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XCOM 2 is 27 percent off at Green Man Gaming

A full-price 2K game? Never

Heading to PC next week is XCOM 2, the much-anticipated sequel to 2012's turn-based tactical strategy game. If you haven't tried Enemy Unknown yet, Humble Bundle has the game in its latest Firaxis bundle in the pay-what-you-want tier. The b...




Nice to see a lot more people realizing that Amazonian/macro women are awooga post-RE8

Punished Nietzsche
Dangus Taargus

Saying goodbye to this guy tomorrow Its been a ride Gonna miss

Jetter Mars

are small time!


These Bernie memes are getting carried


Seras Victoria sketch


I have played the demo, I love the Gothic castle setting, not sure what to think of the inventory (I assume that is not what it is going to look I like how it looked in RE7/RE2Remake Hope it’s at least as scary as

Uncle Arena Fighter

I have had multiple dreams over the last few years involving Resident Evil 7s Baker I have never played Resident Evil I think the lavish portrayal of a warped family setting got to me like few horror games


Call him the

Chris Bradshaw

Xbox Series S preorder in stock at


Current Status:

Cygnus Rush 961

Never thought Id see GM make a mid-engine Tookem a few Before anyone asks this is from


Took me a bit to process this whole post

Virtua Kazama

How do I celebrate having 500 followers on Twitch? DOING IT WITH CROWD CONTROL! Its time to play SMW2: Yoshis Island with Crowd Control!


Today Im considering selling my PS4 for some of those sweet, sweet NECA TMNT I havent played it since getting a PS5, so why not? Gamestop is across the street from Target


I know I havent been around lately, but I just wanted to pop in and say that I hope the Dtoid community is doing ok during these Just promise me whatever you do today, go easy on Life is short, after


RE8 looks to be more influenced by Inventory management ahoy!


It won a lot of Oscars I


The memory of this game suddenly appeared in my


I love this album so much, so enjoying the


Boy, it sure would be nice if Sony and Microsoft could actually keep their consoles in Pic


So apparently Stanley Kubrick commissioned an original song (with lyrics) for 2001 Space It was thought to be lost, but was recently Personally, I find it hilariously (First heard about it from Mega64


I’ve wanted a Nito statue for And First4figures finally made But damn if they didn’t put your grandma’s favorite wig on it and call it a


Bless the


Too many of these are


*chefs kiss*


Came down to Palo Alto w/ my mom yesterday for her angiogram She really hates these Arrived at the hospital around 5am and shell be out around Been killing time w/ Monster Hunter Gen so Walked around the plaza


Well, guess I do have something in common with


Saw Promising Young Woman last What a fucking Definitely snagging that poster for my living Check it out!


Making games is hard! Turns out it was the black background of my dialogue box that was making my framerate drop from 1000 fps to around 400, because even though its a 1 pixel texture it still makes a big impact when its created every Wild!

Electric Reaper

The following is a GOG discount code for a bundle that contains Myst Masterpiece Edition, Riven the Sequel to Myst, Myst 3 Exile, Myst 4 Revelation, Myst 5 End of Ages, Uru Complete Chronicles, and realMyst Masterpiece Edition: RFCQ69055FD0AB664A

Fivefinger Delta

Full pic in


Im curious: what kind of reputation do you think Destructoid has? Both the site and the community independently? And if *you* had to sum up Dtoids vibes in 3 words, what would you choose?


The next Arcade Archives release is Block With a name like that, I am not surprised in the least that this is the first time Ive seen Quarth called


After several years of trying to get proper funding, Dino Run 2 is officially underway!

Yue chan

I got offered the job!!!!!!

Lynx Amali

World of Final Fantasy is goddamn killing If you like Final Fantasy, you owe it to yourself to play Its not only meta (in the best way possible), its just plain funny at Just wish there was a way to turn off the-Tamas


Does anyone remember Sword & Poker on iOS? I loved that game (and its I cant find anything like it elsewhere (I have Android now, and I think even the App Store delisted the Any suggestions?


Was able to snag a PS5 thanks to Best Buys slow rollout to curb site Picking it up 31st, and am very excited! Demons Souls and Sackboy are up first on my PS5 list

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Olijas looking pretty cool! Its out in a


Nazis? Zombies? Flying sharks? Tony Todd? Welp, Im


Been slowly replaying Metriod Prime and it still hold up incredibly well! Of course, only having a single stick can make the platforming a little awkward (Wii version should fix that), but the sense of atmosphere and progression are top


Nothing may have fundamentally changed yesterday but the memes were incredible lol I love the internet

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

A package came last UPS left it on the top of my steps instead of in my mailbox, face-down so it was harder to see at night, and the local birds had their way with But the package wasnt dead! Rather, it was Horrific deets below!


Coop thing today had a optional meeting thing for a hour about a rugby refree Irish person talking about the pains of being gay/feeling gay back in the old Not gay but it was very good the man was really sincere and Really good eye opener


I think Im about halfway through Ys This game is The action is fun and fast, and Im enjoying the boss I know the rest of the series isnt taking place in one tower like this, but is the gameplay similar for the rest?

Major Toms Coffee Cup

Beat dragon quest quite a fun Chipping away slowly at 11, now to get balls deep in yakuza 0 was on sale for in the us had to pick that bad boy up 😸 Edit: ps store , woops


Tried posting this last night, but I guess it never went