a couple of kids (as young as 11; Just lookit th...


TVersity Coming To An iPhone Near You

TVersity is a media streaming solution Xbox 360,PSP,PS3 and Wii. This allows people to watch videos from their computer on their iphones. The iPhone support is currently limited by a block against streaming video so the video has to be con...



Lord Spencer

Weekly Update, here are the games I am currently I am going to review those within brackets once completed: - -Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia(3DS) -Splatoon 2(Switch) -The End is Nigh(Switch) -Horizon: Zero Dawn(PS4


Finally just beat Ornstein and I can go to bed


Yup, played Borderlands 2 on my Switch Good memories replaying it And yes, the graphics are great on there!


Happy birthday, Goemar! May Tom Nook give you his tanuki blessing and shower you in To paraphrase Bob Hoskins as Manuel Noriega, “May you have high turnip resale value and your enemies die a natural death!”

Dennis Carden

Holy To those in the US, stay


I think we can all


Nintendo doesnt give a shit!!! Ha ha ha!!! I remember when Nintendo was in court and their representative railed SEGA for allowing filth like Night Trap on their platform, (which you can get the remastered version for on the ha


I finished That was a wild ride from start to finish, especially at the It was the hypest showdowns I have played thus Also I am glad to have heeded Pixies advice to complete the previous raids before the


Just a friendly reminder that Griffith did everything Also, give me my Switch port of Shadow the Hedgehog you cheap


Okay, anyone have an idea why its so addictive buying Switch Physical games? I just pre-ordered Burnout Paradise, but I started got 4-5 games from Limited Run im waiting I also purchased Just got this in the

Voltaic Owl

I guess my time for MMOs has truly I was near-addicted to WoW in the mid-late 00s, but I try to play FFXIV now and I just get I also start to fall asleep after a bit, but thats probably just sleep

Dusk Actual

Heres two beta keys for KartRider: Drift on Steam! ZR94B-DG0XV-MZQTQ and


Mitzi reminding you all about what you need to


I wrote a blog about our Jackbox Party game Read it for all Feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments of the bump


Super smooth R&B Enjoy the weekend and | Fake Fake, Josh Allen - Disposable Love


Current Status:


Watched Dracula Untold just recently and I am more than convinced that changing story arcs doesnt end Castlevania Lord of Shadows follows that too, right?


What seams like a lifetime ago Id buy some random girl a drink, now I just add to backlog, seems like a win, at least theres potential waiting


Our peaceful protesters that were just marching got a big dose of tear gas, also striking one of our local news In other news, my wife has some promising job prospects so we are pretty happy about In also other news have a wonderful tom


So that was amusing, going out for a drive to keep the rust bucket functional and coming back to find out Im no longer going to be not even losing the job, its the lack of an alternative, knowing there is no The time is well pa

Sam van der Meer

Not even gonna try to articulate why cops murdering people of color is If you can, do what you This fund produces bail money for protesters in And, always, lock Trump


Saw an asterisk in Are you really feeling it*? in a Nintendo news article and decided to Things got


Please sub to my pretty I need followers!

Dusk Actual

I guess they’re protesting here in my city?? The shotty is loaded & near my front door in case anyone tries to get cute and burn a car in front of my place or Have all the freedom of expression you want, but you leave my fucking property alone


Im going to be a busy girl!

Jinx 01

Ive picked up an NES & now I just need a proper SNES & Im about where I want to Kinda running out of Bottom two shelves have backs so cable management is a bit messy Now to stop buying crap & catch up on playing games!


UwU whats this?


Love and Love each other no matter the color of their skin or the beliefs that they Care about them, love them, and the world might just be a better place


I ended up creating the game jam I mentioned in an earlier quickpost! Find yourselves teams of friends (or enter by yourself, if youre courageous), and enter the Flaming Hot Jam! Itll begin on June 21, to let people learn game making Edit: Bump!

Electric Reaper

When will we be getting Dtoids review on the full version of Shantae and the Seven Sirens?


I had a long training session with my lil bro in SF Hes way better than me and his Laura and Seth shit all over my Ultimate Booty Fighter 3 is trash, I liked Ultimate Booty Fighter 2 way more! I need to get better!

Dr Mel

Just learned about HBO Max, which I have for already having It has The Misadventures of Flapjack on This has been a wonderful


The Borderlands 2 switch port has no right being this It runs circles around the Vita Its very overpriced and that download is rough but other than that the devs knew what they were Now can we get Duke Nukem Forever on switch?


This made me

Dusk Actual

These got here This was the 2nd of 3 orders I is still in transit and 3rd hasn’t been fulfilled Nemesis Tea tastes like Lemon Nestea with a hint of I’m not sure what, and not very Very refreshing!


I dont really know what to say about what all has gone down in Minneapolis this But I appreciate this take from a restaurant that is literally burning to the ground amidst the


Sometimes I am good at video But it doesnt count because its


Bought Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord yesterday, but it was too slow and janky for me so I had to refund There shouldnt be a 30 second load screen between every screen transition when load times in the original are Ill check back


In one of my recent blogs I said I would be finishing my second quarter of games come Its May 29th and I am still playing a game I started in 2017 and getting distracted with almost


My original Wii copy next to the definitive What a time to be alive

Czar Kazem

Man, no one told me the Beastars OP was such a banger


I could stay on this title screen for


Good lord, dat quest


I may not have xenoblade today but at least I got this in the mail! I cant wait to get into it!


#farmfriday freshly painted tonka toy


I hope everyone has a great Dont forget to feed your


If this sticks the landing, it will easily be one of the best series ever put to the Attack on Titan is that good


About a week ago I spoke on the political division between all the people I grew up with, mostly I have to say I got on FB and Im extremely impressed w/ They get They didnt yell foxnews talking points but they spoke about the