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On Final Fantasy and Lost Empathy -- ACT II

I don’t want to risk slotting into the hole of “the Final Fantasy guy”, because that’s a hard hole to escape from.  Also, I’m seriously not equipped for it; I haven’t even played half of the main games in the franchise, a...




Well, if this Coronavirus mania hasnt fucked me over enough costing me 2 weeks, my vacation to India I was leaving for tomorrow has just been cancelled and now I have to argue with the travel agency and airlines for a full sigh (pic unrelated)

Boxed Swine

Condensed Cream of Chicken is really just Chicken


Feels good to come back into 3 Houses Maddening and suddenly things are just clicking into place and youre taking things slow and baiting enemies into swift merciful because Sylvain+Hilda+Leonie just works oh so


So the quarterly Diablo IV update was very Its clear theyre developing this for a casual console audience instead of a more in-depth PC experience, so I guess Ill just forget about


Someone made a petition to get Wario in Super Mario Maker 2, and I felt the unshakable urge to sign and We only got six signees, and we can get it to 100 EZ PZ! Link in

Uncle Arena Fighter

12 unedited minutes of Genshin Impact footage from IGN It wears its Breath of the Wild traits on its sleeve, but its probably better with Menus and HUD are less Combat looks quite good, and this PC skew is running very


Ok so dozens of hours into Chaos; Child I found out that setting auto mode speed to max is SLOW and setting it to minimum is Been impatiently tapping forward because on max i was reading every line 5-10 times before it

Steel Squirrel

If you could only choose one between western developed games and Japanese developed games for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?

Voltaic Owl

Two months and 60+ in-game hours later, it is Amazing


The 3rd platinum announcement isnt a game but a separate studio for platinum that will be working on Games as a service style games for Just means more Platinum to


Maybe its the few shots I had talking, but damn the Xbox 1x is doing its I just downloaded Ninja Gaiden 2, which I played a decent but last gen, but damn, it looks good on the Its not even patched for it, just the system doing its thing!!

Czar Kazem

I could definitely go for a World of Horror style This games whole presentation is so

Electric Reaper

I seriously hate it when the professor I get stuck with is: an idiot, absent most of the time, FUCKING useless, gets stuck with outdated/irrelevant course material or ANY combination of the


I just beat Monster World IV on my mini What a great A very satisfying mash up of 2D platforming and action Its full of neat puzzles and is challenging in all the right Just a genuine delight, I wish Id played it


I have absolutely NO idea what this games about, buttfuck This ones for you D Feel free to come hang out while I try to figure out exactly what the fuck Yakuza Zero


So uh, did I miss an update for Xbox today? Cause the UI doesnt look like complete garbage to me right now and I just played my Xbox yesterday and was

Dangus Taargus

Another 20+ year backlog game off the list: Panzer Thank you Mednafen for making my dreams a Mom wouldnt buy me a Saturn even though my cousin had On to Zwei (which 3 levels in is so much better!)


Getting a broken tooth pulled tomorrow, and Ive booked four days off work to help with recovery from Im going to try to see if I can write a song every day for the next few days, since I wont have much else to


Hapi played the entirety of FE3H on Hard but mission 4 of Cindered Shadows has just broken me lol, ive put like 5 hours into a single mission and I need to go down to normal haha


This is a work of

Shut Up Ace

Was a great stream tonite! Thanks to all that came! Learned a lot about the console wars and Nintendo and Sonys relationships prior to the Playstation!


Apparently the My Hero Academia movie just came out, and apparently Regal has something called 4DX for Anyone been to a 4DX movie before?


GOGs refund policy just became really If its as good as it sounds, thats one more reason to buy from them instead of


up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A,


Not sure if anyone here is fussed but Fangamer has some sweet new Battletoads merch available (t-shirts, pins and a


Speaking of Castlevanina, 3rd season of Netflix’ Castlevania is Another PSA for ya EDIT: Looks like my phone lied, I presume a glitch in the Its not out until next But anyway, thats soon too so youre all informed!


Im having a lot more fun with Dragon Quest Builders 2 now that Ive finished the main quest and all the side islands and Im just working on my seaside And once thats down I can get to work building everyone nice


Movie pitch: cop in Little Italy has to track drug shipments made with rats with help from the newly created feline This fall, get ready for: Tuna and Noodles

Czar Kazem

Picked Sekiro back up on Sunday (stopped a lot of PC games while I was waiting to upgrade) and I think I had that moment where it Not playing it like Souls anymore, making Cleared Lady Butterfly and entered the castle feeling


Oh my gosh I hate Apple so much you Theyre so stupid edit: spoiler warning for Knives Out


This is honestly my most hyped game of the year, even more than Final Fantasy VII, Lego Star Wars and Ghost of

Jordan Devore

Anyone digging into Yakuza 0 for the first time with Game Pass? Im finally in a place to get Big Into the series again and I have just a few final skills / substories to mop up in Kiwami before I feel comfortable picking my Kiwami 2 save file back


Took myself to Amsterdam last July for my 33rd Went by myself, anyone else ever took a trip by themselves?

Forsaken Knight

I loved the first game, enjoyed the portable one, but disliked the I have always loved the artwork The atmosphere is spot Not as good a book as The Art of Mana,

Shut Up Ace

The stars say that Im gonna get that Amaro mount! Its FFXIV


Ys: Oath In Felghana got a surprise update with the PSP voice acting and some arranged music! Leave it to XSEED to patch in cool things years down the I hope those rumored PSP-to-PC ports of theirs are trucking along as


:D #striptoid


I would love to go to this! Luckily its going to be live-streamed :)

Destructoids Very Own Ein

Disclaimer: Gamestop is that note, people celebrating that they will tank because they think physical media is dead is also Digital games disappear with no justification sometimes, and that in itself is pure


I got a TV crew in my face on the train My first thought was Wow, that is a very attractive train conductor theyre following around! But then: Wait, Ive seen her Shes famous! They even got a few shots of her talking to me!

Voltaic Owl



Peters Kung Fu Corner: Enter the Dragon Pete wrote a blog about Enter the Dragon, for us kung-fu Nice I never thought about how invincible he came across in this one, but still one of my




Broke: #WesLikesBunnyGirlsWednesdays Woke: #WesLikesWaddleDeeWednesdays

Chris Bradshaw

wow the free games being given out lately have been fire! sonic generations, ac syndicate, shadow of the colossus, shantae plus kh3 and yakuza 0 just showed up on game pass!

Voltaic Owl

Here I am, getting all excited for new Yacht Club announcements, when my lazy ass still hasnt beaten Treasure Trove beyond playing Shovel of Hope 5 years

On Air Fish

One of you lovely fools has a shop that sells a Sonic Ricky The Ringbutt I want it, but cant find the Help?

Rico the Penguin

I havent listened to dubstep in a great many years Decided to see if there was anything new to collect and it looks like the modern popular trend is just slowing down songs by 50% and added bass? Peculiar


Oh man the creator of the Konami code passed away