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Slick Gear: Radiant Silvergun Arcade Stick

You heard right. Treasure have combined forces with Hori to make an arcade stick specifically designed (but perhaps not exclusively) for the upcoming release of Radiant Silvergun on XBLA. Not only is this good news unto itself, but it als...


[Contest] Winner: A christmas miracle(and ramble)

Thank you all so very much for taking the time to reaffirm every ones already dieing love with Gran Turismo B-spec mode. Cause we all know it's the best thing ever, just people...tend to forget these things. In all honesty, Im at the poi...


[Contest] A Christmas is u?

In exactly one week is xmas. A booze filled, family gathering, often boring, perhaps religions time for some of us. But there is always a fear. A fear of opening that one gift you don't want. The one that makes you slap on the poker face. T...


360 FNF: X-Men, Go and SAVE THE CITY!!! Edition

Hey yo guys, it's Friday again and you know what that means?!? Washing your socks and paying your bills time! No wait...sorry Friday Night Fights yes that's it. Though socks will still be washed. So here's the dealio, I'll be posting this...


Got a game out on Xbox Indie

Hey got a game out To my surpise I have a Xbox 360 Indie game OUT, I worked on it years ago, while I was a games design student at Uni for a Microsoft competiton, which we won and got to visit Rare Studios around the time of them releasi...


360 FNF: War Is Hell Edition

War Is Hell. Sure, that's what you say now, but wait till your playin' with all ya buddies on Xbox Live and depending on whether your kicking ass or taking it up the moviepoopshoot.com you'll decided how much HELL you're ready to be in fo...


Call me Broseidon, Lord of the Brocean.

I feel dirty. Ive come to the realization that showers do not produce water hot enough to scrub this filthy feeling off. Even if they did make water hot enough, no amount of scrubbing will remove this feeling that Ive got. What caused me ...


360 FNF: Call Of Dooooooddyyy

Calll Offff Dooooooddddy is a battle cry I sometimes let loose because I used to look down on the franchise. Another silly fucking herp-a-derp army game awash in a sea of herp-a-derp army games. Sure you won't find me going out to get the...


Hands on: The new 360 special edition controller

Last Saturday, there was this Xbox fair in a mall in Singapore. Naturally, it was about the Kinect and naturally it attracted a huge family type crowd. I went there around 2pm to see what the fuss was about and actually try out Dance Centra...


Black Ops: Further Patching Needed

After the recent patch the other day(Xbox Live I have no knowledge of the game on other systems) it seems to me the game still needs a lot more work done to it. Now, I know patching isn't the most convenient thing for game developers, but q...



So I made a pact with a friend of mine that I wouldn't get Black Ops til I beat CoD4, MW2, and [email protected] on veteran, as of right now I got MW2, and [email protected] done but CoD 4 is left with only two missions left, not including Mile High Club (which I am n...


The Limitations of Kinect

The problem with Kinect - and pure motion control in general - is that such control must be within the following limitations: 1. The only control is movement. 2. The movement control is supposed to be intuitive and therefore must mirro...


360 FNF: The Sacrifice Edition

It's that time again. We gather in honor of what our forefathers fought for...the freedom to play video games together on one set evening. How cool is that? So tonight is Friday and there shall be games played in groups and what not. Th...


Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball...or the Kinect

While I know that everyone is anxiously sitting by their door waiting for Microsoft to ship out their new Xbox 360 slim bundled with the Kinect for all of the red ringed systems we've owned...anyone?...anyone? How about this guy who has be...


A Match Made in Reach

Like most xbox 360 owners I am currently playing Halo Reach religiously. I've finished the campaign, (solo legendary, impressive I know), and ever since I've been up to my knees in the multiplayer match making, which I have a few issues. I ...


360 FNF: Brometheus Debuts/Marcus Joins!

As I said, as of late my time management skills have been completely shit. Yesterday in some weird effort to pump it out, I threw up a Dead Rising review...a very unpolished as far as grammar is concerned review of a 4 year old game. Thus, ...


NHL 11

A tagline like "Any moment can be a wow moment" just invites mockery. Splashing this catchphrase all over the back cover of NHL 11 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is certainly over the top and more than a bit cheesy. But it's also totall...


Halo Reach Review

Before the discovery and destruction of an ancient alien ringworld, before a teeming parasitic enemy threatened Earth, before a soldier called John-117 made a new name for himself, humanity fought to defend the planet Reach. And though Halo...


I Downloaded Arcania

Welcome to a day in the life of a simple shepherd. The original slacker Little Boy Blue sits reclining on his ramshackle abode. Up walks Ivy. She's a broad shouldered wench with the face of a dog's rear end. "My dad would like to have a tal...


360 FNF: Your Halo Reach Matchmaking Utility

FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS!!! Would you look at that -- it's Friday again! Time to ignore all the real people in your life, turn on your favorite video game machine and battle with or against some of your fellow Dtoiders! Are we all pretending...


HALO REACH (review)

Developer Bungie claims that "Halo: Reach" marks the end of the series that has left its mark on gaming history. "Halo: Reach" is a prequel that leads directly into the original game. It takes place before Master Chief awakes from his cryo...




Did you know that every year, 100s of kids are hurt in fires? But kids can do something to stop them too! Theres some cool rules about fire safety and if you learn them, you could be a DEPUTY FIRE MARSHALL!!! And even teach your family what to do!


Hell Im so glad I was able to catch


Hello! Today we have the saga to try to bring back to life a 3DO A console that appears to have been in the water, and was in a pitiful The battery leaked, slightly corroding the circuit board, several damaged capacitors and a lot of S


Device well treated It was not giving image, now it is perfect, after changing the cartridge Now clean and tidy and the collection


In case you really want to feel the burn


Whats your favorite game that you didnt play yet?


Can all you computer wises here clear something up for me please? It is possible for a laptop to have two graphics cards? Found a really nice looking laptop says it has two though and have yet to see that in much and links to laptop incomment


#SHAMELESSBUMP: I overcome my analphabetism to write a CBlog, but doesnt display the pictures if you click directly on QTOIDs right side Have to click the link in the comment or enter through the Community Blogs section


NISAs crappy PC port of Ys 8 has a free trial this Thats useful to see if your computer setup is one of few that actually works with the damn


Spent at least 45 minutes helping a drunk bro without a cellphone charge get back to his party bros so we can have a clean Basically a party, right?



Gus TT Showbiz

A completed jigsaw puzzle is a pieceful


How many Lowes would Rob Lowe rob if Rob Lowe could rob Lowes?

Cygnus Rush 961

Really pissed off right Details in the comments

Electric Reaper

At 3:00 in the runtime of this video, a crazy weapon is This song is rather niche, but it would still be nice if a video game or movie made something similar to


Just watched Pretty damn


Switching over to the newer Switch model that has the better battery life but redownloading everything is taking 4eva & Im so very impatient 🙄 Never really noticed exactly how many #NintendoSwitch games I have, its been 2 days & Im still downloading

Uncle Arena Fighter

Flame Hyenards screaming and the average health of an X7 boss have been But theres so much more madness to his fight! Whats with all his clones and the giant, missile-launching robo-bull?! Freeware Fridays


So, Trumps trying to buy

Cloudman Sam




Dangus Taargus

Anodyne 2 speaks to


Damn, that choice in Fire Emblem I mentioned earlier apparently cheated me out of a cool cutscene that didnt have an equivalent for some I still stand by it, though!


Considering getting the Platinum Trophy for The Council and do Patrick


Popeyes new Chicken Sandwich is very good! Flavor isnt quite as good as Chick-fil-As, but the texture is


Soul Reaver turns 20 I feel like such an old man right


In the far future of the Gundam Wing universe even your medical files are


I think I liked Static Cling more than Enter the Florpus but I only just watched Florpus once so The animation seemed kinda inconsistent in Florpus and it was kind of distracting to


I have rediscovered best Ro-boi He is just the

able to think

Just preordered the Woozle’s GBA Consolizer kit from Looking forward to not having to screw around with GBInterface to play GBA games on the Gameboy I never could that working with Swiff so it looks kinda






Ive been reading delicious in dungeon books I borrowed from my library and boy do I like these I have never wanted to eat fictional monsters than I do right now! Its the kinda stuff ignis would cook I hope it gets an anime in the


After enough fiddling, Dtoid is loadable on Windows


As a reminder, Im going to be streaming some more Binary Domain in about BUMP 10 MINS at 3PM So if you wanna watch me meet best boi Cain, you better be there! Ill put my twitch link the the


You know what, instead of posting some moderately safe for work porn, kinkshaming Torch and Soulbow, or generally shit posting, lets spice things up here and be positive: its Friday over here What are you most proud of this week? #Proudtoid


Saw a spoiler of FE 3 Houses upcoming super hard difficulty, and I am disappointed if its Image related


Ive been trying my damndest to save up a buffer of my favorite podcasts, but it just aint There are just too many things in life made better with a good podcast to listen I just cant help


Wow, I was not expecting game altering Telltale-style choices in Three Although I wish the game warned me ahead of time so I didnt waste an entire free day by Regardless, think I made the right Time skip, here I come!


All right, so uhm , posted a community God help you all, I became a

Mike Sounders

Ah it finally Gonna build it and the other version I have this weekend and


Discovered that one of the phones TNs Im working on today has an extension for a It is really hard resisting adding a second extension for a


PSA: If you play #SeaOfThieves between Aug 20-24, you get a Halo-themed That includes a Spartan


Well spent about 5 days of research looking up Found the perfect one on dell but seems I didnt realise they dont include the Vat at Fuck me back to square Vat put the price up by nearly an extra


*1Folks our boy Xeo is going through some His whole family If we can save one Dtoiders house this month we can save Lets band together and give this lovely family some damn After years of bs, and medical Deets in comments